10 Ways to Speed up Your Windows 10 PC

Keep a Windows Laptop Awake

If you find that your PC’s performance, when you play slots online or watch series, is slowing down and isn’t performing as it used to, changing Windows 10 settings can help increase the speed and efficiency of your PC. Windows 10 is one of the …

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How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10


Cortana is the digital assistant that is built into Windows 10. It is similar to Apple’s Siri. Well, many Windows users find Cortana very helpful for genuine reasons. It searches the web for you, shows notifications, sets calendar reminders, and does other tasks as well. …

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OpenVPN for Windows 10 Review and Guide for 2021

OpenVPN is the most advanced VPN tool that creates a secure point-to-point connection to access the Internet securely. You can use OpenVPN with Router and also with remote connections. There are many Windows 10 VPNs are available in the market including Express VPN, Nord VPN, …

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Google Chrome is the best web browser available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac Users. There are many other browsers available including Firefox Mozzila, Opera, Safari, and Internet Browser. But still, we choose Google Chrome because of its awesome security and new features. Now Sometimes …

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