How to effectively upgrade your PC and Laptop?

Best Low Profile Graphics Cards

The need to upgrade your computer comes naturally. You look at new models of PCs or laptops, understand that your machine lags far behind them in performance – and finally, decide to replace it with a new processor, hard disk, RAM – or even go …

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Hacks to Speed Up Internet

If you have high-speed internet you get more opportunities than an average user. With the elevated streaming service in 4k and HDR, high internet speed has become a necessity. If you want to play games of PS5 and Xbox, you cannot do it without high-speed …

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10 Ways to Speed up Your Windows 10 PC

Keep a Windows Laptop Awake

If you find that your PC’s performance, when you play slots online or watch series, is slowing down and isn’t performing as it used to, changing Windows 10 settings can help increase the speed and efficiency of your PC. Windows 10 is one of the …

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How to recover deleted photos windows 10

Are you among those who always end up losing or deleting the data from the system by mistake? Well, losing any file or data is a common thing, whether done unintentionally or purposely. But in both cases, when you are in the need of those …

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5 Fool-Proof Tips for Capital Investing

In times where COVID-19 has disrupted our entire economic system, we need to develop better ways to be at peace financially. Some people have taken part in crypto trades, but since they are highly volatile, it is not a dependable source of income. At the …

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Fix Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working issue

Back-Up Your Mac

Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working or Connecting is quite common on laptops or desktop. Wireless mouse is something that you can’t live without. This is because most of us find comfort in using wireless mouse compared to the touchpad on Laptops. Logitech Mouse, not connecting …

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What is Win32 Priority Separation In Windows 10?

In the latest version of Windows, Win32 Priority Separation is a built-in feature. It allows you to specify the strategy of optimizing the processor usage time both in the foreground and background. It is basically a service to make sure that your system works properly …

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