A Blazing-Fast PDF Editor for Windows and Mac – UPDF

Whether you are a student or a businessman who works with confidential digital documents, or a teacher who presents lectures, you all need a reliable document format. That is where PDFs are assistive because it is one of the most reliable digital document formats widely used on many platforms. 

However, you need to customize the PDF files sometimes, and for this purpose, you need a reliable tool by which you can customize the documents accordingly. The tool that fits appropriately in scenarios like these is UPDF because it is a powerful tool that can enhance your productivity. This tool comprises the most innovative technologies which can help you in many ways.

Part 1: Prevailing Features of UPDF

Every tool comprises some features which set its criteria for the best, average, and worst tool, and every user needs to check these criteria before using a tool. The features in UPDF are very helpful because one can use it for both professional and casual use. If you wish to know more about the usability and assertiveness of features of this tool, have a look below:

1. View PDF 

Every PDF editor allows its users to view PDF files, but no one offers to view these files in a customized manner. UPDF is a feature-rich tool that allows users to view their PDF files in many different ways according to their needs. This can help you in enhancing your productivity along with increased readability. 

  • Page Layouts: By using this tool, you can personalize your reading experience just as you wish because this tool allows you to set page layouts accordingly. This page’s layout options include single-page view, single-page scrolling, two-page view, and two-page scrolling. You can also select the “Show Cover” option to show the cover page in a two-page view.  
  • Dark Mode: Readers can prevent their eyes from straining from bright lights by using the dark mode option. This PDF editor also allows you to change the background to the brightness level that suits your eyes. 
  • Bookmark: If you wish to easily access the last page you were reading, the Bookmark feature can help you. With this feature, you can place a bookmark anywhere in the PDF file, so you don’t have to scroll through the document to find the required page. 
  • Multi-Tab View: Users mostly have difficulty opening more than one PDF file with PDF editing software, but it is not the same as UPDF. This tool allows you to open more than one PDF file simultaneously, so you can work on multiple files at the same time. You can switch from one PDF file to another smoothly, which will help you save time and effort. 
  • Slideshow: No matter if you have to present a lecture in front of the whole class or if you are reviewing the business statistic, the slideshow is a need. Running PDF files as a slideshow is tricky, but UPDF made it easy. With the help of this PDF tool, you can view PDF files as a slideshow in different modes.

2. Edit PDF

Wondering how to edit a PDF? Editing a PDF file is a need, and every user wishes to do this with a tool that can give satisfactory results. UPDF is a PDF editing tool that can edit PDF files per their requirements. There are many options for editing, and they are listed below:

  • Edit Text: Editing text in PDF files is not limited to changing the font size with UPDF because this tool can edit the text in many ways. Changing the color and style of font to make the document more engaging and interactive can be done by using this tool. Using this tool, you can also bold and italicize the text and align the text according to the PDF file requirement. 
  • Edit Images: As for the images, you can turn them in state-of-art by editing them using UPDF. This tool allows you to rotate the images in a PDF file clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. This PDF editor also makes extracting, replacing, and cropping the image very easy. 
  • Edit Links: If you have to place the reference of information present in the PDF file, nothing is better than links. However, with UPDF, you can add links anywhere in the file and edit them in many ways, including editing link type, style, thickness, and colors. You can use this feature to link any particular text to a webpage or to the present in your PDF.

3. Organize PDF

Nothing is more engaging than organized and well-structured PDF files, and you can also organize them using UPDF. One of the most important benefits of organized PDF files is the navigations are smoother, and you can find the required information in no time. 

  • Add & Delete Pages: Many of you think adding or deleting a page in a PDF file is very difficult, but it is not true. With the help of this PDF editor, you can add a page anywhere in the file or delete any unrequired page efficiently.
  • Rotate PDF: With the help of UPDF, you cannot only rotate images, but you can also rotate the pages in PDF files in a left and right manner. 
  • Rearrange PDF Pages: Rearranging large PDF files is now easier than ever because of UPDF because users can rearrange the PDF by thumbnails. You must use the drag-and-drop feature to place the page into its new position. 
  • Split, Replace & Extract PDF: By using this PDF editor, you can split large files into small ones according to the number of pages. In case there is any important page, you can also extract that page from the PDF. Moreover, this tool allows you to replace any page with a new one.  
  • Crop: By using the crop feature of this PDF editor, you can crop any unnecessary area from the PDF effortlessly. As for the margins, this tool allows you to customize them, and you can also resize specific PDF pages.  

4. Annotate PDF

One of the most demanded features of any PDF editor is annotation. However, the annotation feature of UPDF is intuitive, which sets it apart from its competitors.

  • Add Comments: UPDF allows users to markup important instructions or review in PDF files using the comment feature. By this, you can add comments anywhere in the PDF file and personalize it by changing the text color, font, and size. 
  • Insert Stamps and Stickers: This tool comprises more than 100 styles of stamps and stickers to make your document more official and interactive. You can place stamps anywhere in the PDF; this tool also allows you to create a customized stamp. Adding stickers to the PDF can make it more interesting and show your mood or thoughts without actually writing anything.
  • Add Signatures: It is not possible to manually sign the digital PDF files; that is why UPDF allows you to add electric or handwritten signatures to them. You can add signatures by trackpad, mouse, and keyboard and edit them according to your needs. This tool can also save 4 signatures that you can use anytime by just accessing them.
  • Add Shapes: With the help of this PDF editor, you can add several shapes to the PDF file, like rectangles, squares, lines, circles, and arrows. You can draw the shapes with this tool and personalize them by changing their properties like borders, colors, thickness, and opacity. 

5. Convert PDF Files

Converting PDF files into different formats is now a hassle-free process because of UPDF. It is a wide-ranging tool that supports many document formats, and they are mentioned here: 

  • Convert PDF in Office File Formats: If you are a UPDF user, you can effortlessly convert your PDF files into office formats without following any critical procedure or requirement. The Office formats UPDF supports are Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and CSV. 
  • Convert to Image Files: UPDF support several popular image file formats, and you can convert PDF file into these formats effectively. The formats of images that UPDF support is JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. 
  • Convert PDF into Text: With UPDF, you can convert PDF files into several text formats, including Plain Text and Rich Text. You can also edit them to a further extent to make them more engaging. 
  • Concert PDF Into PDF/A: It is an archival format specifically used for the long-term preservation of electric documents. With UPDF, you can convert PDF files into PDF/A format for archiving and preserving information. 
  • Convert PDF Into Editable OCR Formats: This PDF editor allows you to convert scanned PDF files into searchable and editable formats. It is a very useful feature to automate processes and streamline operations, especially for business documents. You can also customize the image resolutions in PDF files. 

6. OCR PDF File

Are you worried about how you can edit your scanned documents if you cannot access the original files? For this, this PDF tool introduced a robust OCR tool that can help you make your documents editable and searchable at blazing-fast speed. This fantastic feature allows you to copy text from PDF, scanned PDF, or image-only PDF. The powerful OCR of this tool has the following features:

  • Supported Languages: The OCR tool of UPDF supports over 38 languages which makes it one of the best PDF tools because it supports most languages. You can also use the OCR tool of this PDF editor if you are handling a bilingual document.
  • 3 OCR Layouts: This PDF tool supports 3 types of OCR layouts to fulfill the need of every type of user. You can apply “Text and Pictures Only,” “Text Over the Page Image,” and “Text Under the Page Image” on your scanned document with the OCR tool of UPDF.
  • Page Selection: If you are dealing with a big PDF file and want to apply OCR only on specific PDF pages. You can do this with this tool because it will allow you to select a specific range in the PDF for applying OCR.
  • Image-Only PDF: This OCR tool also provides a feature that is not present in other PDF tools. You can make your PDFs non-searchable and non-editable with the Image-Only feature. You can also use the MRC technology to make your image-only PDFs compressed, but they will remain of the same quality.  

7. Page Tools

One of the most effective ways to make a document professional and engaging is to use page tools like watermark, background, header & footer. 

  • Add Watermark: With this PDF editor, you can add a watermark and edit it by changing its opacity, style, and content. You can add the watermark in the form of text, images, and PDFs.
  • Add Background: As for the background, you can change it by changing the color or adding a picture, and then you can control its ratio and opacity. 
  • Header & Footer: You can also insert a header & footer in the PDF file to make navigation easier, and you can also personalize this by changing its layout, content, and margins. 

Part 2: What Makes UPDF A Best PDF Editor?

Now that you have a detailed idea about the prevailing features of UPDF, you must be thinking about other attributes that set it apart from its competitors. Many fundamental properties are common in any tool, but quality is the key that sets it apart from other PDF editors. For more detailed key points, have a look underneath: 

1. User-Friendly Interface

The first thing the user interacts with when they use the tool is the user interface, which is one of the most important aspects of any tool. UPDF is a tool that comprehends the tidy, well-organized, and friendly user interface, which makes it easy to use the tool. Because of the friendly interface, every feature is easy to understand and operate. 

Everything is designed and placed perfectly, and you can seamlessly explore the tool from the home page to the FAQs. One can interact and engage with every feature of UPDF and accomplish their task without facing any problems.

2. Blazing Fast Performance

How can a tool be called an assistive tool when you must wait a long time to get the work done? For the ease of users, UPDF comprehends blazing-fast processing speed from the ease of its users; you can perform any task, whether it is editing, converting, or organizing a PDF file, in no time with this tool. 

The lag ratio of this PDF editor is zero, and it does not consume any memory or your device. The blazing-fast processing speed of this tool plays an important role in giving 100% accurate results and enhancing productivity. 

3. Platform Compatibility

UPDF support multiple platforms of there is no device restriction that you have to follow. Whether you work on the PDF file on a Windows computer at home and then work on that same PDF file on Mac, it will not affect the format or quality of the file. There is no such limitation in UPDF, which the users mainly face while using the other PDF editors. UPDF can be operated on different platforms, and they are listed below:

  • Windows: Windows 7 and later versions.
  • macOS: macOS 10.14 or later version.
  • iOS: iOS 14.0 or later versions.
  • Android: Android 5.0 or later version.

4. One License on All Platforms

UPDF is a cost-effective PDF editor which is convenient for students. Other tools demand you to buy a separate license for every platform. You cannot use the Windows license on Mac, but there is nothing like that in UPDF. If you buy one license of UPDF, you can easily use it on all platforms, and this tool is incredible and lucrative. 

5. Modern and Intuitive Developments

UPDF is also advancing in this technology-driven world to make things easier for you. Its modern and advanced technology gives UPDFy intuitive features, including creating and filling forms, batch processing, and handwritten signature. With time, UPDF will get more advance and offer many advantageable features to you. 

Part 3: Profitable Subscription Plans

The support of UPDF doesn’t end with features and highlights; it is also the best tool according to the pricing it offers. The subscription plans that UPDF offers are very budget-friendly, and you can get your work done at half price compared to other PDF editors.

  • Trail: In the trial version of this tool, you don’t have to pay any penny; however, you can start the trial by registering yourself. UPDF allows you to open and read PDF files and convert up to 5 files in other formats if you use the trial version.
  • Annual Plan: The annual plan of UPDF is very cost-effective, and you convert your simple document into a professional one for just $29.99. in this plan, you will get access to UPDF PRO on all platforms, and you can process unlimited documents on no time. Moreover, there are no ads, so there is no factor that the car irritates you. As for the file size, there are no limits, and if you have any queries, you can take assistance from customer support service. The updates and upgrades of UPDF are also included in this plan, so you don’t have to pay extra money. 
  • Perpetual Plan: This plan costs $49.99, and it is a one-time free plan, so you get access to UPDF on all platforms. No ads and file size limits are included in this plan, so you can process unlimited documents. If you face any problems, you can solve them by using customer support services. All the latest updates are also available in the perpetual plan for free. 


This article has provided a detailed review of UPDF, a PDF editor that you can use on multiple platforms. The feature of this tool plays an important role in making it a reliable PDF editor that can solve all your PDF problems proficiently. 

Whether you want to add annotations, organize, convert, or edit PDFs, you can always rely on this tool. Many things set it apart from its competitors, including user interface, fast speed, and compatibility. As for the pricing, all the subscription plan of UPDF is very cost-effective, and you can buy the plan as per your choice.