5 Must-Have Apps For Your PC If You Are Using Windows 10

We already know the importance of good apps on our PCs. But are you aware of all the useful apps that can help you manage better? Well, we don’t think so. New apps are introduced each year. These apps allow you to simplify your tasks. For instance, storage apps save you a lot of time you’d otherwise be transferring all the data to different hard disks. These apps can help you in your work as well. Such as if you are a trader, you can use trading platforms like btcloopholepro.com to simplify the tedious process of trading. If we start naming all the apps, we’d need to write just more than an article. This article focuses on five essential apps that everybody must have on their PCs.

Google Chrome

Naturally, Google Chrome is still the browser of choice for us. It is accurate, convenient, and quick. It also has a vast range of Chrome add-ons. It is a multi-purpose browser that helps you access your apps on the desktop using your phone via syncing. Chrome does have certain drawbacks, though. Although many users want to escape Chrome’s comprehensive tracking by Google, it uses a lot of RAM.

Back Blaze

Your computer needs to be backed up because a malware attack, burglary, or natural disaster could wipe out all the files. You can lose important documents, files, photos, and videos that can never be recovered.

We like Backblaze as a vital backup service for Windows 10 or 11. It charges a small amount to back up all the information on your laptop or computer to Backblaze the cloud. You are not needed to pick which data gets saved up, and there are no limitations on the number of your backups. Even though it’s the only software on this list without a free version, backing up is valuable enough to justify paying for it.

TreeSize Free

The inconvenience of having insufficient storage space is well known. A disc analyzer is one of the helpful programs you should install on any Windows PC.

With TreeSize Free, determining what’s consuming space on your PC is simple. Open it, choose the disc to scan, and immediately categorize every folder on your PC by size. The biggest files on your computer will then be accessible, so you can move or remove them as necessary.

VLC Media Player

If you wish to play local videos on your laptop and PC, a VLC media player is helpful. VLC Media Player, which has many features and can play almost any movie or audio file imaginable, is the best option for this use. Although you might not use VLC much, download it while configuring your PC.

Office Suite: LibreOffice

A productivity package that enables you to work with papers, spreadsheets, and presentations will probably be helpful at some point. LibreOffice should be available to every Windows user. It is a robust office suite that is free and offers substitutes for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more.


These apps on your desktop will help you simplify daily tasks. It can help you manage your storage and music and protect your PC from viruses. You may not need to use these apps daily. Installing these apps while setting up your PC will help you in the long run.