How To Choose A Good Screen Recorder

Having a good screen recorder is a must for a video editor, and is a great utility for daily users as well. A screen recorder allows you to record anything that you do on your computer and convert it into a video format. You may require a screen recorder for various purposes, may it be a recording for a tutorial video, a gameplay video, etc. There are many screen recorders out on the market, and it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing one.

If you are someone who is researching the best screen recorder that you can use for your work, then you are at the right place. We will tell you the things that you should be looking for while choosing a screen recorder. After reading the article, you will have a good amount of knowledge about screen recording which will allow you to make a good choice when choosing a specific screen recorder. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know to choose a good screen recorder.

Screen recording and its types

Before jumping into the software part, we must first know what screen recording is and what its different types are. Having this knowledge will allow you to pinpoint features that you will need in your video editor workflow:

Screen record

Screen record is the act of recording whatever is happening on your device in a video format. Almost all operating systems do not contain a screen recorder by default. Hence, you need your own applications to help you record your screen. Capturing gameplay and other content which just needs system sounds comes under the category of screen recording.


When you mix the recording of a screen of a device with an audio narration explaining what is happening or something else, then it is referred to as a screencast. Any tutorials explaining a feature of the software, operating system, and basically anything computer-related can come under this category. Screencasting software is required to record screen activities while incorporating the user’s sound with a mic.

Screen capture

Screen capture is something that you use every day on your smartphone and it is also known as a screenshot. It allows you to take a picture of your screen to explain details of a frame and much more. Most operating systems do provide a way for users to perform a screen capture for eg. You can press Windows + print screen to take a screenshot on Windows OS.

Now that we know what different types of screen recordings are, let’s jump into the software features that you will need to perform tasks.

Choosing the right screen recorder

There are many factors that you will need to consider before choosing a screen recorder. Here are some of the primary factors which everyone should consider while doing so:

Different recording options

By different recording options, we mean that you might need recordings from various components of your system. You might need to record each component while taking audio from both the system and your mic. A good screen recorder has these capabilities and it makes the user’s life a whole lot easier. This not only saves time but also allows everything to be compiled in one single video.


Not every screen recorder is free and not every free screen recorder contains good features. If you are someone who needs screen recording for professional work then you might want to invest in a premium screen recorder that has all the relevant features. There are many good paid screen recorders, and hence, you will need to compare the prices between them to snag the best deal.

Collaboration options

Many times users may need to share the recorded videos directly online may it be in the form of a post or a link. In those cases, a good amount of collaboration or sharing options come in handy. Some screen recorders allow you directly record, edit, and share a video in a few clicks. This kind of functionality may be used rarely but is nice to have.

Editing tools

No one wants to look at a basic screen recording with a boring voiceover. You need a well-edited video rather than a plain boring one. This means you need a means of editing a video before you send it out. Premium screen recorders are called so because they come with a set of video editing tools that allows a user to polish the video to the point where it’s not just a screen recording but rather good content.


Apart from the factors we mentioned above, you can also consider good customer support as a factor. Also, make sure you review the software by reading customer reviews from trusted sources. Now that you have everything that you will need to choose the right screen recorder, it’s time you do research on various screen recorders and choose your fit.