How to Maximise Battery Life on iPhone

The first sign of an iPhone coming into its twilight years is a battery that isn’t lasting. You leave the house with 100%, and by the time you’ve arrived at the office, having made a conscious effort not to scroll while on the commute, you …

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How to Spoof iPhone Location Easily?

person holding black samsung android smartphone

Why do people need to change their virtual location? Well, some dating and entertaining applications have boundaries across different regions in the world. To access them, you must change your location to that specific region and access the content. Moreover, in geo-based games, you are …

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10 Ways for Fixing Mac Bluetooth Not Working

black and white remote control

Bluetooth brings great convenience to our life. It makes your Magic Mouse, wireless keyboard, AirPods, or other wireless devices work well on your Mac. But unexpectedly, your Mac fails to connect to a Bluetooth device this time. Or even more weirdly, the connected wireless device …

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Easy tips for cleaning up your Mac

There are lots of ways for your Mac to become a sluggish mess. Mac cleaning tips are needed to help control and organize your device, making it both more secure and perform better. A lot of performance issues can come down to having a full …

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