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GetWox.com is a website that aims to provide people with solutions related to Windows and macOS. We have been in this niche for almost a decade.

On GetWox.com you will find several guides related to your Windows and Mac problems. You can easily solve any virus problem in your operating system through our guides. 

They are all comprehensive guides, assiduously researched to give you effective and right solutions.

Our team is determined to get you with all the effective solutions to the latest virus issues that you may encounter in your operating system both Windows and MAC. We are passionate to exceed every expectation of yours by solving your operating system’s problems. 

GetWox.com delivers a complete package, teaching you how to solve computer issues yourself. Having said that, we can assure you that here you will receive the most accurate information and solutions from us.

Our mission is to make the computer world free from any threat and you can join our team in achieving this target. Also, your feedback and suggestions are much valued or you can even contact our website and share your amazing ideas. 

Our Team

Rob Jordon (Owner of GetWox)


I, Rob Jordon is the owner of GetWox.com and has experience of over 10 years in this field of computers. I am dedicated and passionate about my work.

I am determined to help netizens. And inform them about all the solutions and tricks to keep their operating systems safe from all kinds of viruses and issues.

Viruses are annoying because they often affect your computer’s performance and cause corruption in your system. 

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. And being a tech guy, I love machines, specifically computers. Always curious to know how malware and viruses affect our systems.

Back in my time, I did not have a facility of virus removal guides and my computer was usually corrupted by such malicious programs.

GetWox.com is a platform that was built firmly with the motive to help people tackle these problems.

This is just the beginning and I am determined to turn GetWox.com into a worldwide platform to provide solutions to computer problems.

Greg McGee (Main Author)


Hey! This is Greg McGee, I am the Content Manager at GetWox.com.

I have been providing my service to this field for more than five years. I love to research and find solutions to problems related to computers.

With advancing technology, viruses and malware are also advancing and getting stronger.

So, it is important to keep up with them and find effective solutions to tackle them. 

I personally like to find new ways that can help people tackle their problems related to computers.

With GetWox.com, we two individuals are determined to provide our service to millions of netizens and help them encounter every computer-related issue with ease.

Being a Content Manager, I urge you to come forward and assist me in this mission, so we can make our computer world safe from viruses and malware.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our website you can contact us and share your amazing ideas. We would love to hear from you! 😉

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