How to Check Twitch Chat Logs? [Guide 2021]

In the world of streaming games, Twitch is the King. It is the largest streaming platform used by over 17 million people daily – both live viewers and players are over 2 million broadcasts daily. Chat, the essential part of the Twitch experience, is communication …

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15 Best Android Video Players Reviewed: 2021 Guide

best android video player

When it comes to the operating system of a smartphone that is built exceptionally then you will have one answer to that which is the Android operating system! Nothing can beat the mobile operating system of android and how the developers are bringing new applications …

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Android 11: What’s NEW? (2021 Guide)

Android 11 Review

You might be wondering what’s new in this Android 11, so here we are with this in-detail and precise Android 11 Review for you. We all know that this software has become all stable and official. Furthermore, if you have a Google Pixel device, then …

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