Top 15 Best Paid Android Apps that Worth Your Money in 2021

Some people might have peculiar needs, which can only be fulfilled by paid apps; are you one of them looking for the best-paid android apps?

Well, your search shall end here! We have gathered some of the best android apps that you can use for your android devices to complete your needs and make your life much easier.

These apps are readily available for you to download directly from the Google play store with the maximum security that third-party android applications can never fulfill.

In this article, we have collected some data that shall provide you with all the information, which you need before paying for it.

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The following are some of the best-paid android apps and we are sure that will make your life easier and would be worth every single penny.

1- Netflix


When we are talking about the best-paid android apps, how can we not include Netflix on the list?

This app is the most popular paid app used for video streaming.

Netflix has a vast collection of movies, tv shows, dream seasons, and different reality shows from the whole globe.

The best feature of this application is the user-friendly process and you can easily switch between the audio language and subtitles.

To be honest, this paid application is unique in its purpose, although there are competitors, Netflix keeps its position on the top.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Billions of movies, tv shows, web series are stored for you to watch at a low cost.
  • Searching for your favorite show or movie is easy and everyone can do it.
  • Netflix assumes your interest and suggests shoes that you might like, and they are pretty awesome.
  • Payment method options are easy and you have to pay monthly.
  • A very diversified search for their users, you can search with genre, title, language, and actors.

2- Delta Icon Packs


Delta is an amazing icon pack that you can use to freshen up your old phone, there are plenty of pastel colors that you call to choose to brighten up your phone as well as make it pleasant for your eyes to look at.

If you are bored with your phone and want to get a new appearance, you should try this best-paid android app, and we are pretty much sure that you will love it.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Plenty of launchers are available within the application for you to choose from.
  • You can have several designs, portraits made by hand, and we will be honest they are astonishing.
  • Add in new updates we can see dark and light mode on android, this is also equipped with both.
  • Easy to use, you do not have to worry about the tough interface and average performance.

3- Weather Forecast Pro

Weather forecast pro

Do you want to keep updates on the weather, so you don’t miss any of your important events? Weather forecast pro is the best-paid android app for you.

With this app, you will not be in any kind of weather disaster and you will be free to run along with your schedule accordingly.

This Android app will certainly be worth your money.

It uses its GPS tracking system to track your exact location and guide you with all the necessary measures that you should take to protect from heavy rain, drizzle, snowfall, etc.

Although there are plenty of free applications in the play store, trust me, none of them is even close to weather forecast pro.Β 

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Minute updates of every single detail relating to weather forecasts.
  • No ads or spam from this android application.
  • You can keep a weather record of every country and even city.
  • It will notify you about the weather in your location.
  • It will automatically give you the location and report of the place you are present in.

4- MX Player Pro

mx player

Some people are quite concerned to have the best video quality on their Android phones.

Well, if that is the case with you, this shall be the best-paid android app for you.

The best part of MX Player Pro is that you are not limited to just videos, you can also play audio songs on this app without compromising on the quality.

You can also download the subtitles of your movies directly from the application, which might be a huge plus for some subtitle fans.

The people who paid for this Android app have never regretted their decision.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Multicore deciding is available for your high-quality videos.
  • Hardware acceleration can be achieved within this application.
  • Gestures are pretty amazing and they come quite handy.
  • You can forward, pause, set volume, and brightness just by gestures.
  • You can scale your videos, which works great for most people.
  • Privacy settings are beyond, you can set child lock for your kids.
  • It can store a huge amount of audio and videos in your phone’s storage.

5- Tasker


If you have plenty of tasks to perform in one day, this is the best-paid android app for you to use.

Tasker is a managing android app that is ideal to proceed with a bunch of tasks at once.

You can always use this application to work throughout your routine.

There is an automated feature that is included in this application that assigns their roles to other applications such as SMS, photos, videos, and other apps.

This app is loaded with plenty of build-in, plugins, and all the respective features that will make your life easier and simpler.

With the progressing days, a managing app is becoming a need, and there is no better option than Tasker.Β 

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Tasker has plenty of options such as a calendar, alarm, reminder, etc.
  • You can set a password, keyguard patterns along with strong security that cannot be penetrated.
  • 28 system dialogues are available for you to help you.
  • Tasker can be used as a scanner and you can scan your files, images, and documents.
  • It can be used to show you a log, any history, block, and so on.

6- Business Calendar 2

Business calendar 2

Most of the people need their life to be managed, so, they don’t want to miss their important events or meeting, if you are one of them, this is the ideal paid android app you are looking for.

This business calendar 2 is the best-paid android app for businessmen, who want to seize every possible opportunity in a few seconds.

A huge plus would be that by paying for this application you will not have to hire a secretary and you can easily manage your routine on time.

This paid Android app is not going to regret you, rather you would love this android app for reminding you of everything on time.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • This best-paid android app gives you access to multiple themes, so you can change your themes quite often.
  • You will be notified about every event on time and you will not have to worry about any details.
  • You can view your whole schedule for 1 to 14 days which is a great help to many busy people.
  • It helps you to keep a record of the birthdays and all the public holidays on your schedule.
  • This just does not end here you can have plenty of suggestions with this Android app.

7- Tiny Scanner Pro

Tiny scanner pro

Do you know you can shift your android phone into a scanner? Sounds amazing, right? Indeed it is and yes, you can do it with just a single paid android app, tiny scanner pro is your solution to scan all your documents in a higher quality that is not provided by free applications in the market.

Most of the job holders require a lot of work that involves scanning their documents right away and what could be a better option than to scan with your mobile phone?

This just does not end here, you also get plenty of features, such as secured privacy and device flexibility.

These are the reasons we added this application to our list of best paid Android apps.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • It can save your documents right in the storage of your device.
  • You customize the name of the files as you want, according to the name, size, and date.
  • You can choose from the 5 levels of contrast to having crisp text quality.
  • This best-paid android app can search by document descriptions.
  • When it comes to security, Tiny scanner pro is the best android app, it gives you the ability to secure your scanned documents with a passcode.
  • You can use this application within any sort of smart device.

8- Aqualert Premium: Water Tracker Intake & Reminder

Aqualert Premium

Water is an important element of your life, and the Aqualert premium application is included in this list of best-paid android apps because of your health.

Indeed, water is life, most of your metabolism requires plenty of water intake and that is why we are recommending you to try this amazing android app.

Most of the people are busy in their life and do not drink the required amount of water, this app provides you with suggestions and notifications, so, you can keep your body healthy by drinking the appropriate amount of water.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • This premium android app has a premium-grade water intake organizer for daily routine, this supports personalization with the help of sex, activity, and age.
  • This application is associated with a water consumption chart through which you can take your notes to keep a record of your daily intake.
  • You should stay hydrated and live a healthy lifestyle, this is one of the best-paid android apps that can help you to do so.
  • This app has sleep mode and day mode for your ease.
  • It has a reminder system to keep you updated with your desired goal to reach.

9- Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Voice recording is an essential feature nowadays. Most of the job holders, businessmen, and students need them to record their meetings, clients, and lectures respectively.

If you are one of them, an easy voice recorder pro is your go-to app. This is one of the best-paid android apps used and appreciated by plenty of people around the globe.

You can always record high-quality sounds in any format you desire.

Most of the free apps can record sounds for you, but none of them is even close to Easy voice recorder pro.

Those free apps give a ton of advertisements that gets a lot of irritating for the users.

Here is the best part of this best-paid android app for recording, you can also use the recording feature through your android smartwatch.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • This application stores all your important recordings on cloud storage, which is an edge if you are worried about your recordings.
  • Ideal for students because of unlimited recording features.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • This app gives you access to professional-level editing and recording functions that can be a huge plus for users.

10- PhotoPills


If you can capture excellent pictures with your camera and have the ability to provide a good quality picture.

Photopills is the app used to enhance your photography skills.

You should have to spend money on this for a different feature like editing, shaping, removing any type of background, or other techniques that make pictures awesome.

Selfie lovers and other social media users can easily use and make their pictures of good quality.Β 

It is the best-paid android app for photography.Β 

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Monthly payment with free trials.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Not have difficulty in using just a few taps to edits.
  • Article on photography.
  • Tips for photography.
  • Adding any type of sun, star or any background can easily adjust.
  • All functions in one app.

It is the best-paid android app for professional photographers or people who sell their pictures on an online platform can widely use this app for good quality content.

11- Dictionary – M-W Premium

Dictionary – M – W Premium

Dictionary is one of the most used apps, every student has a dictionary in their mobile.

Dictionary provides you with knowledge of the meaning of words in a few seconds.

There are many free dictionaries on the play store but with too many ads with less information.

If you want to get authentic and complete knowledge then, it is the best-paid android app for students.Β Β 

It also shows synonyms, antonyms, and shows every grammatical error.

It is very important for a writer who has grammar mistakes. They can use this app for better results.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Roundabout 2 million words.
  • Synonym antonym of every word.
  • Voice search for blinds.
  • The authentic meaning of words.
  • Definitions of words and their uses.

Almost of all dictionary apps on the play store, it is the best-paid android app for use.

12- Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

The solid explorer file manager is used to save and protect your documents, picture, or any personal data.

It is the best-paid android app to use for protecting your family or other personal data.

It also manages the data automatically and saves time. You have to put in a password to open this manager.

No one can use this manager without your permission. If you will spend money on the solid explorer manager you enjoy the use of this android app.

Even if you lose your mobile phone you have to restore that manager data with the help of the account that you use to sign up for the file manager.Β 

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Different panels for file browsing.
  • They have amazing themes, icons, and colors.
  • Different files of managers can be supported.
  • Password for high security.
  • Can restore data when you want.
  • Store every type of pictures, documents, and other files.

If you want to protect your documents, picture, or other personal data. It is the best-paid android app for use.

13- Manual Camera

Manual Camera

If you are looking for the best-paid android app for use in the photography and camera category then, the manual camera app is just an awesome app for photographing uses.

If you want to click your picture in the best quality that looks professional then spend some money on this app.

You will have no regret. Most of the people use the free and basic camera for clicking their picture but they usually don’t have good quality.

The manual camera has the best quality and provides free editing.

If you want to enhance the quality of your pictures and they look professional.

Just go and buy the manual camera you will be happy to use this android app.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Provide the best quality pictures.
  • High-quality pixels.
  • Don’t blur the pictures.
  • Auto mode is available.
  • A high-quality result in the night mode.
  • Provide you beautiful pictures.

14- PPSSPP Gold


It is the best-paid android app for use by gamers. If you have an interest and love to play online games but cannot afford to pay any expensive PlayStation.

You can enjoy the scenes of PlayStation on your android device by using PPSSPP gold.

You almost have to access to find any game on this and can play without ads and unusual traffic.Β 

Paying less for this amazing android app is better than buying an expensive PlayStation.

This provides you with quality games with no obstacles. You can freely play games on PPSSPP gold.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • Game with high resolution available.
  • Store the game that you want to play.
  • Without any obstacle and lagging.
  • Smooth gaming experience.
  • Not too expensive.
  • Can be used from any type of android device.

If you are looking for the best app for games. Just give it a try and you will be happy to use it.

15- WolframAlpha


WolframAlpha is a small encyclopedia of knowledge. For people, who are looking for the best knowledge app or have thirst for knowledge.

It is the best-paid android app for use in the learning field.

It contains different ideas, knowledge, and information worldwide.

It knows every field, just put your interest and you will find everything in this app.

Information and knowledge about science, maths, history, medicine, and every other field are available.

πŸ‘ Points of Interest:

  • To much information.
  • Collection of every field.
  • Domains are available freely.
  • 25 years of experience.
  • Information is arranged according to subjects.

Why You Should Opt For Paid Apps?

Why You Should Opt For Paid Apps

There are multiple reasons for which you should switch to paid apps.

You might be fed up by the advertisements and you need better services, which are some of the main factors that people head towards paid android apps.

Some people are much more concerned with their privacy and they do not want to take risk of third party applications, rather go for a registered google play store version.

You might have one of these few reasons, we recommend you to also switch on paid android apps and have those regular updates without any risk of breaching your privacy.


Still here with us? In the end, we are pretty much sure that you know which apps can complete your needs and which are the best-paid android apps for you.

These paid android apps for 2021Β that we have included in the list are all different from each other, our reason in doing so was to help you know your needs better and look for a bunch of opposite apps to know, which would work great for you.

If you already have the best-paid android app for you, you can see in our list and compare them.

But if you did not get any help regarding your desired application you can always let us know in the comments, we will surely describe that paid android app, so, people can have the maximum benefits before buying that particular application, which works and fulfill your needs.

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