How to Check Twitch Chat Logs? [Guide 2021]

In the world of streaming games, Twitch is the King. It is the largest streaming platform used by over 17 million people every day – both viewers and players and over 2 million broadcasts every day. Chat, the essential part of the Twitch experience, is a form of communication between viewers and their favorite streamer. To avoid such complications, Twitch introduced the Twitch Chat Logs feature.

The Twitch Logs feature is beneficial to analyze carefully what is pleasant and needed and what is not. Also, you can check which content was well received and which was not. The Twitch Logs show the entire history of the particular broadcast.

With the help of Twitch Chat Logs, anyone can check all the comments that appear under their streams and broadcast.

What are Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch Logs are an essential aspect of the application because they give feedback on the current events, and the creators can get a fair idea of the current mood and taste of the people. Usually, the application creators are somewhat available to attend and communicate with their reviewers. Still, in larger communities, it is not that easy to respond to every mail or chat, and so it becomes a bit confusing and complicated at times.

They may include suggestions, hate comments, memes, jokes, approvals, and all kinds of advice and spamming. It is particularly hectic when the streamer is engrossed in a game. Comments are the most critical aspect of any application.

The only thing that keeps any brand or application running is communication with their viewers, audience, and the committee. The comments and the feedback can help improve the page’s content and sometimes be at the receiving end of some cyberbullying or memes.

There are various reasons why one should continuously keep checking their chat logs. Some of them are listed below:

1. Opportunities

Opportunity is one of the biggest reasons people keep checking their chat logs. People often drop links or contact details to ask the creators to do an advertisement for them or a big channel trying to contact you to do some work for them. So, unless you keep checking and analyzing your chat logs, you never know what kind of opportunity you might miss.

2. Check for Inappropriate Comments

Often, users write many inappropriate comments and bully the creator with their hate remarks. Constantly checking the chat logs might prevent such haters from spreading more hate when you keep reviewing their comments. If you keep ignoring them, the chances are that you might end up losing many followers since they might believe that you agree with your trollers. So, it is better to check your comment section to avoid hate that is unasked for.

3. To Gather Feedback

The most important reason to check the chat logs is to gather feedback on your content. Feedbacks are one sure way of making your content better. They boost your channel, and while going through your chat logs, you might find tips or ways to make your channel better.

4. Stay Updated with the Trends

By checking your chat logs, you might also come across memes and the latest trends that the audience is talking about presently. They might help you channelize your content likewise.

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?

As listed above, these were some fundamental reasons you should keep a check on your chat logs. Now we will tell you about the various ways through which you can access your Twitch chat history. Some of them are:

1. Search Command

twitch search command

The search command is an essential tool to go through the chat logs. It can also be used to search for some of the users banned from your channel for breaking any rule. You can search for the user in one easy step – type /user, but in place of the user, you can type the account holder’s username.

The steps to use a search command are:

  • Open the stream’s chatbox.
  • Enter the account’s name or the user’s username in the chatbox.
  • All the details will be displayed.

2. Using a ChatBot

A chatbot is the quickest and easiest way of going through your Twitch Chat Logs. The most famous chatbot is Nightbot; you can make your chat box conducive with its help. Along with Nightbot, chatbot from Streamlabs can be used and benefited from. These chatbots often work as moderators, add new looks and unique features, and make the channel look presentable.

The steps to use a chatbot are:

  • Download Chatty on your system.
  • Activate the bot after the installation is complete.
  • After the activation, the bot will link itself to Twitch, and the scanning of the comments will start on the post.

3. Use a Third-Party Program

For each task that a person performs, a corresponding program takes things in control and makes it easier to handle the things. If the built-in Twitch system does not suffice then, the help of third-party programs can be taken. The open-source program Chatty is often used to see precise data and analysis.


Twitch does not allow host chat publicly, and doing so would violate the platform’s own rules about data sharing. It is a great and helpful function that lets the streamers see their critics’ comments, which could have been skipped for some reason.

It helps the streamers improve and work on their content to provide better content to the audience and avoid mistakes. This post gives an insight into how twitch chat logs can be viewed and the reasons behind doing so. I hope this was useful!