Make Instagram anonymous: view & save stories like a spy on Windo

If you still create fake accounts in order to view stories, then you can stop doing this right now. By using special services that are located on the web, you can view IG stories without getting into the viewing lists. Such services guarantee the anonymity of your browsing because you do not log in to the application and your account is by default protected.

Moreover, unlike browser extensions, such viewers are the most secure. Because many extensions embed their code on the Instagram page, the social network may notice automation or a third-party application. If you want to avoid this, just try viewers that work by inserting a link to any accounts. Then you will be able to view the content as a library of media files, not like stories of a specific user. What are the advantages of implementing Instagram anonymous tools to view content?

  1. You don’t need to make a fake account. This is what many people do who want to watch stories without being displayed in the list of viewers. Also, even if you delete your profile, you will still be able to watch the stories you are interested in.
  2. You can watch the content of those who have restricted privacy settings. For example, some users may change access and you will not be able to see their stories. In this case, or even if you are blocked, you will still have access to these visuals through the service.
  3. Use advanced features. Up-to-date services will allow you not only to watch content but also to download stories. We will review this in the second section of this article.

How to make Instagram anonymous: view content with special tools

Let’s move on to practice. In fact, it’s very easy to watch stories without an Instagram account and anonymously. To do this, you will need a link to the target profile. For example, you can copy it either from the Instagram application or from the browser bar if you need to download a visual or view it. Here is the procedure that any of the most common services will offer you:

  • Copy the link to the author’s profile. As we mentioned above, this operation can be performed from both a phone and a computer. In the application, you will need to open the target profile and select the menu in the upper right corner (three dots). In the list that opens, select Copy URL.
  • Open a viewer. At this time, there are many proven web services, and new tools appear regularly. Therefore, choose the one that you appreciate based on design, functionality and use it regularly. Also, if you only need to occasionally watch stories and check one or more profiles, then you will be able to use them for free and without registration. However, many advanced services offer extra features that are likely to be paid.
  • Export the target link. Next, you just need to insert a link to an account whose content you are interested in. You should understand that it will be impossible to view the story of someone whose profile is private. In this case, no service will have access to media files, because they will be protected by the Instagram system. In this case, only creating a fake profile will help you.
  • After inserting the link, the service will search for the media file for some time. The search speed for different services will differ, so if you want to get access to materials quickly, then choose one of the first sites that you see when searching in Google.
  • Watch a story anonymously. After finding the file, you can open it and view it, both from your phone and from your computer. More advanced platforms will also provide this file with a button for downloading.

Since the reuse of content is very popular, by downloading someone’s stories, you can share them in your profile with boosted efficiency. You may explore how Forbes recommends planning a content strategy.

Additional features of services for anonymous IG experience

What is more, such services can perform much more interesting functions for you to solve content generation planning tasks rather than just anonymous browsing of stories.

With the help of anonymous viewers, one will most often be able to download disappeared stories. Then you can reuse these materials for your target audience within Instagram or on other social platforms.

This way of using content is promising in 2022 because now there is a huge amount of content and it is much more difficult for users to find something truly interesting. So by doing this work on the selection and presentation of the fascinating content, you thereby increase the value of your profile.

Downloaded stories that you collect on niche accounts can result in much more reactions to promote your profile organically. Therefore, if you are faced with a dilemma of what to post today in stories, you may pre-select accounts that can potentially come out in the area of interest of your audience.

For example, if you run an account of a nail salon and it doesn’t mean that you can publish stories with the works of your masters only. Select 10 niche accounts, these can be bloggers and salons, or beauty brands that visually fit the requests of your target customers.

Look through and download their stories that most likely will hook your subscribers.If they like it, you will get lots of Shares, messages in Direct. Thus the algorithm will find out that you publish relevant content. As a result, publications that depict your products and services will also be better promoted in the search. You can explore a Buffer guide to learn more about content reuse.

  1. Monitoring stories that have disappeared from the app. With this function, you can do the impossible – that is, view the media that is no longer visible in the application. This means that you won’t need to check each profile by yourself to see what is published today. The fact is that the service can monitor stories for several days and upload them to the server, from where you will be able to browse and selectively download the content you like for reuse.
  2. Downloading stories in one archive. This is a handy feature that means that you will not need to select each individual story, but you can download hundreds of stories at once and repost video clips or photos from an archive.

This is very convenient because on each such account for which you will monitor content, you will have your own archive and you can mix stories from each profile so that your feed and your publications are more diverse. A big plus is a fact that stories are the visuals often only explored by subscribers of certain accounts, unlike, for example, posts that are published in the feed, which are displayed on the Explore.

Finally, the creation of fascinating content that may not necessarily be filmed by you and not only to present your product should be the main task of the content strategy for 2022.

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