Fix High CPU Usage by Windows Shell Experience Host

If your system is lagging then chances are any other Windows service is using high CPU power. If you go to Task Manager, you can see which app is consuming RAM and CPU. Today I come across this Windows Shell Experience Host service which is using a hell amount of RAM and my CPU. It’s almost 40%.

It might be a tad bit annoying to go through something like this if you are caught with work. But don’t you worry. I have got your back.

If you are facing a problem like this, then don’t need to worry. Good news is, I have successfully fixed this issue on my system and you can do the same by following these mentioned methods.

Before we dive into the topic, let us discuss what is Windows Shell Experience Host?

What is the Windows Shell Experience Host?

It is an official part of windows that is responsible for presenting universal apps in a windowed interface. It even works to handle several graphics elements of the interface, like the Start menu, taskbar transparency and the new visuals for the notification area flyouts-calendar, clock, and other things.

Windows Shell Experience Host controls certain elements of desktop background behaviour like changing the background when it is set to slideshow.

Users may face issues with the system, where the Windows Shell Experience Host occupies a large portion of the memory. It does not exactly restrict CPU power for most of the users, but it surely drains the battery and might even cause freezing of the system especially when the usage projects up to 100%. So it is required to fix this Windows Shell Experience Host High CPU Usage Problem. Check this image. You can see that it is using 40% of my CPU power and 150MB of RAM, without doing anything.

Fix Windows Shell Experience Host High CPU Usage

It is very important to fix this high CPU usage problem. I tested many solutions and then found these working solutions to solve this Shell Experience Host High memory use issue.

Here are some working ways to deal with this issue:

Solution 1: Use Static background

The first solution that we propose is changing your desktop to a static background. It is being stated that this process uses the hardware power if you set the desktop background to a slideshow.

To do this, you can follow the given instructions

Go to the settings, from there go to Personalization and choose Background from the menu on the left.

You will have to find the background section, from there the drop-down menu and select Solid Color.

After you are done with this, save your settings and issues with Windows Shell Experience Host should be cleared off.

It might solve your problem but if it doesn’t then you can try the next problem.

Solution 2: Disable the automatic color changing

The next option that we have is turning off Automatic Color Changing. Disable the automatic color changing.

To do this, you will have to go to the settings, then Personalization and navigate to Colors section.

Locate the automatically pick an accent color from my background option then turn it off.

Solution 3: Update PC

What if we tell you that you can fix this issue by updating your PC and Universal Apps.

Make sure that your Windows update and that your universal apps are up to date. Open the Windows store then click on your user icon which is next to the search bar.

Select the “Downloads and Updates.”

Click on Check for updates > then click on “Update all.”

After the process has been completed then give it some time then check whether the problem has resolved.

If not then try another solution.

Solution 4: Scan your PC with trusted Antivirus

There could also be a possibility of a virus. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is not for sure and we haven’t even received any reports of a virus attack causing this error but it would be wise if you run a virus scan.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope that it helped you to solve the problem at hand. If you have any opinions or thoughts, do let us know by emailing us or by leaving it in the comment section down below. Your thoughts are our priority. Do let us know.

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