A Quick Guide to Connect PS3 Controller to PC

The PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular and widely used gaming consoles. If you are a gamer and want to connect the PS3 controller to PC, then this article will help you.

It is very easy to connect Sony Playstation 3 with Windows 10. The mouse and keyboard are the only options for PC games. But some game support gamepad. If you are using Xbox or PlayStation 3 then gamepads or joypads are the primary input devices.

In case you have the PlayStation 3 or 4 consoles, you can use it with your Windows PC. To Connect PS3 Controller to PC, we have to connect the controller to the USB port with drivers.

Connect PS3 Controller to PC

Up to four controllers can be connected to a single receiver, making it a fantastic tool for gaming. After the program is downloaded, you simply have to plug the controller in to get started playing. If your computer isn’t Bluetooth capable, you can buy a Wireless Bluetooth adapter.

Installation of Software to run ps3 controller on pc

All you will need is a couple of minutes and a Mini USB cable to sync your PlayStation 3 controller with your PC. Though the Xbox 360 gamepad is still quite simple to connect, the PS3 gamepad is straightforward but needs a couple of added measures.

The keyboard and mouse will be the normal input apparatus for restraining PC games. On the other hand, the expertise of a few games is much better when we use a gamepad. You can easily install a ps3 controller on pc running on Windows 10.

You have to download original drivers and required configuration. The drivers you will find on the official website. You have to manually download and install the drivers by your self. You have to download the appropriate driver for your PlayStation 3 joystick.

Download Bluetooth Dongle Driver

Step-1. Download the software on your Windows 10. You can find this driver on Google. Now first you have to install Microsoft Packages.

Step-2. If you want to use Ps3 Control Wirelessly then you have to download and install Bluetooth Dongle Driver. Also Download Bluetooth Drivers.

Download and Install ScpToolkit

Step 1: Turn on the Controller

If you are using the PS controller for the first time then make sure that the PS3 controller is on. There is a PS button on the controller that you need to press.

Step 2: Connect PS3 Controller to PC. Take a USB cable and connect PS3 with PC. Make sure that the USB driver is installed correctly.

Step 3: Go to Scp Toolkit Website. You need to enable the controller of your PlayStation 3 to steam games.

Step 4: Install it.

Step 5: Follow on-screen Instructions while installing it.

Step 6: Download Scp Toolkit Driver Installer and open it.

Step 7: Uncheck install Dualshock 4 Controller. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest driver as you are working with new Windows 10.

Step 9: Check the Box choose Dualshock 3 Controller to Install > Check Wireless Controller > Click install. Wait for some time be patient. Once installed, you are able to use your new PS3 controller with Windows 10 PC.

How to use PS3 Controller on PC

So now we have installed ScpToolkit on Windows 10. Now Dualshock 3 will behave like Xbox 360 controller.

That’s it. This way you can use the PS 3 controller on PC.

Troubleshooting Windows 10 for PS3 Controller

Normally Windows 10 is designed to work with any Wireless and wired game controller. Microsoft has already installed Xbox One’s accessories and the Xbox Live ecosystem.

But there may be errors during the installation process. If you haven’t installed Windows 10 updates then you will face errors.

Fortunately, there is a solution to fix all installation errors. So, you will need to change some Windows settings.

Go to Settings (using Win + I) > Click on Update & Security.

Select Recovery > Click on Restart Now in an Advanced start-up.

The system will boot and you can change firmware settings and startup.

Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. Restart the system.

After that, search for Disable Driver Signature Enforcement > press the F7.

PC and follow all the steps to install and configure ScpToolkit on Windows 10.


Above we have shared a complete guide on how you use PS3 Controller on PC. If you are facing any trouble while installing ScpToolkit or Dualshock 3 then comment below.

Thanks for reading this guide.

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