What is a VPN? Why Do You Need One?

You have heard the term VPN or a Virtual Private Network many times in different places where privacy and security are concerned. Reading about genius software that can shield your internet privacy and security might sound intimidating, but there are things that you need to …

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Top VPNs for Everyday Use

macbook pro on brown wooden table

Nearly everyone with a smartphone or computer has joined public Wi-Fi networks at one time or the other. This could have been at a library, coffee shop, or airport lobby. Most people don’t know this, but connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is not the safest …

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6 Best Free VPN Services for Windows PC


Given the censorship that prevails currently, VPNs have become the need of the hour. Vpn doesn’t only give you access to restricted websites but there is more at work here. What a VPN does is that it allows you to use a different server network …

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iTop VPN Review: The Best Free VPN in 2021

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) keeps your internet connection private even when you’re using public Wi-Fi. It creates a secure tunnel for your internet traffic, making it impossible for spammers to access your online data or personal information. You will need a VPN when you …

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