What is a VPN? Why Do You Need One?

You have heard the term VPN or a Virtual Private Network many times in different places where privacy and security are concerned. Reading about genius software that can shield your internet privacy and security might sound intimidating, but there are things that you need to know before you decide to have one. VPNs are used for several purposes in corporate and personal tasks since internet freedom,, and privacy are essential to have. 

A VPN can be used to fulfill mandatory missions such as transmitting sensitive data over different platforms, spoofing your geo-location, unblocking geo-restricted sites, shielding your digital identity, and even enjoying random entertainment media on the internet. Although there are free and paid VPNs with multiple characteristics that are gold mine but preferring one that offers a free trial would be a great idea to test the VPN features that you want when using a Virtual Private Network. However, we have curated this guide to make your decision worth having when buying a VPN. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a privacy shield that is capable of spoofing your digital information when shared on a different platform. VPNs are designed to hide your actual IP addresses that can reveal your true location and affect your privacy. VPNs, when connected, route your internet traffic via encrypted tunnels that are safe and secure from the inquisitive eyes of the third-party ISPs and government officials who love to keep an eye on your digital footprints and maintain data logs of your browsing history. With a VPN activated on your device or browser, you can use the internet by staying anonymous. 

What is the Primary Purpose of Using a VPN? 

VPNs are used for security purposes. To keep a person or organization’s sensitive information safe from the hideous cybercriminals, ISPs, and government spies. When you are using a regular internet server, your information is open on the sites and can be accessed by anyone. Conversely, using the internet with a VPN puts an extra layer of top-notch privacy, security, and industry-leading encryption. 

Organizations that depend on remote work access can get benefited by the use of a robust VPN. With VPN servers located all around the world, users can connect to any server that is nearest to relocate their location to maintain anonymity. Hence, VPNs work remarkably for gaming, streaming, and traveling. In a nutshell, there are millions of advantages a VPN can offer, and below mentioned features are some of them that are mandatory when subscribing to a premium VPN service. 

What Features are Essential in a VPN?

Now that you are acquainted with what a VPN is and how it works, let’s have a deeper insight into the essential VPN features that are important when choosing a VPN. 

1. Privacy and Security Protocols

Privacy and security are the most important features of a VPN. A VPN with high-end encryption technology can put a lock on their virtual data that is not safe if not protected with layers of privacy. Having AES-256-Bit encryption in a VPN can strongly protect user data and convert it into a cipher that cannot be easily decoded by Cybercriminals. 

2. Anti Malware 

The anti-malware feature can save your device and web browser by loading a malicious domain that can encrypt your data. In premium VPNs, this feature arrives pre-installed. When using anti-malware, a VPN works automatically in the background to detect any vulnerabilities immediately when sensed.

3. DNS Leak Protection

A DNS (Domain Name Service) is a unique technique that allows you to remember internet hostnames to IP addresses. With a DNS leak protection feature, your IP address would not be exposed on the internet. Since it constantly provides information to the users about their internet connectivity to compare the real IP address and geolocation to prevent a DNS leak when it happens. 

4. Split Tunneling 

One of the greatest and most handy tools of a spectacular VPN service is split tunneling. With this feature, a VPN routes all of your internet traffic (apps, web browsers, upload, and download data) from encrypted tunnels that are secure. This process of tunneling saves you the hassle and decides to route select data from the encrypted connection and leave others that don’t involve any harm if pass through the regular internet.

Bottom Line 

That’s everything for the day! Now that you are well aware of how many great things a quality VPN can offer you, you might be thinking about starting your market research with this collected knowledge. A premium VPN comes with a complete package of high-level privacy protocols and the best encryption standards. By using a top VPN service, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, never-ending internet freedom, and a robust privacy lock that you have been yearning for decades to keep your data safe from the cyber vulnerabilities that can demolish it.