How to Setup and Use Miracast on Windows 10

Miracast is a wireless connection technology that allows windows users to mirror the display or screen of the device to the display of monitors and projectors wirelessly. It is a new technology also called HDMI over Wi-Fi. Miracast is one of the best gadgets that allows users to connect Wireless Devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones to smart TVs or monitors. Yes, it is similar to Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick. The technology is also called HDMI over Wi-Fi. Now if you are using Windows 10 and want to use Miracast with your PC/Laptop then this article can help you.

Miracast support comes built with Windows 8.1. With the help of Miracast, you can easily create a wireless connection that connects your Wireless device and TV. Just Like other devices, you have to install Miracast Drivers for Windows 10.

If you must mirror your PC screen to a different TV or Projector wirelessly, it is possible to do so employing the Miracast Device easily. Furthermore, you can split the screen to look at several applications from various systems. Second, you will need an external screen of some sort, like an HDTV.

Now you will need to prepare your Miracast receiver. If your computer doesn’t have support for Miracast, there are different options you are able to explore. It isn’t necessary that both devices are linked to the Internet.

Setup and Use Miracast on Windows 10

When you have made any one of these connections, you must visit the settings on your laptop, and allow the connection to a projector or an external device. The connection is created at 1366 x768. It’s about picking out the ideal cable, which is based on the connection ports on every gadget.

You will be useful for some time. Stick to these pointers, and you’ll be ready to go in almost no time whatsoever. Each time you wish to use it. Perhaps Microsoft would like to see the way the system works with a large variety of apps before opening the gates for all. The majority of contemporary PCs support Miracast.

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Check if Miracast is supported on your device or not?

Step 1: Open Run and type dxdiag > Enter.

Step 2: Click on Save all Information > save the text file.

Step 3: Now open the text and check for Miracast status.

Setup and Use Miracast – Windows 10

Before going to set up a new Miracast device, download and install the latest Intel Driver Update, Utility Tool, from this link.

Step 1: Open your Windows PC and go to Start > Settings > Devices > Connected Devices.

Step 3:  Click on Add a Device.

Step 4: Once connected, configure displays using Win + P > Select option.

Windows 10 Miracast not working

So many users have reported that after updating to Windows 10 latest update, Windows 10 Miracast not working. Here are some working solutions that may fix this issue.

1. Update device drivers and install them again.

2. Change adapter.

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