How to Fix Second Monitor Not Detected Issue in Windows 10

If you have lots of work and then the second monitor is the best way to manage work. You can use multiple monitors with your Windows 10 but sometimes after installing the new Windows 10 update, users are facing this second monitor not detected issue. Here we are going to share how to fix the issue.

In certain scenarios, regardless of the second screen being on the system, Windows is not able to find it and sens a message such as Windows 10 can’t detect the second screen or failed to detect another screen. Many users often use multiple monitors to boost productivity. But it appears there are a few difficulties with Windows 10. Normally, connecting another monitor for your computer permits you to make a bigger canvas, to improve productivity, or increase your gaming experience. You can also split your screen in Windows 10 to increase your work experience.

Fix Second Monitor Not Detected Issue

Although adding another screen is generally simple but after updating Windows 10, it does not always work perfectly. If you are having difficulty getting an outside computer to operate, there are numerous things you can try, such as hardware troubleshooting, and upgrading graphics card drivers.

If your next screen isn’t found on Windows 10, though you understand the monitor works fine but there are some issues with your graphic card drivers.

Second Monitor Not Detected

Solution 1 – Move to Old the Driver Version

If you have installed the latest version of the graphics card driver and started facing the issue with the second monitor. So now it’s time to roll back to old drivers. Follow this guide to roll back the driver.

Open Run using Win + R and then type device manager.

Now find display drivers > Right Click on it and then choose Rollback driver.

Solution 2 – Update your display driver

If rollback is not working, they may be updated will work for you, So now install the latest drivers. From the Device Manager window, right-click on the driver and then choose to update the Driver.

If this is not working then download the drivers from the official website and install drivers manually.

Update drivers automatically

Downloading drivers manually is one of the irritating processes but if you don’t like downloading drivers manually then it’s time to use 3rd party driver update tool to update drivers automatically.

Driver Easy is one of the best driver updater software for Windows. First, you have to download the driver easy for Windows.

Once installed, click on the scan button and then wait for some time.

Driver Easy will automatically download and update drivers. Once updated, reboot the computer and check if you are facing the issue or not.

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