How to Set Up and Optimize Skype with Alexa to Make Video Calls

Skype is an Internet communication program that provides capabilities for audio, video, and text message. It was one of the initial successes of the Voice-over-Internet (VoIP) protocol. Skype Technologies, headquartered in Luxembourg and founded by Janus Friis of Denmark and Niklas Zennström of Sweden, first launched the mobile client in 2003.

In 2005, Skype’s number of registered users was about 50 million and grew more than Ten-fold to over 600 million only five years later. The Amazon Echo is among several of Amazon’s hands-free devices and apps that can be powered using one’s voice. On these apps, the speech-controlled “personal assistant” is called Alexa, which will perform different tasks and monitor various systems.

Skype with Alexa Setup for Video Calling

Alexa can play the music, offer better information, deliver news and scores of sports; it can tell about the weather, regulate your home automation, and allow Amazon Prime members to order Amazon products. Alexa is sitting in the cloud, increasing the information that is offered all the moment, and processing the answers to give you more precise information.

Microsoft and Amazon expanded their close relationship with Alexa, adding Skype calling. Devices such as Amazon’s Echo range can access the basic call from Skype, and Alexa-powered hardware such as the Echo Show also includes support for video calling. One can use Skype to dial phones and landlines using SkypeOut, and say “Alexa, call jack on Skype” to turn on a call.

Integration of Microsoft’s Skype with the device that has Alexa -enabled (Echo Dot) gives customers a way to communicate with friends and relatives around the whole world. The service is currently available in a few countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, and others. For other countries, it is highly probable that it will be rolled out shortly. Let us see how Skype calling with Alexa is set up and optimized.

How to set up Skype with Alexa

Skype calling with Alexa lets one make and answer Skype calls with just the sound of one voice from Alexa apps. In the Alexa App, begin by connecting one’s Skype account to one’s Amazon account and then.

1 – Open that Alexa app and choose the ‘Menu‘ for this.

2 – Click on settings.

3 – Then click on the communications and then click on Skype.

4 – Log in to Skype, and then follow the instructions to connect Skype to Alexa on the screen.

Optimize Skype with Alexa

After one has have set up Skype calling with Alexa, now it’s essential to optimize this app for a better experience in calling. That one can do in several ways. For example, some Skype contacts can be seen with a screen on your Alexa app. There are several steps to do this,

1 – First, click’ Settings’ from the Alexa app

2 – Then navigate to Accessibility

3 – Choose the option to Enable Calling & Messaging without Speech

Similarly, if one is having issues finding the right contact, then one should try editing their names on Skype. To do so,

1 – One should visit the person’s profile

2 – Click the edit button

3 – Enter a new name and confirm your modifications.

It can also be frustrating when all of your Alexa devices begin buzzing when one gets a call. If one wants to change the default behavior, build a private Skype account’ for Alexa home use only.
Ultimately, one should make sure that they are using the new Skype version and that their device meets the basic requirements for running the program. It is also essential to have the latest software updates, and one should also have hardware drivers enabled to avoid a few sign-in problems.

As per Microsoft, one can then ask Alexa to call any of their Skype contacts, regardless matter what app they use, merely saying, “Alexa, Skype [Title].” one can also pick up calls by just saying, “Alexa, pick up.” If the particular person one needs to call isn’t on Skype, one can also read their mobile number out loud.

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