New Windows 10 KB4550922 Update – New Features

In April patch Tuesday, Microsoft released two cumulative updates for Windows 10 1800 series – KB4549949 and KB4550922. It is to enhance the build version. KB4550922 improves Windows 10 build version 1803 to 17134.1425, which includes security updates for Microsoft scripting, MS Graphics components, Windows App, Kernel, and much more.

In this guide today, we are going to discuss the new Windows 10 KB4550922 update in detail. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

What is Patch Tuesday?

It is the second Tuesday of every month when Microsoft releases security updates for all of its products. If you are Windows users, then you should always keep your system updated to avoid any kind of security breach.

About new Windows 10 KB4550922 Update

The security patches update the core components of Microsoft services and Windows. This latest update effects app installations that include.msi files. Any other app installation remains unaffected.

You can have the stand-alone package for this update by visiting the Microsoft Update Catalog website. Microsoft releases a new security update every second Tuesday of the month. Let’s have a look at this month’s update.


  • New features that will improve security in Windows 10 and Windows operations
  • Microsoft Office products Security
  • Storing and managing files in Windows 10 is now secure than ever

Windows 10 KB4550922 Update

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The new KB4550922 Windows 10 update represents problem Windows 10, affecting 1507, 1703, 1709 and 1803, versions. The devices might face some issues while installing apps, but it only affects apps that include .msi files.

It simply means that it doesn’t affect any app on Microsoft Store. Security updated software includes Windows management, Windows Shell, Windows Cloud Infrastructure, Core Networking, Storage, and Filesystems.

Get This Update 

Before heading to the download & installation, make sure your Windows 10 1800 series system is compatible with its servicing stack updates. This update released on April 14, 2020, and you can get it either as a stand-alone package or install it as recommended by Microsoft

Download new Windows 10 update

Ways to get a patch Tuesday update securely 

It is not usually a good practice to install an update as soon as it is released. The update might be prone to some errors and issues. So you can follow some security practices given below to get yourself ready for Patch Tuesday.

  • Read the complete documentation of the updates carefully.
  • Go through forums to know whether a particular update is worth installing or not. What does it offer, etc.?
  • You should install vendor patches as soon as they are released.
  • Run all software with the least privileges.
  • Avoid visiting unknown sites to be secured.
  • Block external access at the network unless a specific one is required.
  • Do not handle files from unfamiliar sources.


We have tried our best to explain the new Windows 10 KB4550922 security update. The security features it offers, how to get it, and much more. Usually, casual users are not much interested in such updates, but if you are a concerned user, it is essential for you.

Most of the Microsoft updates are not error-free, and therefore, before installing a new update, getting to know it thoroughly is crucial. We also highly recommend always to get them back up of entire system data before installing an update on the system.

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