How to Check What Graphics Card Do I Have in Windows 10

Graphics Card is a part of laptops and PCs that helps us to see outputs on the screen, hence it is very integral to the computer system. Many of us are unaware of the version of the Graphics card that is there in our system. In this article, we have helped you solve the query, which Graphics card do I have in Windows 10.

To know how to check graphics card windows 10, there are various methods. Also note that graphics card is called by different names like display adapter, video card adapter, video card, etc.

If you are a gamer then you know that Graphics Card is one of the most important parts of Gaming. Without a Graphics card, you cannot play large games on your Windows 10.

Now in Windows 10, you can check What Graphics Card you are using is to right-click on the Desktop > Choose Display Settings. Then go to Display Adapter properties.

Check What Graphics Card Do I Have

Here you can check all the installed Graphics card drivers and tools. There is some graphics card, who have their control panel like NVIDIA. You can change all the settings from those Control Panel.

Method 1 – Device Manager

Using the device manager, you can easily find out about the Graphics Card that your PC uses.

Step 1 – First press Windows Key + X at the same time on your keyboard.

Step 2 – Then click on Device Manager.

Step 3 – From the list of options, double click on Display Adapters and there you will see the Graphics Card that your computer has.

Step 4 – Right-click on the name of your Graphic Card.

Step 5 – Click on Properties.

And there you will have detailed information about the type of Graphics card that your computer uses.

Method 2 – By Right Clicking On Desktop

Step 1 – Right-click on your desktop screen.

Step 2 – Select Display Settings.

Step 3 – Then select Advanced Display Settings.

Step 4 – Then select the Display Adapter Properties Option.

On the adapter box, you can see the various properties of the Graphics Card that your computer uses.

Method 3 – DirectX Tool

Step 1 – Go to the Command Prompt window. Press the Windows button on your keyboard and type ‘run’ or ‘cmd’.

Step 2 – Open the black window that you see.

Step 3 – Type ‘dxdiag’.

Step 4 – On the popup window that appears, select the Display tab.

Step 5 – There you can see detailed information about ‘what graphics card do i have windows 10‘.

Step 6 – For more information, click on Next that appears at the bottom of the same tab.

Method 4 – Using third-party tools

There are various tools that are available for download that tell you about Graphics card check. The driver update software and the antivirus software also let you check information about the Graphics card that your computer uses. But make sure these third-party tools are downloaded from a trusted source.

Step 1 – Download software like Driver Easy.

Step 2 – Go to File Manager and find the downloaded file.

Step 3 – Click on the downloaded file and install it.

Step 4 – To install it, you will have to accept the license agreements after double-clicking on them.

Step 5 – Click Finish.

Step 6 – Open the tool and you will find a tab in the software labeled as Graphics Card.

Step 7 – Click on it and you can see the information about your Graphics Card.

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