Fix Lenovo Camera Not Working in Windows 10

Lenovo is a good brand name in the market when it comes to getting an affordable and all-rounder laptop. Many Lenovo users might have updated their OS to latest Window 10. As usual, like all other errors that come with Windows 10, Lenovo Camera Not Working is also one of them. Users have reported that while attempting to sue the Lenovo in-built camera the camera does not work. Instead of seeing the image captured from the camera the error makes you see an image with the grey background. You also spot a white camera with a cross through it.

Lenovo camera supplies a range of distinct modes in actual time with the stock camera app so that you don’t require the Instagram and likes to get the same look. Selecting a specific next camera will lock you in particular paper size. Dual rear cameras can do only that. So, the general front camera is perfect, but the essential camera is strictly average. The Dual Front Camera is the most crucial selling point of the gadget.

Fix Lenovo Camera Not Working

Best and quickest way to unlock the unit is to conserve a thumb from the hand you decide to use to open the gadget. It is a masterpiece with all the required features, one expects in today’s time. In the daily use, it is fast and does not freeze. Tango-enabled devices incorporate depth-sensing technology that may map 3D space.

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Cause of Lenovo Camera Not Working after Windows 10 Update

In Windows 10, the Camera not working is usually due to the faulty drivers. It may happen that Windows may fail to install the driver correctly after when you have upgraded to the latest version.

So if you have also encountered the camera not working On Windows 10 Anniversary Update then here is the trick that you can try to fix the issue.

Method 1- Turn Off Privacy Mode

Step 1- Open the start menu type Lenovo > Lenovo Settings.

Step 2- Expand the window > Click on ‘CAMEARA’.

Step 3- Scroll down to the bottom > ‘PRIVACY MODE’ change ‘Turn Privacy Mode’ to ‘Off’.

Method 2- Uninstall the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package software

Step 1- Open Contro Panel > programs and features.

Step 3- Search for “Lenovo settings”> uninstall.

Step 4- Restart PC.

Method 3- Replace the Device Driver

Step 1- Win + X > Device Manager.

Step 2- Expand Imaging Devices > click on Update Driver Software.

Step 3- Browse my computer Let me pick from a list.

Step 4- USB Video Device > Next.

Step 5- Close.

The camera will now finally be working with the generic device driver.

Method 4- Update or Repair the Camera Driver

Download and install the latest driver from the official website or you can use 3rd party driver tools like Driver Easy.

That’s all folks. With these simple ways and tricks, you will be able to fix the Lenovo Camera not working in Windows 10. Thanks for reading this article and comment below if you need any help.

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