How to Fix USB 3.0 Crashes in Windows 10

USB 3.0 is the advanced version of USB technology, and it offers faster data transfer speed. After updating to Windows 10, users have started facing serious error including USB 3.0 Crashes. When you plug your USB into USB 3.0 port, system crashes automatically. Here in this article, we are going to share how to solve USB 3.0 Crashes in Windows 10.

The installation process regarding the gadget is also rather easy. Obviously, in regards to technology, newer is better, but you need to also keep the purchase price in mind. The system is made to withstand all weather conditions, and it may be used indoors or outdoors. It finds the best route for data transfer throughout your home.

Fix USB 3.0 Crashes in Windows 10

There’s also a microSD card slot just over the USB ports. Just ensure there aren’t any graphics cards plugged in should you use the onboard video.

What Causes the USB 3.0 Crashes

There are many reasons that are responsible for causing USB 3.0 crash in Windows system. So if your flash drive does not respond then, the probable causes may be

  • Hardware related issues
  • System error
  • USB driver issue
  • Virus

Well, you do not need to worry about the error because there are some simple methods that can help you fix the USB 3.0 crashes.

Method 1- Create System Event Logs

Step 1. Enter Event Viewer in Windows > Open Start Menu > Search Event View.

Step 2. Then expand Windows Logs >  Application, Security, Setup and System one by one.

Step 3. Look in the middle pane. Double-click on each event related to USB > Click on General tab and Details.

Method 2- Perform Clean Boot

Step 1: Open Run > Type msconfig > Enter.

Step 2- System Configuration.

Step 3- General tab > Startup. uncheck Load startup.

Step 4- Services > Hide all Microsoft services  > Disable all.

Step 5- Apply and Ok.

Method 3- Disable the Power Saving Mode

Step 1- Use win + X to open Device Manager.

Step 2- Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers > select USB 3.0 device.

Step 3- Choose the Power Management > uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device.

Step 4- Click OK.

Method 4- Uninstall and reinstall USB 3.0 drivers

Step 1-  Go to Devices Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Step 2- Right-click on the USB > Uninstall. Unplug drive.

Step 3-  Plug USB drive back > Go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Step 4-  Select USB > Right-click on USB > Update Driver Software.

Follow the onscreen instructions in Update Driver Software Wizard to update USB drivers to fix the problem. That’s all for now guys. I hope following these methods to help you get back access to the USB port 3.0.


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