How to Get Outlook Out Of Safe Mode

Microsoft Outlook safe mode allows users to access Microsoft Outlook with minimal features and UI. It is the same as Window’s safe mode. There will be no advanced features or extensions in safe mode. If your outlook app is crashed, it will be automatically restarting into safe mode and there you can fix extension or update that may be causing the issue.

With the new release of Microsoft Office, Microsoft has added two new safe mode settings. One is automated and fixes problems automatically. Another is manual mode, in which you have to solve MS outlook problems manually. If you are into outlook safe mode, then you have to follow some steps to get outlook out of safe mode.

The outlook is an advanced e-mail management program by Microsoft. It allows users to manage emails and contacts. Microsoft Outlook is used by many organizations in the world but if it stopped working, it may cause many issues.

Fix Outlook Only Starts in Safe Mode Issue

So to fix these problems, Microsoft has introduced outlook safe boot. It will automatically boot into safe mode when detects any error. Many times outlook failed to launch in safe mode. In such cases, you have to manually boot Outlook into a safe mode.

Here are some working solutions that can help you to fix Microsoft outlook opening in safe mode only problem.

Method 1: Disabling add-ins in Safe Mode

If you are already into safe mode then to exit safe mode in outlook, follow these steps.

Confirm that Outlook is in Safe Mode.

Go to File > Options > click on the Add-ins.


Access the drop-down menu next to Manage > select COM Add-ins > and then proceed.

Note down this add-in list and save it. This will restore the previous configuration.

Disable each entry > OK.

Close Outlook > open it again.

Return to File > Option > Add-ins and then re-enable each add-in one by one. Check which Add-ins are creating an issue. Once you identified, remove it.

Now close Outlook and restart it again. Done.

The KB3114409 update is the main reason for all Outlook errors. Once the system detects an issue with Outlook, it will automatically restart into safe mode. Note that it starts without custom toolbar settings or templates. So to fix the error, you can download the new Windows update. Microsoft has already released new a patch update to fix this issue but still many users are facing the same issue again and again.

Method 2: Install the KB3114560 Update

As we mentioned above, the KB3114409 update was the main reason for Outlook’s safe mode issues. So you can install the KB3114560 update that fixes Outlook Safe Mode problems.

Click KB3114560 for the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010 on the update’s page to get the installer. 32-bit users can download the 32-bit version of Outlook 2010 instead.

Install them and reboot PC.

How do i turn off safe mode in outlook?

If you want to turn off outlook safe mode then you have to follow the same process. Just follow the above steps and it will disable outlook safe mode.

I hope you liked this article on how to Get Outlook Out Of Safe Mode. Comment down if you need any help regarding this issue.

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