Fix Ethernet Not Working on Windows 10

Even though the technology is heading fast towards wireless connections, there are still some benefits of having a wired network connection. Although Ethernet connections are easy to install and manage sometimes. It may happen that Ethernet Not Working but Wi-Fi is working. In that case, the Ethernet cable not detected is a common issue.

Windows 10 Ethernet not detected is encountered when you boot your PC or laptop after updating the Windows to its latest version. The no Ethernet connection problem is related to Windows 10. It may also be due to other problems like network problems.

There are many solutions to fix this Ethernet Internet Not Working issue in Windows 10. It is very easy to fix this issue.

Solve Ethernet Not Working Problem

Ethernet no Internet Windows 10 error can be solved with the different troubleshooting methods. You can also use Windows built-in troubleshooter.

Method 1- Check Physical Connections

Ethernet port not working Windows can also be one of the reasons behind this error. If the port you are using is broken or does not work well, then you can connect to the router. In that case check for Ethernet hardware in the following manner.

  1. Re-plug the cable.
  2. If Cable is broken then change it.
  3. Check the network card and clean it.

Method 2- Check Antivirus or Firewall

Some Antivirus or Firewall may also stop or block network and you will face the Ethernet Not Working issue.

Method 3- Enable the Ethernet

Step 1-  Open Run > type devmgmt.msc > OK.

Step 3-  Expand Network adapter’s category > Find Ethernet or network adapters and see if it is disabled or not. If Disabled, Enable it.

Step 5- Right-click on it > choose Enable.

Method 4- Use Windows Troubleshooter

Step 1. Open Settings > Update & security >Troubleshoot.

Step 2. Internet Connections Run the troubleshooter.

Now Windows will automatically troubleshoot it.

Method 5- Fix Windows 10 Ethernet drivers

Step 1. Open Device Manager > expand the Network Adapters.

Step 2. Right-click > Ethernet device. Select Update Driver.

Step 3. Restart the computer.

In case Windows 10 is unsuccessful to install or update the driver then you can use Driver Easy or Driver Talent to get your work done.

Well, there are many more methods that you can try. But these methods are surely going to fix your Ethernet not working Windows 10 issue.

So go on and follow any of this method to get rid of this frustrating error easily.

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