What is PNAgent.exe? A Complete Guide


The filename that contains .exe is referred to as the executable files. Not always but these executable files are sometimes harmful to your computer. Basically, If you are apprehensive about the spyware this pnagent.exe file is going to double-check the spelling. When the user is …

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What is BCNT.exe? A Complete Guide


Today we will provide you a complete overview of the BCNT.exe, an executable file that is a part of your operating system. There are many background executable files that you should know if you want to know your computer in an out. So let’s get …

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What is BtHidUi.exe? A Complete Guide


Any system has many files, programs but we merely know about half of them. One such common aspect is the files with .exe extension present in every system. Today we are here with another topic to help the confused minds. If you see the bthidui.exe …

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What is devicecensus.exe? A Complete Guide


In this article, we will talk about Devicecensus.exe. It is an executable file that is stored in a computer system. Want to know the kicker in it? You will learn about the Devicecensus.exe file. How this file is created and why it is on your …

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What is csrss.exe? A Complete Guide


The csrss.exe file is also known as being the Client Server Runtime process which is part of Task Manager.  It is considered to be an important part of the Windows system. You will be able to get into interaction with the user on direct basis. …

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What is ACMON.exe? A Complete Guide


Computers have become part of our short lives. Without it, you won’t be able to perform numerous of your daily tasks. So, you must have complete knowledge of it, as well as all the files and systems of the computer. Your computer consists of many …

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What is XtuService.exe? A Complete Guide


Do you prefer to be aware of what XtuService.exe is all about? Well, right here we have rapid information for you where we are explaining to you with some certain arrangements are associated with XtuService.exe! For the information of readers, we would like to point …

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What is DismHost.exe? A Complete Guide


Do you want to know what DismHost.exe is all about? Well, right here we have a quick guide for you where we are explaining to you with some detailed guidance related to DismHost.exe! For the information of readers, we would like to mention that DismHost.exe …

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What is sipnotify.exe? A Complete Guide


With the help of this exclusive and informative guide, you can now determine whether this sipnotify.exe is an absolute treat for your computer or whether it is 100% secure to keep it on your computer site. Let us check out the respective details and together …

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What is AvastSvc.exe? A Complete Guide


Here we have a complete guide for you on this AvastSvc.exe file. So, let us check out the details without wasting any further seconds. Most of the individuals are in this ambiguity whether this file is safe for their computer or whether a virus always …

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