What is BCNT.exe? A Complete Guide

Today we will provide you a complete overview of the BCNT.exe, an executable file that is a part of your operating system.

There are many background executable files that you should know if you want to know your computer in an out.

So let’s get started,

We will have everything lined up properly for you. All the content will help you in knowing about this executable file in detail.

What is BCNT.exe?


BCNT.exe is a program used for AWS WeatherBug. It is an executable file. It is associated with applications that display radar, temperature, and live weather.

Your live weather transmission will not affect you. BCNT.exe location is not specified on the computer but you can find it by using a search option.

The task manager is used to checking system performance. You can access the task manager in two ways.

One is to use the search option. The second option is to use a shortcut key. The task manager Shortcut key is ctrl+alt+del.

Now: you can see all the running processes on your system. You can expand any process if you want.

The task manager does not show the DLL files that are loaded with running programs. They still get loaded into the memory until the process is not terminated. 

Many hackers try to hide their infected files on your system. To be safe from all these errors try to see the location of most executable files.

There is a specific location for the BCNT.exe file in your computer system. If it is not in that specific folder, then understand that it is a virus.

The first thing that you should do in this situation, is to install antivirus software in your computer system.

BCNT.exe File Information:

BCNT.exe is a non-system process which means it is not included in a computer system. It is created when you install software on your personal computer.

All computer data is stored in memory. Hard disk data is stored in registers form. It means that you can run many processes at one time.

It is expected that many invalid entries will occur during the execution of the multiple processes. This multitasking can decrease your system performance.

If you want to know which processes create the BCNT.exe file you can see Window’s task manager.

You will see that network utilization, disk, memory, and CPU use the BCNT.exe file.

BCNT.exe file is not a virus and does not harm your computer system. It is a safe process.

You must be wondering?

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Is it Good to Uninstall or Remove BCNT.exe?


BCNT.exe is a non-system file. It has no connection with the working of a computer.

BCNT.exe file size is 28,672 bytes. Some files are created by Windows to support the operating system.

But BCNT.exe has no proper connection with the window’s operating system.

As discussed earlier, it is formed when you install some software.

You can uninstall such unnecessary files by simply uninstall the software that creates it.

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Is BCNT.exe File CPU Intensive?

No, the BCNT.exe program is not a CPU intensive. But, as you know sometimes multitasking can affect the system performance and speed.

To remove this speed error, you can stop the execution of some programs for some time. The program is terminated when you expand it in the Task Manager.

Also, you can expand many unnecessary files in the task manager. Also, to remove the overload of your computer system you can use MSConfig.

Its complete form is Microsoft System Configuration. It is also used to disable unnecessary files such as BCNT.exe.

Sometimes, a window resource monitor is used instead of a task manager which application takes more memory. It also checks which process more read or write on a hard drive.

The shortcut key to access the Windows resource monitor is Windows key + R . After pressing the shortcut key enter reason.


Why is BCNT.exe generate errors?

Most of the BCNT files are generated with the installation of software.

BCNT has no connection with the system working. But if in case, they are creating trouble, you can handle them by updating or uninstalling the software.

Issues Created by BCNT:

Many BCNT.exe files will be created when you install multiple software on your computer.

The execution of these unimportant files affects the performance of the system.

As it slows down the system speed as well as start to hang for some time. It is difficult to do work on the system in such a situation.

Here are some more issues of BCNT.

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1- Resolution:

It is easy to solve BCNT.exe issues when you know them. Windows repair tool is used to fix all the issues created by the BCNT file.

It is the latest tool that improves your system by removing all extra files that slow down your system.

Errors occur when some file is not installed completely or due to Virus and Spyware.

Some people think that BCNT.exe is a type of some kind of virus that affects their system.

Hackers created files with the name that relates to files created during installation.

This is the reason that you can not differentiate between the actual file and the corrupted file.

The only difference is the location. Actual files are created in a specific directory.

While corrupted files are generated anywhere in the system. These unlimited unnecessary files become the reason for the system’s poor performance.

Reimage is also used to diagnose your system. It first takes a complete scan then repairs all damages. It uses the latest technology that not just repair your system but also upgrade the system files.

2- Windows Issues:

Windows error occurs when the running operation is failed or some unwilling conditions occur.

Due to this issue, your system will hang after every minute that may annoy you the most.

3- Blue Screen of Death:

Blue screen error of death error occurs when the system faces a critical situation. The computer might think this problem is unrecoverable.

It also makes your system to hang first then a blue screen is displayed.

These errors are generated by the BCNT.exe programs. When you don’t remove them completely and they have files on the hard drive.

4- Damaged DLLs:

Due to the installation and uninstallation of programs DDLs do not work correctly. Most of DDL files become damaged.

DDL file is also created like BCNT.exe. Due to the installation of many software BCNT and DDL files gets changed by the latest versions.

This generates the errors for the files who are still capable of using old version files.

In such a way, your system will not work properly and you will constantly get an error when you use old programs.

5- Freezing Computer:

Sometimes the computer system gets hanged due to the execution of multiple processes.

It also happens when one file is corrupted. One corrupted file is enough to freeze your whole computer system.

When one program hangs, other programs will also get freeze and you are not able to do anything. You can just wait for the system to unfreeze.

But if you can not wait then restart your computer as it gets hangs. Its disadvantage is this all of your data will be lost that you are using.

6- Virus Damage:

Once you get a single file containing a virus in your system. It will not work the same until all the virus is removed. You can remove the virus by using different anti-virus software.

But still, you will see some damages that happen due to the virus.

Your system will not work efficiently when you use the antivirus. It can even harm your system more.

You might be wondering?

Why you see damages after using anti-virus software?

The answer is simple. When a system gets a virus it becomes vulnerable to all the hackers and viruses.

Due to this reason, your system will not get issue free. As there are chances that the system might get infected again.


Best Practices for Resolving BCNT:

There are two most popular ways to resolve your BCNT.exe file issues.

1- Advanced Computer User Solution:

This process is completely manual. You have to perform each step.

  • Log into your system.
  • Click on the All programs option. Then select System Restore from the list that appears after clicking on All programs.
  • A new window will appear. Click on the Restore my computer option and press next.
  • Choose the recent restore point of the system from the menu and press the next button.
  • On the confirmation window click next.
  • When the restoration process is finished. Restart your computer.

2- Novice Computer user Solution:

This process is fully Automated as you use the best software. Here the steps to remove BCNT.exe file issues.

  • Use Windows repair software. You can download it from any secured site.
  • After the software installation is complete. Start the windows scanning process.
  • When the window scanning is finished, click on the fix issues button.
  • Then just restart your computer.
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BCNT.exe is automatically generated that does not affect the operating system.

Issues occurred when you constantly install or uninstall new software. A single BCNT.exe file has a size of 28,672 bytes.

When there are more than one BCNT.exe files are generated in the system it then starts to freeze.

Moreover, the issues occurred when the old version files replace with the new versions.

But no need to worry, you can handle all the issues by using windows recovery software or by uninstalling the extra software.

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