What is devicecensus.exe? A Complete Guide

In this article, we will talk about Devicecensus.exe. It is an executable file that is stored in a computer system.

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You will learn about the Devicecensus.exe file. How this file is created and why it is on your system.

Moreover, in this article, you will learn about the ways that are used to disable or delete the Devicecensus.exe file.

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Without wasting your precious time let’s talk about Devicecensus.

What is Devicecensus.exe?


Devicecensus.exe is a part of Windows 10. It is a secure system file that you can keep in your system.

It has a disadvantage that it takes too much space on PC. Because of this reason, we can say that it might contain some viruses in it.

To check that if the file has a virus or not you can use Antivirus. As you know it a part of your operating system it may be harmful to delete this file.

Because if you delete Devicecensus.exe your operating system will not work correctly.

It is a legal file that is signed by the Microsoft team. As we all know, Microsoft has many frameworks.

Only the Telemetry framework contains Devicecensus.exe. It is created in a specific directory in a C drive.

Usually, the directory for Devicecensus.exe is C:\Windows\System32. The location may change according to the windows setup files.

The main purpose of Devicecensus.exe is to collect data. All your webcam usage information is stored in the file as data. After collecting all the information, it is sent to Microsoft.

It is a strong and protected file that no one can delete it. Also, you are not able to do any changes to it.

If you want to see it you can not locate it in Task Manager. It starts and ends at different timings.

It is difficult to locate the working of Devicecensus.exe but not impossible. If you use any window function, you can see its working.

Devicecensus.exe File Information:


When you use any Antivirus software or have any security layer to check your system performance you can see the Devicecensus.exe file.

With the help of a secure layer, you can keep an eye on every process that runs on your computer system.

Whenever you use a device webcam or any external webcam you will see a notification.

This notification displays that ”Webcam Access blocked” or “Device census is using your webcam”.

This message will display only if you have antivirus software installed on your system.

Why devicecensus use Webcam?

Do not get worried when you see a message like “Devicecensus is using your webcam” or “Webcam access blocked”. These messages are for your security.

Due to antivirus software, this information is visible to you. It means that the devicecensus.exe file uses your webcam.

There are some important things that you should know if you want target builds to your machine:

  • Operating System type – Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc
  • The region in which you live
  • The language that you used
  • Insider ring that you select
  • 64-bit windows or 86-bit etc.

These steps are helpful to check the background processes of your system.

Now: you will get the required build.

  • Devicecensus.exe is a telemetry process created by Microsoft.
  • The main component that is used by devicecensus is Webcam.
  • All the information that this file receives will send to Microsoft.
  • Data transmission is anonymous.
  • Devicecensus will only check the devices that you used. It will not record your live chats.
  • Microsoft used this data to build a better version of Windows for you by removing all the bugs.

Block Devicecensus Access to Webcam:

If you want devicecensus to collect your information then you can disable it. By changing the settings in Windows 10 you can disable this feature.

  • After your System starts, Go to settings or use a shortcut key to access settings. The shortcut key for settings is WinKey + i.
  • Choose the option of Privacy and then click on the camera.
  • Now you can view the apps that access your device webcam. You can disable these apps one by one.
  • Under the option of Allow apps to access your camera, you can alter permissions.
  • After following these steps you can control your webcam

Best Practices for Resolving DeviceCensus:

Resolving DeviceCensus

Microsoft created many versions of Devicecensus.exe. In the year 2015, the first version is released for windows 10. Every person has access to it.

Each tool is cost-free and you can easily get it on Microsoft official website.

Microsoft offers a complete package that has usable tools for Windows and provides an ease to its users.

Devicecensus.exe is considered as the part of Dynamic Link Library.

As we have already discussed, Devicecensus do not provide harm to the operating system. But there are some errors that it generates.

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Runtime Errors generated by Devicecensus.exe:

These are errors at run time. Mostly these errors are Microsoft Office Access 2010 runtime errors.

Runtime errors are those are which occur when the file is loaded into the memory of another process is already running.

EXE files have the most common form of error that is a runtime error. You will face these errors when you use Microsoft Office Access 2010.

Often, Devicecensus.exe errors occur when the program is terminated abnormally.

You will get a message that shows your file is corrupt and file not found. This results in poor process execution.

You will be unable to start Microsoft Office Access 2010 if you can not resolve these errors.

The first step to resolve these errors is to find the location of devicecensus.exe. Every version of Microsoft has its location to create an EXE file.

Sometimes, these errors also occur when you accidentally remove or alter the devicecensus.exe file.


How to Fix Errors of DeviceCensus.exe?

How to Fix Errors of DeviceCensus exe 2

There are three different steps to resolve every error due to devicecensus.exe.

Step# 1:

In this step, you restore pc to the latest restore point. You can do this on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and  10.

  1. Start your system by pressing the Start button on the CPU.
  2. In the search bar click the enter button after typing “System Restore”.
  3. Click on the System Restore among the search results.
  4. Enter your password to access the administrative files
  5. To choose a relatable restore point follow the steps given in a System Restore Wizard.
  6. To the given backup image restore your computer.

If by following these steps you can not resolve the errors then go to Step 2.

Step# 2:

If you have Microsoft Office Access 2010 then uninstall it and install the latest version.

Try to follow these given steps.

  1. Start your system by pressing the Start button on the CPU.
  2. In the search bar click the enter button after typing “Uninstall”.
  3. Click on Add or Remove Programs in the results that occurred after the search operation.
  4. Choose Microsoft Office Access 2010 and choose the Uninstall option.
  5. Follows all the rules to uninstall Access 2010.

Restart your PC, when the uninstallation is done. This will help your PC to completely remove the files.

If by following these steps you can not resolve the errors then go to Step 3.

Step# 3:

In step 3, you will update your windows. After following the above steps if you can not resolve your issues.

Then it best option to update your windows version.

Many Devicecensus.exe file issues occur due to the version of operating systems.

You can easily update your Windows if you follow these steps.

  1. Start your system by pressing the Start button on the CPU.
  2. In the search bar click the enter button after typing “Update”.
  3. Choose the Check for updates option in the windows update dialogue box.
  4. You can click on the Install Updates option if the updates are available.
  5. Restart your PC after the update is complete.

Go for the next step if still your errors are not removed by windows update.

When all the three steps are unable to remove Devicecensus.exe errors then it is better to replace this.

You can download a new version Devicecensus file and replace it in the directory where the old is stored.

Follow these steps to download and replace the new file:

  1. Follow the best sites to download the secure version of Devicecensus.exe that suits your operating system.
  2. To start your download press the download button.
  3. Here some locations where you can replace your file with the old one in Windows 10.
  4. After replacing the file restart your system.

If still your errors are not resolved then the only option is to reinstall the whole operating system.

📚 Conclusion:

Devicecensus.exe is an executable file that takes 30 to 40 of the CPU memory.

It is a telemetry service. This service provides your system information to Microsoft. You might think that your privacy is disturbed. But trust me it is betterment.

Microsoft tries to remove all the bugs that occur in the current version. It does not receive your personal information but just the information about your device.

But if you still feel some kind of insecurity you can manually delete the Devicecensus.exe.

You can use it to delete or replace the file by using multiple ways. The working of the operating system will not affect it.

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