Fix DU Meter Issues after Windows 10

DU Meter issue is also an annoying error in Windows 10. Dumeter.exe is basically a type of EXE file that is associated with DU Meter developed by Hagel Technologies Ltd. for the Windows Operating System. But when you update to the higher version of Windows 10 the DU Meter service does not run.

A CPU cache is a little quantity of often-needed memory that’s stored on a CPU chip. In the event the disk becomes stuck in the work-piece, it’s almost sure that it’ll be pulled out of your grip and potentially lead to a crash.

Whether you only go right ahead and buy it now, or test out the shareware version first, we know you are going to enjoy keeping your eye on your data transfer with DU Meter. If you wish to download its completely free edition, you may download any version below v6.0. To upgrade from any prior version of DU Meter, it’s sufficient to just install the most recent version in addition to the previous one, without uninstalling.

DU Meter is an app which will help to regulate the quantity of traffic or data running through your system, without the necessity for expensive network administration computer software. Support team will provide you solution in a lot of minutes and provide step-by-step instruction on the best way to remove DU Meter. In the event the game doesn’t display an IP address at the summit of the screen, then the game isn’t able to detect a valid LAN connection.

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Causes of DU Meter Issues after Windows 10

The symptoms of this error may include

  • Corrupt Windows registry keys that are associated with dumeter.exe / DU Meter.
  • Virus or malware infection corrupting the dumeter.exe file or related DU Meter program files.
  • Another program is in conflict with DU Meter and its shared referenced files.
  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of certain programs

Methods to Fix DU Meter Issues after Windows 10

So if you encounter these DU Meter glitches after upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then try the methods mentioned to fix it.

Method 1- Disable UEFI Secure Boot

Step 1. Open Windows Settings > Select Recovery > Restart now.

Step 2- Click on Troubleshoot and Advanced options.

Step 3. UEFI Firmware settings > Restart to reboot.

Step 4. Turn off the tab for secure boot.

Once you are done successfully you will observe DU meter issue is resolved.

Method 2- Scan for Malware

Use some antivirus software tool or firewall to scan for Malware. Reboot your PC and see if you are facing the issue or not.

Method 3- Use System Restore

Step 1- Click the Start > type “System Restore” in search > Enter.

Step 2- System Restore > Enter any administrator passwords (if prompted).

Step 3- Choose a restore point.

Step 4- Restart computer.

Method 4- Perform Clean Boot

Step 1. Open Run dialogue> type command msconfig .

Step 2. Choose System Configuration >Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all.

Step 3. Task Manager > Startup > select all the programs > Disable.


Step 4- Reboot PC.

Follow it stepwise and DU meter issue will be fixed.

Method 5- Update DU Meter Drivers

Use Driver update tools such as Driver Easy to download and install Drivers automatically. You can also download Driver from the official website.

That’s all folks. Once you have performed the authentic methods mentioned above DU Meter issue is not going to trouble you.

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