Fix Driver Signature Issue on Windows 10

After the Windows 10 anniversary update, Some users are facing some serious issues regarding their Drivers. If you are new to Windows  OS then make sure that Every Driver that you install, must have pre-defined Driver Signature. If Windows is unable to find and verify that Driver Signature then it will block that Driver Installation process.

Here in this article, we are going to share how to fix this Driver Signature Issue in Windows 10. Follow these simple steps.

The particular rules you’ll want to use will be dependent on your environment, but one that is especially problematic is the second one. There’s another great rule you may set up. You are going to see your new rule in the correct pane.

Methods to Fix Driver Signature Issue on Windows 10

To solve this error, you need to disable the Driver Signature enforcement on Windows 10

Method 1- Test Mode

Windows 10 has one Test Mode feature also called Test Signing Mode allows developers to test and experiment programs.

Step 1- Open Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2- Or run Test Mode from PowerShell.  Press Win + X > select ‘Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the power user menu.

Step 3- Type command bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON > Enter.

Step 3- Now restart the PC.

Method 2- Turn off Secure Boot

Windows 10 Anniversary Update does not allow you to turn off secure boot. So to do that you need to enter BIOS mode

Step 1- Go to Settings > Update & security.

Step 2- Choose Recovery > Restart.

Step 3- Click Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Sekect UEFI Firmware Settings.

Step 4- Restart > enter BIOS setup interface.

Step 5-  Go to Security > turn off the Secure Boot.

Once you have finished restart PC. Now follow these steps to disable the driver signature enforcement.

Step 6- Open Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 7- Type the command bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks > Enter.

Method 3- Advanced Boot Option

If you want to shut down the driver signature enforcement on Windows 10 PC for once, then go for this method.

Step 1- Shut down PC > Press and hold down the Shift key > Restart.

Step 3- Click on the Troubleshoot option.

Step 4- Now choose Advanced options

Step 5- Now go to Startup settings > Restart.

Step 6- Press F7 key to Disable driver signature enforcement.

Step 7- Restart your PC.

Well if you have followed any of the above methods then to fix the driver signature issues on Windows 10 then you are free to install unsigned drivers the way you want. So what are you waiting to try them and disable this feature by yourself?

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