Block Or Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

If you are using Google Chrome then you might have noticed that Google Chrome is using high CPU disk. If you check the task manager then will see Software Reporter Tool process that is consuming high CPU power. You must be thinking what is Software Reporter Tool? Software Reporter Tool is an advanced Error reporting and management tool from Google Chrome. The tool will monitor your Google Chrome activity. Here is how to Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool in Windows 10.

Software Reporter Tool will send crash reports if any to Google. The tool isn’t connected to the web but monitors every Chrome activity. It’s visible as “software_reporter_tool.exe”. If you face any high CPU usage then Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool will stop working. Google has changed the name of this tool and now it is called Chrome Cleanup Tool.

The user doesn’t know the existence of Chrome Software Reporter Tool and they search online for 3rd party tool. So the question is what the role of Chrome Software Reporter Tool or Chrome Cleanup Tool is?

Block Or Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool

This Chrome Error Reporter tool reports the Chrome about unexpected ads and errors. Chrome software reporter tool CPU usage is the only problem with Chrome software reporter and this is why users want to get rid of it.

Where is Chrome Reporter Tool

Chrome Reporter Tool is an executable file that is located in the Chrome app installation folder as Software_reporter_tool.exe. The Chrome app data folder includes browser settings, bookmarks, saved passwords and users information.

Is Chrome Reporter Tool Safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Chrome Reporter Tool. As you can see, the tool is signed by Google. Also reporting tool doesn’t have any network communication. The only job of this tool is to monitor your Google Chrome Activity and also if an error occurs, it will send a crash report to Google.

Chrome Software Reporter Tool is associated with Chrome cleanup tool. But the issue is they are using high CPU power. This is more than any 3rd party tool.

Why is Chrome Software Reporter Tool Required?

This Google Software Reporter Tool helps Google to track down activities. It runs a check once a week and sends errors to Google. These data will help Google to improve Google Chrome even better.

Is Software Reporter Tool a virus?

NO. Software Reporter Tool is not a virus. This is a very common misconception among all Windows and Mac users. The only problem is Software Reporter Tool is using more CPU power. The tool will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the process.

Method 1: Disable Software Reporter Tool using Google Chrome settings

If you don’t want this tool then you can easily disable or block Software Reporter Tool using Google Chrome Settings.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and then click on the right side 3 dot icon button.

Step 2: Select Settings > Advanced.

Step 3: Under System section, set the option “Continue running background apps when Chrome is closed” to OFF.

Step 4: Under “Reset and clean up” > click on Clean up the computer.

Now choose Report details to Google to OFF. This will disable the Software Reporter Tool.

Method 2: Disable Software Reporter Tool using Register Editor

Step 1: Press Win + R to open Run menu and then press “regedit” to open registry editor.

Step 2: Now navigate to the following path:


Find Policies key, and then create a new key > set its name to Google. Under Google key,> create a new key > set its name to Chrome.

Step 3: Navigate to

Now select Chrome key > Right-click > select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value option.

Step 4: Set the new DOWRD name as ChromeCleanupEnabled > Create a new DWORD > set its name to ChromeCleanupReportingEnabled > Keep both DWRODs value to 0.

Method 3: Delete Software_Reporter_Tool.exe file

Step 1: Press Win + R and then type this command > Enter.

%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter

Double-click on the version folder such as “35.150.332” > and check software_reporter_tool.exe file is present or not.

Step 2: Select the EXE file > Delete it.

But note that, if you update Chrome, software_reporter_tool.exe will be created automatically. So you have to delete it again.

Method 4: Remove All Permissions

Step 1: Press Win + R for run and type following command > Enter.
%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter

Step 2: Right-click on SwReporter folder > Properties.

Step 3: Go to Security > Advanced > Disable inheritance.

Step 4: Select “Remove all inherited permissions from this object” > Apply > Yes > ok.

Final Words

We hope you have successfully fixed Software Reporter Tool high disk usage problem in Windows 10, 8 and 7 System. If you are still facing Chrome Software Reporter High CPU Usage issue then please feel free to comment. We will help you.

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