How To Fix Discord Audio Keeps Cutting Out

Discord is a chat app similar to Skype, Zoom, etc. which facilitates professional communications, virtual meetings, and other related services. The year 2020 is unexpectedly turned into a year of “work from home.” Thus, the popularity of such apps is elevating at a faster pace than usual.

Many corporates prefer discord as a medium of communication among groups, team members due to its extended features. But sometimes users face an issue of discord audio keeps cutting out during the audio or video conversation.

Fix Discord Audio Keeps Cutting Out

If you are also frustrated with similar discord issues, this blog is just for you. Here we are going to mention some convenient methods that can help you fix discord audio keeps cutting out issues like a pro. So let’s get started!

1. Restart and check the app

The very first thing that you can try to fix the stated error is by restarting the device and opening the app again. It is most probable that you will be relieved of this annoying discord audio keeps cutting out the issue. But in case it doesn’t solve the problem for you, try out another method given further.

2. Run with administrator

In some cases, other apps interfere with the working of discord audio and hence generates related issues. In this method, you need to run discord with administrator rights. Here’s how?

  • Right-click on the discord icon.
  • Choose option Run as administrator.

Run as administrator

  • It is as simple as that.

3. Reinstall Discord app

Here you should reinstall the discord app. To do so, you need to uninstall and install it again. Follow these steps.


  • At first, depress Windows + X keys and choose the option Apps and Features.
  • Search for Discord and select it.
  • Now click option uninstall the app, and your app will be uninstalled successfully.


Install again:

  •  Now its time to reinstall the discord app.
  • Download the latest version of the app, which is compatible with your device.
  • Run the installer and follow on-screen instructions to finish the process.
  • Once done, discord is reinstalled successfully.

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4. Change discord region settings

When none of the mentioned methods resolves the issue, you can try this specific one. Here you need to make some changes to discord region settings.

  • Firstly, open discord by right-clicking and choose Run as administrator.

  • Tap the down arrow and select Server Settings.

  • Inside the Server Region tab, select Change.

  • Try varied available options and check which one works out for you.

Final Words

Many people complain about discord audio keeps cutting out, and yes, it can be a real issue if it occurs during an important meeting. We hope the above methods will help you resolve this discord audio-related issues.

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