Fix Discord Not Recognizing Mic

Nowadays, more gamers are using discord as a primary communication tool. Recently few bugs have been reported related to discord mic not working. The error exists in the desktop version of discord.

As per the latest reports, the mic works fine when used with the web app. This problem can be due to several possible reasons. It is advisable to try out another set of headphones to make sure that it is working fine.

What is Discord? 

Discord is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application that is a propriety freeware. Initially, it was designed for the gaming community but later used for other purposes. It helps in transmitting voice data packets via IP rather than traditional circuit transmission. Discord supports several platforms like Android, Windows, Web Browser, Mac OS, and Linux, etc.

How to fix Discord not recognizing Mic? 

To enable better gaming experience and fix Discord, not recognizing the error, have a look at the proposed solutions, as explained further.

#Fix 1. Run Discord as an administrator 

It is the primary method of resolving the issue. Discord uses UPD to send data, and the app might not have appropriate privileges to transit the voice across the Internet. Just to make sure that isn’t the case with you, one must run discord as an administrator.

All you have to do is just to right-click on the desktop and choose “Run as administrator.”

#Fix 2. Disable Exclusive Mode to Fix Discord Not Recognizing Mic

In Windows, some applications are exclusive to take over the audio device driver. It might lead to some unexpected error with the discord. Disable Exclusive Mode in windows this way.

  • In the bottom right corner of the screen right-click on the sound icon and choose the open Sound Settings.
  • Then select the Sound Control Panel.

  • Select the option – microphone from your headset. Click on properties.

  • Go to the Advanced tab and uncheck the boxes under Exclusive Mode.

  • Hit Apply to confirm.
  • Finally, restart the system and check if your mic is working in discord.

#Fix 3. Sign Out of Discord 

It is the most basic and temporary solution, among others. Simply log out of discord and log in again. To log out of the desktop version, hit the Use Settings icon given in the bottom left corner. Then scroll down to log out button and hit it.

#Fix 4. Tweak the automatic input sensitivity settings 

If you, by any chance, enabled automatic input sensitivity settings, then you may discord not recognizing mic issue. But when you disable the option, the manual sensitivity bar slides to the left, and the discord app stops picking sound from the microphone.

Here’s how you can fix this whole setting.

  • In the bottom left corner of the discord screen, click the User Settings icon. 
  • Under the app setting, choose Voice and Video

  • Now scroll down to input sensitivity and enable the toggle next to automatically determine input sensitivity.

  • Talk into your headset and check whether the bar lights up in green.
  • If it glows green, then move forward to the next step as given.
  • Finally, disable the toggle and make sure the manual slider positioned somewhere in the middle.

  • If the manual bar is pulsating while you talk, then you are good to go.

#Fix 5. Under input device select your headset microphone

Check if the discord is using a proper microphone in the first place. The issue usually occurs in gaming laptops having a built-in microphone. Sometimes when you don’t specify a dispute which mic to use, it instead chooses the internal one.

Here’s how you can check the Microphone settings.

  • In the bottom left corner of the discord screen, click the User Setting icon.
  • Under the app setting, choose Voice and Video
  • Under the input device, use the drop-down menu to select your microphone. And also, make sure your mic is connected to the PC.

  • You can easily find your microphone name on the list.
  • Now finally, make sure that the input volume slider for the microphone is maxed out.

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