Fix Modern Warfare Unable To Access Online Services

Modern Warfare is a shooting game. it is a simulator game played through one’s perspective. the player plays a role as a game’s protagonist. Modern Warfare is a new title of the Call of Duty game developed after the infinite Warfare version. Call of duty is a very popular game which provides real graphics to the players to stop most of the players love this game because of the graphics. This game is developed by the Infinity War. The title ” Modern Warfare” was released on October 25, 2019. It was released after the title ” infinite warfare.” This new title means realistic and more modern settings. the new title has rebooted the game; it has a new story and has become multiplayer. The story includes the Russian military and mostly focuses on the moral choices of the player. At the end of each level, the player is given a score on the basis of his or her moral choices.

Being the greatest hits of all titles, the game has shown some issues in the software. Many players have reported a common issue; Many players have reported in error in the game called the ” Modern Warfare unable to access online services.” this is a common error experienced by the players for stop this error is pretty irritating for the players. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an online multiplayer game which means the game always needs to be connected to the internet. as it is an online game, that means it is found to technical issues and errors. When the game cannot connect to the server it shows this error on the screen. There can be many reasons why this error occurs.

Reasons for Modern Warfare Unable to Access Online Services

Server- track your internet connection. If you are not connected to the internet then this error is shown by the game. most of the time the player’s internet speed is not up to the mark because of which the game can crash.

Corrupted data- sometimes the game’s data becomes corrupted because of some malicious data and applications. Many viruses can cause a crash within the game because of which the data of the game becomes corrupted. you can delete the data of the game to stop this error from happening.

Server capacity- sometimes when many users try to stretch the capacity of the server then the servant and crash. If the server fails then this is shown. when many players try to log in on to the game at the same point of time then the game cannot access the online service. Go to the Modern Warfare official site and check if it is offline. During an update or a new game launch the side can get a bit busy because of which some m link can crash. Once a site crashes the official website automatically produces an advisory or a news flash that provides the information about the crash.

Geography- most of the time the game isn’t available in some regions. The developer can stop services in some regions due to some technical issues. Is this is a technical issue then the developers usually post an advisory so that the player can know when will the game restart. Most of the times the users don’t know why this error is showing up. One of the main reasons can be geography.

Fix Modern Warfare Unable to Access Online Services

Below we are sharing all working methods to fix Modern Warfare Unable To Access issue. This issue is very common among all Windows 10 users. Many users have complained about this issue after installing the new Windows 10 update.

Method 1- VPN

Step 1- download a VPN in your system.

Step 2- connect to another server through the VPN.

Step 3- select another region where the game’s services are not affected.

Step 4- connect to the server and turn on the game.

Step 5- after your game starts, enjoy the uninterrupted gameplay.

Method 2- change DNS server

Step 1- click on the search bar and type, ” view network connections.”

Step 2- click on the first option.

view network connections

Step 3- right-click on your network connection.

Step 4- click on the properties tab and look for the internet protocol version 4 label.

Step 5- double click on the Internet Protocol version 4 label.


Step 6- change the input of the preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server like the following.

  • Google- preferred DNS server:; alternate DNS server:
  • Cloudflare- preferred DNS server:; alternate DNS server:
  • OpenDNS- preferred DNS server:; alternate DNS server:

Step 7- press ok and restart your game.

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Method 3- task manager

Step 1- click on the search bar and type “task manager.”

Step 2- click on the first option and let the window open.

task manager

Step 3- when the task manager window opens, go to the App history tab. Look under the network label to know which service is putting more pressure on the bandwidth.

Step 4- close all the network programs which are running and are putting pressure on your network bandwidth.

Step 5- after closing all the network programs; close the task manager window.

Step 6- turn on your Call of Duty game and look if the error still persists.

Method 4- flush DNS

Step 1- click on the search bar and type “command prompt.”

Step 2- click on the first option.

Step 3- when the command prompt window opens type, “ipconfig/flushdns

Step 4- hit enter and wait until a message shows up that says, “successfully flush the DNS resolver cache”

This will flush all DNS from your system and solve the issue.

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