Cool Text Generator

The generator for text fonts “” is of cool variety. People seeking fancy text, sometimes end up on font sites. But they are different from generators of copy-paste text. On4t generator has somewhat the same function, but with a slight alteration of fonts. If you …

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How to Enhance User Dwell Time With an LMS?

woman in black jacket using macbook pro

The most crucial components of eLearning are the materials and their usability. The success of your L&D program is largely dependent on the UX design techniques you use to build a more engaging learning experience. You’ve come to the right place if your company already …

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How to Check the Web Traffic?

person using iMac

The traffic shows how many times people visited the site for a certain period: day, week, month, or year. This is the main indicator for assessing the overall effectiveness of the promotion and popularity of individual pages, as well as competitor analysis. An important point …

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