Understanding the Customer Experience Journey at Each Step

The customer experience journey is the process that customers go through when they interact with your company. It begins when they first hear of you, continues throughout their interaction with your brand and business, and ends when they’ve completed their purchase. Customers expect a certain level of experience from companies—and if yours doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll go elsewhere. The best way to ensure that your customers enjoy every part of their experience with your brand is to map out each step in the journey so that you can optimize it along the way.

Make it Easy for Customers to Find Out About You

Make it easy for your customers to find out about you. Your company website is the first port of call for potential customers on the digital customer journey, so make sure that it’s easy to navigate and informative. If a customer can’t easily find the information they need about your products and services, they’re unlikely to reach out and make contact with you.

This might also include being visible on social media. Social media platforms are ideal places to showcase your brand as well as engage with consumers on an ongoing basis. You should also have a presence on Google+ and LinkedIn, which are great places for businesses seeking new clients or employees.

Create a Plan for Your Website and Other Marketing Materials

Once you have a handle on your target audience, it’s time to choose the right website builder. If you’re not a web designer or developer, don’t worry—there are plenty of tools that make building websites easy for everyone. You can even find services that offer nice templates with pre-built elements that help give your site a professional look without having to invest in expensive design software or hire an expert designer.

If you do have some technical experience and want full control over how your website looks and functions, then using an open-source CMS like Word, Press, or Drupal is often preferable over using one of these all-inclusive services. Using an open-source CMS means that you’ll have access to thousands of free plugins and themes created by other developers around the world.

Build Your Brand

Understand your brand. Your brand is what gives you a competitive advantage in an industry, and it’s something that resonates with customers on an emotional level. Build a recognizable brand. The best way to build a recognizable brand is by being consistent in every aspect of your marketing strategy: from the logo on your products and services to the way you handle customer service calls, emails, and social media accounts, all the way down to how employees dress.

Build a Sound Strategy for Communication With Customers

When thinking about your customer experience strategy, one of the most important things to consider is how you will communicate with customers. Customers want to know whom they are talking to and what that person’s title is. They also want to know how long they will be kept waiting when they call, as well as what information you will need from them before they can speak with a member of your team. Finally, customers want to know what steps you take with their information once it reaches your business—and whether or not this includes selling their data for profit.

Make Your Sales Process Quick and Simple

As a customer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options you’re faced with. When you’re in need of a new pair of shoes, you want to be able to figure out which shoe is right for your needs as fast as possible. Customers want simplicity in their shopping experience so that they can identify what works best for them, pay for it easily, and get their goods in the mail.

Customers Expect a Good Experience

Customers are more demanding than ever. They expect good service and to be treated well by the companies they purchase goods and services from. They expect you to be transparent and honest with them, too. Customers know how much time it takes for a company like yours to build up trust and loyalty within the community—and they want that relationship with you.


The customer experience journey can be a long one. It’s important to remember that it’s not an event but rather a series of interactions that can take place over time and across multiple channels. That said, there are some steps you can take right away to create a good first impression with your customers, such as creating a plan for communications and building your brand identity.