Android 11: What’s NEW? (2021 Guide)

You might be wondering what’s new in this Android 11, so here we are with this in-detail and precise Android 11 Review for you.

We all know that this software has become all stable and official. Furthermore, if you have a Google Pixel device, then you can run this operating system on it.

From here you can get an idea of what is the good and worse thing about this operating system.

All details are embedded in this Android 11 Review. We have covered almost every single feature and trait of this operating system.

If any information or important point is somehow missed from our side, then we are going to, later on, cover it for you.

Availability of Android 11:

Availability of Android 11

It is on 8th September 2021 that this major and highly promising software update was launched and introduced.

Moreover, it took months and months of development, and now this operating system is in front of us.

This software passed itself through this public beta testing mode as well. From this Android 11 Review, you can know what is good or bad about this software.

This fourth version is the very last and full-fledged final version of this Android operating system and it is now available for the users.

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For which Kind of Phones This Android 11 Operating System is Made?

Before we jump on to the details of the Android 11 Review, you need to know for which kind of phones this major software update is made and designed!

If you have Google Pixel devices or if you have a phone of Xiaomi and OnePlus and Realme phone, then this software is going to be compatible with your phones!

In addition, you can install this operating system on your Pixel 2 phone, OnePlus 8 phone, and even on your Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro phone.

You need to have any of the above-mentioned devices, only then you can use this operating system right away.


How to Know if Your Device is Eligible to use this Android 11 Operating System?

For that, you have to open up the settings app zone of your phone. Tap on the system option, go to Advanced Settings and click on the option of a system update.

There you can see and have a look at your Android version and also security patch level details.

If you want to catch up with the latest Android update, then what you can do is to click on the notification that you receive and hit on the update button so that further action can be preceded.

Android 11 New Features:

Android 11 New Features

Now, you can check out the complete details on this Android 11 Review that we have written for you:

1. Induction of three Notification Categories in Android 11:

The promising highlight as penned-down in this Android 11 Review is that this latest operating system is now packed with three notification categories.

This feature was absent in Android 10 and it was in the notification drawer that all of the notifications used to be placed in a messy and unorganized manner.

Most importantly, no feature was given to prioritizing certain apps. But in this latest software update, you are going to see many improvements.

The system has become changed and the notifications drawer is now classified into three sections. They are named as conversations, alerting, and silent categories.

Talking about this conversation section, it is going to house and keeps a record of all of your conversations.

It is included with all chat apps and also text messages of yours.

On the other hand and according to the details of the Android 11 Review, these alerting and silent notification sections tend to give the user more control while he or she uses apps.

2. Android 11 Allows you to Save Every Single Notification:

Android 11 Allows you to Save Every Single Notification

Moving to more of the details of this Android 11 Review! You are not going to believe but this is true that you can now save every single notification of yours.

Here we are going to discuss this notification history feature with our reader that is now officially present in this Android 11 operating system.

This update has made it possible that none of the notifications will be gone and missed by you. You can save and keep a record of your important and not so important notifications.

This history is retained for up to over 24 hours. Through this feature, you can easily see which of the notifications are running in your list.

Besides, you can find those notifications that are accidentally and unintentionally swiped and missed by you. Even more, to use this feature, you have to turn it on your own.

This Android 11 Review tells us that you have to access settings to turn on this feature.

Your notifications are not going to be saved until and unless this feature is manually activated by you.

Upon availing this feature, you also get notifications of your silent alerts.

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3. Presence of Chat Bubbles:

You must have seen the presence of chat bubbles in Android 10, so what is so special about these Android 11 chat bubbles?

That you can know once you check out the details of this Android 11 Review.

Most noteworthy, this latest and advanced software update is all revolving around chat apps and notifications and also making these conversation systems more and more refined.

For the reason that some revision is made in the chat bubbles section at the same time!

In the older version of chat bubbles, the user fails to prioritize them and they eventually tend to fade all into the background.

But this Android 11 Review description is telling us that chat bubbles have been given the center stage and a higher amount of attention in this operating system that is recently launched.

Just to give you a rough idea! In the previous version and old update, a chat head used to come right on your phone, and with a quick tap on it, your chat is launched.

But different settings are seen in this revised system-wide chat bubble zone.

Now, these chat bubbles can work and run for all kinds of chat apps. In addition, they can run and function for Messenger.


4. Android 11 Allows you to Record Screen:

Android 11 Allows you to Record Screen

For the recording screen of your phone, all of you must have been using lots of apps already. We can say that in this part the Android 11 operating system has got a little bit late.

But just to give you rough information, with the arrival of this latest software, you can now record the screen of your phones.

This Android 11 Review is conveying to us that this software has got a native screen recorder feature in it. Furthermore, this is an exciting feature that you can make use of.

As this feature is already present in your phone operating system, that is why there is no need to download any app.

Moreover, it is in the quick settings area that you can access this screen recorder function. You just have to process a few of the steps and the screen is going to start recording instantly.

You can tap whenever you want to stop this recording and when you want to record audio as well. Hence, as explained by this Android 11 Review guide, this is a simple and user-friendly feature that you can avail of.

Though it is not a fully-featured and professional-looking screen recorder feature and if you are not satisfied with its functions, then you can go on using a third-party app for this job.

5. Change of Placement and Positioning of Media Controls in Android 11:

Change of Placement and Positioning of Media Controls in Android 11

If you owned an Android 10 phone, then you may have noticed this thing that the music player used to appear and come right on the top zone of your notifications drawer.

But in Android 11 advancement and up-gradation, this position of media controls and media players are changed.

You can now access these media controls nearby to the quick settings section. 

It is believed by this Android 11 Review that this new placement and positioning of media controls have given a sensible touch to this category.

Most importantly, when you are going to swipe this media controller, then the user can see the cover art and basic controls.

On swapping and pulling down this feature for one more time, you get to see the expanded version of this feature.

This supporting fact is penned-down in this Android 11 Review that this revision made in media controls has made it easy for the user to switch between a phone speaker and Bluetooth headphones immediately and instantly.

You are allowed to change and customize your Android 11 phone settings at any time you want to.

Like, if you want to disappear these media controls when you are not listening to music, then go to settings and vanish this feature from your phone.

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6. Android 11 Permits you to Control other Devices without Opening an App:

There is more to come from this Android 11 Review section, so make that you read all of the details. Now, we are going to review this smart device controlling feature for you.

It means that you can control other devices without opening an app. In this major and primary software update, individuals love the presence of smart device controls.

To use this feature, what you need to do is to keep on holding the power button. In this way, you can easily launch and introduce this new tool on your phone.

You can incorporate six devices in your Android 11 phone. On the other hand, you are free to add or remove these devices any time you want to.

It means and according to the provided details of the Android 11 Review, you can control these devices by using this Android 11 phone.

In addition, you can now turn your lights on and off and be able to check the performance of your security cameras with the help of this operating system.

You can even unlock and lock your front doors if this operating system is running on your phone. 


7. More Control Right Over Privacy with the Introduction of Android 11:

Users are given heavy and massive control over their privacy zones upon the introduction and arrival of this Android 11 operating system.

In the past, users penned-down this complaint that Google is showing a lot of negligence and ignorance when it comes to the privacy of users.

And now this issue and major concern is properly addressed by Google. This Android 11 Review is praising this strong feature and commendable improvement that is made in this latest software.

In the previous and some of the oldest versions, only one-time consent and permission was taken from the users while they installed any app in their phones.

But this time the Android 11 system has taken the biggest of all steps and initiative.

With the arrival of this operating system software, permissions and consent will be taken each time when the user opens that app session.

Like, when you open a specific app five times a day, then permission request is going to put up in front of you five times.

In addition, with this feature, none of the sneaky and weird apps are going to steal your data or any personal information.

This Android 11 Review further tells us that this latest operating system has managed to set up the option of auto-reset for the users.

It means if you have already given permission to apps to track your location data, then all such settings will be reset and a new permission request has to be put up.

8. Scheduling the Dark Theme by Making use of One of Two Varied Metrics in Android 11:

Scheduling the Dark Theme by Making use of One of Two Varied Metrics in Android 11

To all users of Android 10, you must have used and experienced the native dark mode theme on your phones!

But here we have some exciting surprise for you that all came from this Android 11 Review.

With the release of this Android 11 operating system, you are now allowed to schedule these dark themes by making use of one of two varied metrics.

It means that you can run a dark theme when the sun sets and when it rises. This theme is going to be turned on and off based on sunset and sunrise modes.

Besides, if you want to set up and create your custom, schedule, then you are allowed to do so. This schedule runs a dark mode activation theme for the user.

This feature was already present in Android 10 and came out as the biggest hit.

Now this revision has made and created more hype in the market as verified in this Android 11 Review. 

9. More Power to Updates Gathered Through the Google Play Store:

More Power to Updates Gathered Through the Google Play Store

We all know and notice this happening that Google manages to successfully release the latest and advanced versions of Android each year.

We often see huge advancements right there in its Android security patch.

Beyond, these advancements and improvements have now gone and moved a bit further as supported and illustrated in this Android 11 Review.

With the use of Android 11, you can now see and notice that more power is given to the updates section that came and accessed through Google Play store.

Most noteworthy, updates are going to be pushed to every single user of Android 11 phones.

Google has managed to bypass the possible number of carriers and also OEMs. You can use this feature if there are any security loops and holes in your Android system.

The only downside of this feature is that you cannot solve any of the latest security patches with this improvement.

This feature is much praised in this Android 11 Review and it is elaborated that your phones have become safer, sound, and more protected.

With this advancement, your phones have turned out to be more up-to-date and highly upgraded.

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10. App Suggestions Feature Available for Google Pixel Phones:

Before we move on to this specific feature update, if you have any questions on this Android 11 Review, you can freely ask from us.

Now, coming to the main part of this discussion! To all Google Pixel phone users, we have this happy news for you.

You can now use this App suggestion feature on your phone. This current feature is only available for Pixels and lets us all see when this advancement is going to be available for other users.

To run this feature, you need and require a Pixel launcher.

For the information, all the apps that appear and come in your dock, you can control and operate them smartly with the help of this feature.

It is up to Google to decide and determine which of the apps will become part of your dock. You can turn off this feature if you do not want to use it.

But this Android 11 Review explains to us this point that this feature is pretty much interesting to use. You can give a try.


11. Pinning apps to your Share Sheet:

Pinning apps to your Share Sheet

How about pinning apps to your sheet! This is another useful and interesting feature that we are going to discuss in this Android 11 Review.

Lots of complaints were received in the past when users believed that the Google app pinning system is so much filled with troubles and heavy mess.

But all thanks to this feature, this complaint is all gone!

You can pin your apps hassle-freely and conveniently to your share sheet in less time. With this feature, it has become simple for the user to access these share sheets any time they want to.

Most probably, this app pining feature is going to interest you.

You can easily use it, the user just has to utilize this Chrome printing feature and there he can pin that app to his share sheet.

You are allowed to pin any of Chrome’s ability so that you can send URLs. Moreover, with this great feature, you can decide on your own which of the apps are going to come on top and bottom.

Hence, this Android 11 Review states this fact that the app-pinning feature to share sheets is one of the welcoming changes that is made in this latest operating system.

12. The Induction of Wireless Android auto Connections in Android 11:

If you have already used this Android auto feature, then all of you must be excited and eager to know what advancement and latest improvement are made in this category?

For that, check out this Android 11 Review in-detail. In this latest software update, we see the presence of wireless Android auto connections.

To run and make use of this feature, you need to head unit right there in your car.

Only then this feature can be supported and made operational! So, what do you think about this up-gradation, share your feedback for sure!

13. Voice Access Feature in Android 11:

Voice Access Feature in Android 11

You will be amazed to know that this voice access feature has become more advanced in this Android 11 operating system.

In other words, it has managed to become and turned out to be more context-aware. The details of this feature are here written down in this Android 11 Review.

All those users who have got mobility impairments, this is a useful feature exclusively made for them.

They just have to turn on this feature and instruct your Android phone regarding what functions and tasks it needs to perform.

Most importantly, this feature runs in collaboration with Google Assistant, It works in the form of a virtual assistant.

In Android 10 phones, this feature has got an immense number of limitations and drawbacks in it. It only managed to voice activate numbers on screens.

But this latest feature has become a useful tool for all minorities out there.

From this feature, we can conclude and come on this point that Google is making plans and inducing full efforts to take on complete accessibility right within the premises of Android.

Below we have collected more details all linked and attached to this Android 11 Review.

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14. Privacy Advancement Made for Enterprise Users:

For the enterprise users, we have privacy advancements made for them as elaborated in this Android 11 Review, so let us have a look at the details.

Like, if you are working somewhere, then there must be a working profile and personal profile present on your phone.

If you do not want your company to access that personal profile of yours, then this latest operating system can help you out.

Once you start to use this latest software, then you can easily swap between these two profiles of yours, and your company will not be able to monitor and track the activities of your profile.

There is no need to carry a second phone as both of your workplaces and personal phone details can be carried and taken in a single phone.

If this feature looks interesting to you, then it is high time to upgrade this phone operating system of yours. Now, below you see what kind of performance issues are seen in this latest operating system.

Check out the rest of the details on this Android 11 Review:


Performance Issues and Discrepancies in Android 11 Operating System:

Performance Issues and Discrepancies in Android 11 Operating System

Though from this Android 11 Review, we can say that this latest operating system looks quite promising. But there are present some of the performance issues and a few of the discrepancies in it.

We have managed to collect these concerning details for you. With the help of this explanation, you can know what the weak point of this operating system is:

You need to understand that this software may show a few of the stability and battery-related issues in the supported devices.

In the initial times, it may fail to deliver its expected performance. So, remain ready to face this major and main performance issue.

If you are one of those users who have accessibility needs, then for such a category, this operating system release may not come out to be an appropriate option for them for daily use.

Moreover, some of the apps that are a part of this latest software, they may fail to run and function properly according to user expectations.

This Android 11 Review tells us that this Android 11 Beta builds; they are not compatibility test suite approved. We mean to say that they are not CTS approved.

However, you can understand this major point that CTS has passed and fully cleared the preliminary testing mode and it manages to give stable setting time to all developers out there.

All those apps that are running and dependent on CTS-approved builds, they at times fail to work normally and that is the major drawback of this operating system.

There are chances that your device may get crash when this system makes use of gesture navigation mode.

While you switch apps in any of the different orientations, your phone may experience some crashes and damages.

While you are going to use this Android auto projection mode along with the functioning of audio routing, then there is a heavy chance that some issues and glitches will come into your phone according to the details penned-down in this Android 11 Review.

More Downsides of the Android 11 Operating System:

Downsides of the Android 11 Operating System

This Android 11 Review has come up with more of the details that are going to highlight to you what other downsides are seen in this latest operating system.

But you do not have to get scared of these performance issues. The concerned team will handle and manage these discrepancies in the coming uptime.

However, you have to deal with these performance and operation errors carefully so that you can see the best use of this operating system.

Further details of these performance errors are as follows:

Like, when you are going to connect your phone with this Android Auto mode for the sake of playing music, then this audio will run and play on your phone speakers and not on your vehicle speakers.

According to the Android 11 Review, this issue is so far fixed and managed internally, and still, improvements are made.

For connecting Bluetooth, you may see some errors and issues at your end. The overall process of pairing and un-pairing this Bluetooth connection, it may become messy for you.

We hope that all these errors and glitches are going to be addressed as soon as possible.

Apart from that, you can make use of this Google issue tracker to check and see whether someone else has faced and experienced such issues or not!

Should you Prefer Installing this Android 11 Operating System or Not?

Installing this Android 11 Operating System

Now, you have got to know the complete details on this Android 11 Review. It is you who is going to decide whether to go for the Android 11 Beta 1 version or Beta 2 version!

You can go for any one of these drivers in your operating system. Moreover, with the use of this latest software, your overall experience will be fairly seamless and trouble-free.

This software has easy to access features in it, you can use it now and hassle-free runs it on your phone.

Even more, this software comes in the form of a subtle up-gradation for your phone operating system.

It is with the help of penned-down details on Android 11 Review that you can decide and come to this conclusion whether to make this operating system as part of your phone or not.


If more changes and tweaks take place in this operating system, then we are going to update you on time.

Right now, you can take immense guidance from this Android 11 Review and get to know in-depth information regarding this latest software update.

Along with that, if you have any confusions and ambiguities on this Android 11 Review, then freely let us know.

We are going to answer all your questions and be able to fully justify how this operating system is the right choice for your phone.

Keep tuned and in touch with as more reviews are coming sooner over here.

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