8 Must-Have iPad Pro Accessories in 2021

iPad is the most popular Apple product. It is quite famous among teenagers and adults.

It provides all the necessary features. Its size is big enough that you can use it as a laptop. It is a multi-tasking system.

Due to its A12Z bionic processor, it works faster without getting hanged. It is considered as the best apple product for graphics designing.

You can install both light and heavy size applications. It provides face recognition facility for security purposes. It is costly as the other Apple products.

Its 12 MP wide camera allows you to take great photos. Its storage capacity is 128 GB which is greater than the other iPad.

To increase iPad pro functionalities Apple also introduces different iPad Pro Accessories. For the best use of iPad pro, you should also buy these accessories.

These iPad Pro Accessories make iPad use more easily than usual. You can find many things related to the iPad in the market. But try to get only those which are useful.

There are following iPad pro accessories that you should buy to make your life easier.

1- Apple Pencil:

Apple Pencil1

The IPad pro has an efficient touch screen. The touch screen problem happens when you want to do Graphic Designing and create some notes. Apple Pencil is a wireless iPad Pro Accessories that solves these issues.

Its structure is like a pencil and easy to use. Apple pencil has a good hand grip. Due to its pen-like structure, it fits in hand so that you can work efficiently.

It connects with your iPad without using any wire. The cost of an Apple pencil is 99$. You can use a pencil by disabling the palm rejection feature on the iPad.

If you keep enabling the palm rejection option that there is a chance that you face difficulty. Apple pen is one of the useful iPad Pro Accessories that do wireless charging.

It is a single product that makes it easy for you to protect it. Apple pen is a portable iPad accessory.

2- Lamicall Tablet Stand:

Lamicall Tablet Stand

Lamicall Tablet Stand is the useful iPad Pro Accessories. It is designed for all sizes of iPad. But it is specially used for iPad pro.

The main purpose of the stand is to save the iPad from scratches and gives you comfort. You can adjust the tablet stand in different angles according to your eye comfort.

It gives you the option of both vertical and horizontal viewing. Lamicall tablet stand is available at 21.99$ which is a reasonable price.

It is small in size so that you can place it anywhere. By using a tablet stand, your hands can relax and give you a perfect view that you deserve.

3- Apple Airpods:

Apple Airpods 1

Airpods is the great iPad Pro Accessories. It is so comfortable that you don’t feel any pain in ears after using them for a long time. It connects with your iPad using Bluetooth. Airpods charge in almost 15 minutes.

This charging is enough for 5 hours of constant Airpods use. Apple AirPods fits in your ear that if you are doing exercise they don’t fall.

When you take one of the AirPod out of your ear, the music is stopped. To start the music again, you just put back your AirPod in-ear.

You can also control your Airpods volume level by using a Smartwatch. This helps you a lot, you don’t have any need to take out your phone and adjust AirPods volume.

The price of Apple AirPods is 159$. AirPods are a bit costly but they worth it. You only get satisfactory results.

Want to know the best part?

Due to wireless and Bluetooth functionality, Apple Airpods have less chance of breakage. Also, they don’t fall even when you are jumping, running, jogging, and dancing.

4- Arteck iPad Pro Keyboard:

Arteck iPad pro keyboard

Arteck keyboard is one of the useful iPad Pro accessories. Although, the iPad has its touch screen keyboard that works properly.

But Apple made its keyboard called Smart Keyboard Folio for external use. This Apple keyboard is very costly. As an alternative, you can have an Arteck iPad pro keyboard.

It is less in cost and provides almost all the features that the Smart keyboard has. You can connect the Arteck keyboard with your iPad using Bluetooth.

The keyboard is rechargeable and can last up to 100 hours. The price of the Arteck iPad pro keyboard is just 34.99$. Without any hesitation, you can buy an Arteck keyboard for extra work.

5- Otterbox Defender iPad Pro Case:

Otterbox Defender iPad pro case

You all know that iPad is very sensitive and can stop working if to falls on the floor with less height difference. To save your iPad Apple introduces the Otterbox Defender iPad pro case.

It saves your iPad pro from all accidents and scratches. The price of the case is 116.96$. You might think it is a bit costly but it is important to save your big investment iPad.

Want to know the best part?

It comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also lock your iPad pro inside the case. It keeps the iPad clean from dust and increases the lifetime of the iPad.

6- JETech iPad Pro Screen Protector:

JETech iPad pro screen protector

A screen protector is used by all android and iPhone users. They use a screen protector to protect screens for their mobile phones and iPad.

If you want you can have any protector to protect the iPad screen. But, the JETech iPad pro screen protector is the best among all iPad Pro Accessories.

It is different from other screens protectors. It doesn’t interfere when you use an Apple pencil another best iPad Pro Accessories.

You can freely use a pencil on-screen. The pencil will not stop interacting with the screen due to the protector even for one second.

Pro screen protector doesn’t affect your iPad important functions. These functions are face recognition, fingerprint scanner, and the camera.

It just provides security to your iPad screen by saving it from scratches. The price of the JETech screen protector is 15.29$ which is quite affordable. 

7- Anker PowerPort PD 2:

Anker PowerPort PD 2

Anker PowerPort PD 2 provides two different ports. One port is for A-type USB cable, and the other is for C-type USB cable. iPad Pro has a huge battery.

You can’t risk your savings by using ordinary power adapters for charging. Anker PowerPort is a perfect iPad accessory among other iPad Pro accessories.

It charges the iPad faster than any other charger. During traveling, you can take PowerPort with you by folding its wires to reduce size.

The price of one Anker PowerPort PD 2 is 35.59$.

8- Satechi Aluminum USB-C Hub:

Satechi Aluminum USB-C Hub

You can attach any cable with an iPad for charging. It works and charges your iPad. USB-C cables have one drawback that they have a short size.

Satechi Aluminium USB-C Hub is specially designed for iPad Pro Accessories. It has a long aluminum cable. The price of the Satechi aluminum USB-C hub is 79.99$.

The only purpose of the USB-C hub is to charge the iPad. Due to its long wire, you can use the iPad Pro at a distance from the charging point.

To get access to HDMI, USB-A, USB-C, and a card reader plug the Satechi aluminum hub to the iPad.


All these iPad pro accessories are useful. Every product has its benefit if you use them with an iPad.

The main purpose of each product is to increase iPad functionality with ease. Try to get all these important iPad pro accessories for wonderful outputs.

You might be wondering:

iPad Pro accessories are very costly. Maybe you can’t afford them. Try to get each product separately to avoid money issues.

You can save money for one product and when you get it make effort for the other one.8 Must-Have iPad Pro Accessories in 2021

In this way, surely you can get all these life savior iPad pro accessories. If you still find any difficulty in the whole review then you can ask us anytime.

We will be available for you all the time.