iOS 14: What’s NEW? A Complete Review in 2021

Here is the deal for you! We have everything and accurate information that is going to give you an in-depth iOS 14 Review.

As we all know that iOS 14 is marked and termed as the next-generation operating system. It has already created so much hype these days,

Furthermore, it is expected that this operating system is going to have its launching this fall.

So, let us check out this iOS 14 Review and see what real magic and spark is present in this upcoming operating system:

The Basics of iOS 14:

Basics of iOS 14

This operating system is going to be next seen and infused in upcoming iPhone models. In addition, it may have its launch in September 2021.

Giving you a little bit of info on this operating system, this iOS 14 Review tells us that it is fully compatible with all kinds of devices and phones that were previously able to run and function on iOS 13.

This upcoming system is accompanied by many home screen widgets and redesigned aspects. It has got a new app library and also a large number of app clips.

Moreover, no full-screen call feature is present in it and the user is given a bunch of privacy enhancement features.

It comprises a translate app and is possessed with cycling and EV routes. The rest of the information on this iOS 14 Review is written-below for you:

Features of iOS 14:

Features of iOS 14

Just to give you the idea that this operating system is composed of a redesigned home screen. Through this feature, the user gets extensive support for widgets.

In addition, with the use of its smart stack feature, you can make use of on-device intelligence and be able to surface the widgets based on activity, location, and also time.

This iOS 14 Review tells us that it is in the App Library that you can come across all kinds of apps that are a part of your iPhone.

Incoming phone calls are going to be showed and displayed in the form of a small banner right on your iPhone’s display.

On the other hand, all of Siri’s requests are notified in an animated icon form located at the bottom section of your screen.

Most importantly, with the use of Picture in Picture mode, you are free to watch a video, have Face Time, and be able to avail other apps at the same time as well.

If you want to keep your important messages at the top section of your app, then what you can do is to use this iOS 14 pin an important conversation feature.

There are lots of emoji options in this operating system as explained in this iOS 14 Review.

With the help of these emojis, you can put any kind of face covering and hairstyle, and even headwear on your chosen stickers.

To keep an eye on your device’s health and safety aspects, this operating system is further installed with a health checklist feature.

It is in 11 languages that the translate app performs its functions. Lastly, your device cannot be accessed by anyone until and unless you permit to do so.

How to Install iOS 14?

If you want to upgrade to iOS 14 then the method is really simple to download the new iOS 14.

Firstly, check if your device is compatible to run iOS 14.

Well, it’s simple to find out this time if your device can run iOS 13 then it can also run iOS 14.

But, to be clear here’s the list of devices that are compatible to run iOS 14.

iOS 14 Compatible Devices

Now, you know that your device can run iOS 14 head over to settings > general > software update, here you should see the button to download iOS 14.

iOS 14 NEW Features

Now that you’ve download iOS 14 here’s the list of NEW features that are on iOS 14.

1- Home Screen Redesign Feature of iOS 14:

New Home Screen

You might be wondering what this home screen redesign features all about is!

Here you can check out all of the details as mentioned in this iOS 14 Review. Now, this software is encompassed and infused with a new and latest design for its Home Screen.

Through this feature, you are allowed to perform and carry out extensive customization.

In addition, you can incorporate a large number of widgets and apps.

2- Redesigned Widgets in iOS 14:


In this newly introduced software, widgets are redesigned as well. There is a whole new exciting look that you are going to come across!

This iOS 14 Review explains to us that these redesigned widgets are offering more data and more functionality this time.

Moreover, these widgets are redesigned for apps like stocks and calendar and also for the weather. Then you may see new and exciting widgets for Apple new, screen time, etc.

It is in the widget gallery that you can see the latest collection of redesigned widgets. Besides, you can drag your chosen widget right onto the Home screen.

Change in Widget Sizes:

Widget Size

This explanation and description on iOS 14 Review are telling us that widget sizes are changed too in this upcoming and about to introduce an operating system.

Most importantly, these widgets have now arrived and come in this small, medium, and large sizes. It is based on your app that how much widget size is going to be!

You can experiment with different and varied sizes and then choose the widget size for your concerned app accordingly.

Widget Stacks – Noticeable development in iOS 14:

The best part of this iOS operating system is that you can stack and mount up to 10 widgets at one single time.

This way, you can better and ideally utilize the space of your phone. Moreover, if you plan to stack these widgets of yours, then you can swipe them with a single finger swap.

As depicted in this iOS 14 Review, with the utilization of the widget stacks feature, the user is offered maximum utility and a minimal amount of space is hence consumed by widgets.

The Feature of Widget Smart Stack:

There is a difference between widget stacking and using this feature of widget smart stack. Most noteworthy, this feature is present in the Widget gallery view.

It automatically and instantly surfaces and represents the most desirable widget option of yours based on your chosen time and location.

Like, if you have stacked up and mounted Apple news widget and maps widget, then firstly, you are going to see the latest headlines on your phone and then map routing directions.

Below you read further details on this iOS 14 Review, so check out them.

The Presence of the Siri Suggestions Widget Feature:

According to the experts, it is this Siri suggestions widget feature that has created much popularity for this upcoming iOS operating system.

This iOS 14 Review explains and provides us with this notion that this feature surfaces your suggested actions all based and dependent on your iPhone usage patterns.

Like, if you like to order coffee from Starbucks at around and about 5:00 pm time, then each day, you get suggestions from this feature regarding whether you are interested in ordering coffee today or not!

3- App Library in iOS 14:

App Library

Moving to more of the great and new features that are part of this upcoming software, we have this new App library feature.

In this library, all of your apps are installed in a well and properly organized manner.

Furthermore, this iOS 14 Review tells us that the App library makes it easy for the user to navigate and search for his desired and most favorite apps

Besides, these apps are organized based on specific folders and categories like that of productivity, education, and also utilities and creativity.

In each of the folders, three apps are presented that you frequently and often use.

4- Suggestions Folder in iOS 14:

This suggestions folder is located and present in the top section of your App library. In this suggestion folder, you are given recommendations linked to four apps.

Then there is another recently added folder as explained in this iOS 14 Review. In this category, lots of apps are housed and packed that you have just kept and installed on your iPhone.

5- The Feature of App Library Search:

This is the search interface bar that you see and notice in the top zone of the App library.

Furthermore, in this search interface, you are going to be provided with app details in the form of an alphabetical list that you have just and recently installed.

To use this search bar, you only have to type the first few letters of your app and it is going to come in front of you.

According to the experts of this iOS 14 Review, this is one of the handy features of this iOS operating system.

6- The Option of Hiding Home Screen Pages:

Edit Pages

With the use of this operating system, you are allowed to hide your home screen pages and also these home screen apps of yours.

Upon reading out the details on the iOS 14 Review, you will see how it is possible!

This hiding feature permits you to see and experience a clean looking iPhone interface. When the apps are hidden away, then you can see and check out them by accessing the App library.

To perform this function of hiding, you just have to press the home screen button longer. This way, the app icons are going to wiggle.

Tap and select those apps that you want to hide.

7- The Compact Interface is Updated in the Section of Incoming Phone Calls:

The positive and strong points as entailed in this iOS 14 Review can go on and on.

You can well notice this fact that in this recent operating system software, the incoming phone calls area is going to become compact!

All phone calls coming on your iPhone, they shall take no longer whole screen space.

Moreover, in the future and upcoming times, phone calls come in a small banner version at the top zone of your iPhone display screen.

Once you swipe up the banner, then the incoming phone calls get dismissed. For answering these phone calls, you can swipe down this small banner.

Even more, this same rule of compact incoming phone calls is applying to these third-party VoIP calls as well as to FaceTime calls.

These compact interface changes have already made this iOS 14 a big hit these days. So, what do you think about this feature as explained in this iOS 14 Review, pen down to us your review!

8- Picture in Picture Feature:

You may have seen this exclusive feature right there in your iPad models but this same feature is not witnessed in this iOS 14 operating system.

It means that through this feature, you can watch videos and shows and enjoy your FaceTime by doing some other activity as well.

This iOS 14 Review has come on this rough conclusion that quite promising features are becoming the part of this latest software.

Most importantly, the windowed window or this FaceTime call window shows and displays in the corner section of your iPhone display zone.

You can relocate these windows to any of the convenient and hassle-free spots of your iPhone. Furthermore, you can resize these windows according to your desire and needs.

As explained in this iOS 14 Review, the user is allowed to drag and minimize this Picture in the picture window so that he or she can listen to any of the audio calls.

9- Redesigning of Siri in iOS 14:

In this sooner to be launched the operating system, Siri is totally and wholly redesigned

The accurate explanation of this advancement and improvement is given in this iOS 14 Review. Its activation process has become simpler and easier.

On its activation, you see and notice a small animated icon appearing in the form of a Siri Logo, and this logo is present at the bottom side of the iPhone display.

Now, Siri no longer disturbs and interferes with any of your tasks and processes happening on your iPhone.

The Presence of Smarter Siri in iOS 14:

Smarter Siri in iOS 14

The plus points and catchy traits as seen in this iOS 14 are endless or you can say never-ending.

With the use of Smarter Siri, you can get answers and replies to some of your complex questions and requests.

It can give you cycling directions at the same time. Now, Siri is in a position to understand and comprehend a large number of languages.

Furthermore, according to this iOS 14 Review, you are free to ask Siri to translate any of the words and phrases.

It has the potential to translate sentences in more than and over 65 language pairs.

Search has Become Extensively Compact in iOS 14:

There are lots of surprises for you once you read the whole pack of data that is penned-down for you on iOS 14 Review.

In this software, lots of search improvements are made and incorporated. In other words, this search part has become compact in this upcoming operating system.

There is no need and requirement to search and scroll through a bunch of results now.

For finding apps and contacts on your iPhone, it has become an easy job to do now.

In addition, you can now quickly look and search for your contacts, important files, and folders, weather, and maps.

It is on the top section of the search interface that you will get the relevant and highly linked results of your respective query.

Hence, as illustrated in this iOS 14 Review, launching websites and apps have become seamless with the arrival of this easy to use search interface in iOS 14.

10- Incorporation of Third-Party Default Apps:

Third-Party Default Apps

If you are one of those iPhone users that often use these third party default apps, then it is a must to read out this iOS 14 Review.

We have interesting information for you. It is for the very first time that this exclusive feature is injected and incorporated in iPhones.

In other words, you can use other email apps as well like Edison and Spark, and also other third-party apps with this operating system.

11- Useful features are seen in the Messages App:

Now moving to this Messages app area, many improvements have made in this operating system.

Your group chatting experience is planning to get better as proved and explained in this iOS 14 Review.

With this feature and tool, you can customize your group conversations in any manner you want to. Besides, you can customize these charts with the help of Memoji, emotions, and photos.

It is in a single feed that you can see and check out all of your messages in one go. Messages coming from known senders and unknown senders, all are seen in one go and click.

This iOS 14 Review has clearly explained this point that you can separate your chats and conversations easily all with the arrival of this iOS operating system.

Pinned Chats and Conversations:

Pinned Chats and Conversations

If you feel like pinning your important chats and conversations, then you can do so as well.

It is on the top section of your Messages app that these conversations and chats are pinned up. Moreover, you can pin around and about nine conversations at one single time.

Those chats that are pinned by you, according to this iOS 14 Review, they appear in the form of a little circle and with the photo of that participant.

Improvement in Inline Replies:

With the introduction of inline replies, you can reply and respond to any specific message or group chat conversation directly.

Besides, with this feature, you can keep a track of your messages and conversations and all chat threads easily and conveniently.

More data we have for you on this iOS 14 Review, so do not go anywhere.

A New Mention Feature in iOS 14:

New Mention Feature in iOS 14

In this latest version of the operating system, there is this new mention feature present in it.

As described in this iOS 14 Review, it has become easy for the iPhone user to direct a message to the respective and specific person if the group chat or group conversation is going on.

Induction of Typing Indicators:

This software is induced with a typing indicator feature too. It means that the user is indicated whenever the other person is typing something.

Presence of Memoji:

For this Memoji section of yours, you are given lots of exciting and full of fun options. Like, you can decorate and embellish your Memoji with varied hairstyles and age options and also with stickers.

This iOS 14 Review is explaining to us that the emoji section is totally and wholly revamped for the users.

You can change the facial and too muscle structures of your emojis in any manner you want to.

12- Feature of Maps:

Feature of Maps

If you see the Maps zone of this iOS operating system, then you may notice that not much improvement is made.

This feature is more and less the same likewise you see and noticed in the older and previous versions of operating systems.

However, if you do have electric vehicles, then this feature may excite you a little bit. Details maps are incorporated in this feature.

You are going to see additional country maps in this category. Some of them included are Ireland, the UK, and also Canada.

This guide and explanation on iOS 14 Review tell us that these maps are now embossed and infused with detailed roads and buildings.

You see parks and marinas as well as beaches and airports’ presence on these maps.

The Feature of Giving Directions to Cyclists:

In this Apple’s Maps app, complete and thorough directions are given and provided to the cyclists. You are given guidance on bike lanes and bike paths and all information on bike-friendly roads.

It has become easier for cyclists to know beforehand regarding which of the streets are busy for cycling, which streets have a higher elevation, and which of the streets should be avoided while you are cycling on steeply inclined roads.

Through this subjected feature, cyclists are given and served with turn by turn directions and guidance is given by voice.

All of these details and provided info is given on your Apple watch. So, what you think on this iOS 14 Review, are you excited to instantly use this iOS 14 operating system?

Presence of EV Routes:

Presence of EV Routes

You can make the best use of this operating system if you have an electric vehicle. Through the induction of this software on your iPhone, you get to know about the charging stops.

Moreover, these Maps keeps a complete and proper track of your current charge and gives you guidance on which of the best route options should be opted by you.

Create your Guides in iOS 14:

The unique part about this upcoming software is that you can create and make your guides with Maps! How amazing it is.

In this launching, you are going to see that Apple has made an official partnership with other brands so that guides can be easily created by users.

You can make maps of your favorite eating spots and these guides are then saved automatically.

Allows You to Give Feedback on Different Locations:

This guide feature has further become interesting because of the incorporation of this location feedback feature in it.

Now, with the use of this feature, you can review your favorite places and allow them to upload their photos. In addition, users are permitted to be part of this Apple in-house review system.

According to the penned-down details of the iOS 14 Review, you can give a thumbs up and thumbs down rating to those locations.

Allows You Check Maps for Speed Cameras:

Have you ever heard about the concept of speed cameras, here we are going to tell you!

In this iOS 14 Review, you can well see that this latest software is now infused with this exclusive property.

Once you are going to create a route, then you can easily verify and check whether there are any speed cameras as well as red-light cameras coming into your path.

It is with the help of Maps that all users are updated and informed beforehand regarding whether any speed camera is approaching in between their path or not.

13- Translate App:

Translate App

Talking about the details of the translate app in this iOS 14 Review, here you go.

In this latest software, we have seen and noticed a massive expansion in this respective category.

This one is a standalone translate app and it supports languages like that of Arabic, English, and French.

Furthermore, it can do the translation in German, Japanese, Italian, and too in Korea, Russian, and Spanish.

13- Home Kit on iOS 14:

You may come across lots of useful features in this soon to be introduced iOS 14 operating system.

And among the distinguishing features, we have for you is this inclusion of Home Kit. As explained in this iOS 14 Review, this home kit is packed with suggested automation features.

This feature suggests and recommends you with some useful automation that you might be interested in creating and making.

On the other hand, this control center widget that is the part of this Home app is improved a lot.

In this Home kit secure video category, you are going to see the activities and inculcations of face recognition feature right to your video camera zones.

17- The Incorporation of New and Latest Safari Features:

New and Latest Safari Features

We have the utmost biggest surprise for you with the releasing and launching of this operating system available in an iOS 14 version and it is these new Safari features.

In this latest software, Safari has become faster and reliable as compared to its previous versions. Most importantly and as proved in this iOS 14 Review, it manages to deliver and give 2x faster and hassle-free performance to the user.

In Safari, you are going to see this built-in translation feature that guarantees to work surprisingly. You can avail of this translation feature to translate websites.

Moreover, in this same zone, there encompass the feature of password monitoring. This way, you can keep an eye on all of your passwords that are saved in the iCloud keychain.

With the use of a website privacy report, you can have the details about cross-site trackers and you get to have this handful of information about which of the sites are blocked by the Apple intelligent tracking prevention system.

18- Presence of Health app:

Here we have more details for you on this iOS 14 Review guide, so make sure that you read this piece of writing from A to Z.

With the help of this Health app, you can use its sleep tracking feature. This latest feature is now seen in this upcoming software.

You can run this app without using an Apple Watch and that is the best part about it. In this feature, you see the presence of a new and user-friendly customizable sleep schedule.

Moreover, you can now easily choose and select your wakeup goals and your bedtime schedule goals.

This operating system will give you constant reminders when to sleep and wake up. Do not forget the wind-down feature of this app.

Most noteworthy, with the utilization of this feature, you can set and fix a personalized routine of yours linked to getting ready for sleep.

19- Find My Network Accessory Program Feature in iOS 14:

Program Feature in iOS 14

In this zone of Find My, you are not going to see any of the design changes and revisions. However, you might be interested in using it’s Find My network accessory program feature.

As depicted in this iOS 14 Review, you can allow any of the third-party products to work in synchronization with this Find My app of yours.

With the help of this great feature, you can get back any of your lots of items that are unintentionally misplaced by you.

20- Unlock your Car by Using the Car Key Feature:

With this iOS14 system, you can now unlock your car as well. Do you know how this is possible, this iOS 14 Review is going to tell you!

In this software, they encompass and install this Car key NFC-based feature. By using this trait, you can unlock your car all in one go.

You just have to tap the iPhone of yours or your Apple Watch and your car is going to be unlocked.

In addition, it is in your Wallet app that the digital key of your car is stored and kept. You can even share this digital key with your friend and family mates.

This feature allows you to control your car top speed, acceleration, and other areas like stereo volume control and traction controls.

21- CarPlay Feature:

CarPlay Feature

Next, we have this CarPlay feature for you, and the details of this section are elaborated in this iOS 14 Review.

There is this maximum evidence that has supported this fact that this CarPlay feature manages to customize your wallpapers.

This way, you can set the desired and favorite look for your home screen and also for your CarPlay dashboard.

There are additional and extra app categories that are fully supported by this respective feature.

If you are one of the CarPlay users, then you can even download and make use of third-party parking apps.

You can connect this same feature with any of the food ordering apps and EV charging apps.

22- AirPods and AirPods Pro have Become Better in iOS 14:

Happy announcements are just going on and on and we just cannot stop this iOS 14 Review at any cost.

In this software iOS 14, you are going to see that these AirPods and AirPods Pro have managed to become a lot better.

Besides, in this zone, you are going to see many software-based improvements and enhancements. With this feature, you can switch right between iPhone and iPad easily and conveniently.

This device is here to give you a streamlined and much flawless audio swapping experience in a single click.

When you are going to connect and link these AirPods right with your iPhone, then you get instant notification regarding your phone battery running short of.

To prolong the life of these AirPods, you can see that they are embossed and surrounded by an optimized kind of battery charging system.

Spatial Audio Feature in iOS 14 for AirPods Pro:

For all AirPods Pro users, we have great news for you as mentioned in this iOS 14 Review.

There is this spatial audio feature that is inducted in this iOS 14 software, for the reason that they make AirPods Pro more amazing looking.

With the use of this audio feature, the users are given with theatre-like experience and clear sound.

For the information, this spatial audio feature makes use of dynamic head tracking technology. It manages to create and generate immersive sound.

This feature is embossed with these directional audio filters and allows the user to make subtle kinds of frequency adjustments.

23- App Clips in iOS 14:

App Clips in iOS 14

If you are wondering what is this new feature of App Clips present in iOS 14, then we can give you a little bit idea about it.

This feature allows you to use a respective app without downloading and fully installing it in your phone.

Like, if you want to use an app that is about making hotel reservations, then use App Clip. There you can book your hotel and that respective app will go away once you are done using it.

This iOS 14 Review has this interesting information that these Apple-designed App clip codes are going to be available at the later time of 2021.

24- Privacy Enhancements in iOS 14:

Most importantly, in this latest software and next-generation operating system, you see some advanced privacy enhancements.

Below you can see the respective details as collected by this iOS 14 Review:

25- App Store Privacy Improvement:

App Store Privacy Improvement

On your App store, a new section is now created and made.

This section gives information and all details on the privacy practices that need to be followed before a user downloads and installs an app on his phone.

It is required from the side of developers to give a self-reporting of their privacy practices. This feature is given the name of the nutrition label on all of the App Store apps.

26- Improvement Made in Clipboard:

This iOS 14 Review and in-detail explanation tell us that Apple has made extensive improvement and up-gradation in its Clipboard category.

Just to explain its purpose to you! Whenever the app is going to access any text that managed to get copied from the clipboard, then a notification is given to the user.

27- Tracking Controls Advancement Made in iOS 14:

Tracking Controls Advancement Made in iOS 14

Now, it is important to get the user consent before any developer tracks that respective user with their launched apps.

You can choose and select those apps that you think your consent is needed!

Furthermore, as explained and illustrated in this iOS 14 Review, you can decline the request of apps that you do not want to get tracked.

Using the Feature of the Approximate Location:

If you do not want to disclose and reveal your precise and exact location, then according to this iOS 14 Review guide, what you can do is to show approximate location details of yours.

This feature and property can now be seen in this next-generation software.

28- Network Access Privacy:

It has become mandatory and compulsory for the apps to receive this user permission before they connect and link themselves with the network system of that respective user.

This iOS 14 Review is trying to explain this point that it is now not possible for any app developer to get connected with the user network on its own.

29- Privacy Advancement is Seen in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Categories:

Moving to the last piece of discussion of this iOS 14 Review, there is privacy improvement seen in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth categories too.

Like, when your iPhone gets connected to some Wi-Fi network, then you can even use your private address so that none of the network operators track your phone data.


This is all we have data on this iOS 14 Review. We hope that you find this information pretty sufficient for you.

With the release of this operating system, more info linked to the iOS 14 Review will be shared with the readers.

Keep tuned with us.

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