10 Best Phone Cases Reviewed in 2021 (Updated List)

If you are like me and drop your phone on a daily bases, then phone cases of enchanting colors and strong material could be a superb choice.

In a modern society, where every company is on the verge of introducing new devices every second week, necessary protection has also become compulsory.

Ready to get started?

The moment you see your device rocketed towards the floor, you will realize how important it is to protect your device from disasters like falling.

When you are living a busy life or your life is fast-paced, dependence on phones becomes a part of life.

But what if you accidentally drop your phone? It will become a reason for shattering or breaking of your phone. 

10 Best Phone Cases (Reviewed)

The phone cases are not only for protection purposes they serve you as a fashion statement and can be of multiple purposes.

1- Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen Tough Armor Case It is a lightweight case for your phone. That does not add too much weight to your phone.

The most novel and the best feature is, in this case, is the drop protection. When you buy a phone, then the most concerning thing about it is the safety.

 It comes in four different colors. That helps the customers to choose according to their will. The thickness of this case is low due to the advanced air cushion technology.

That helps to keep the case lightweight and giving full protection to your phone. To protect the screen, there is a 1.5mm anti-shock thermoplastic lip.

The cutouts for the camera and other ports are exact. That attracts the people to choose this case for their mobile.

The power and volume button are made from high-quality material. That helps you to provide a good grip. For the safety and look perspective it is the best choice in the phone cases.


  • Lightweight.
  • Dual-Layer protection.
  • Precise cutouts.


  • No built-in screen protector.

2- OtterBox Defender iPhone 6/6s Case

OtterBox Defender iPhone 6/6s Case When you buy a costly phone like the iPhone, then safety is your first concern. If such a costly phone drops from your hand then your heart came to your mouth.

So, the first thing most of the peoples do after buying the phone is to get the case for it. The case should be slim and sleek and provides full protection to your phone.

For the iPhone 6/6s, the otter box defender is the best choice. It does not affect the beauty of the phone and gives full protection to it.

This case is made from a polycarbonate plastic shell. It has three layers of protection. Most of the phone cases do not occupy such features.

The most appealing feature of this phone case, it has a built-in screen protector. The cutouts for the camera and ports sit perfectly on the phone. It is the best choice for iPhone 6/6s users.


  • Three layers of protection
  • Inbuilt screen protector
  • Slim and sleek in design


  • Costly

3- Mkeke Phone Case

Mkeke Phone Case It is the best to phone case for iPhone XR. There are six colors available in iPhone XR. This phone case is transparent and simple.

That helps you to show the original color of your phone to the world. It has anti-scratch plastic and clear features. That makes it beautiful and scratch-free.

 Its high-quality material makes it strong and safe. The corner of this case is extended towards the back.

That adds beauty to the structure of this phone case. This case also has an anti-shock feature. That protects it when the phone drops from your hand.

For the protection of the screen front of the case extended towards the outside. It protects the phone when it drops face down. 


  • Anti-shock and anti-scratch capability.
  • Wireless charging enabled
  • Precise cutouts


  • Do not support iPhone Xs Max.

4- Comsoon Galaxy S8 Case

Comsoon Galaxy S8 Case If you are looking for high quality and durable phone cases for galaxy S8. Then Comsoon Galaxy S8 is the best choice. Galaxy S8 has a thin body and fragile.

For the protection of such a costly and beautiful phone. You should need an extra protective case. This case all the qualities and capabilities that you need.

It is a transparent case. That helps you to show the vigorous colors of the phone to the world. The phone case is made of TPU. That helps the phone to protect from high impact.

This phone case has the extended edges towards the front side to protect. That makes it durable and protects the screen and touch panel of the phone.

Due to the high-quality TPU this case scratch less and stretch less. The cutout for the camera and other ports is so precise that increases the beauty of the case.


  • Lightweight
  • Slim and beautiful design
  • Provides high-quality protection


  • No built-in screen protector.

5- JETech Case for Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

JETech Case for Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 The phones of Apple brands are at the top of the trend in the market. These are selling like hot cake all over the world.

This phone case is an excellent choice for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 mobiles. Because iPhone 7 and 8 have a sleek and beautiful design.

All they need is the extra protection and care. That is provided by the JETech case. It is a transparent case that makes the true color and design of the phone visible.

The polycarbonate and thermoplastic make it durable and safe. That also makes it resistant to high impact. The most promising feature of this case is bezels.

These are borders between the screen and the phone frame. The antishock design makes it perfect for drop out scenario. 


  • Highly durable.
  • Precise cutouts.
  • 360-degree protection.


  • Costly.

6- Mate Sheer Galm Case

Mate Sheer Galm Case It is the perfect case for the persons who want to stand out. This phone case comes with the classic sparkle that increases the dignity of the phone.

The design of this case brighten the personality and shows the uniqueness. In the light sparkle effect shimmers the beautiful colors.

That shows the versatility of this case. It has ten-foot drop protection from the ground impact. That provides the military strength to your phone.

It is the most eye-catching feature that attracts the people towards the case. This is such a lightweight case that does not affect the beauty of the phone.

Your phone feel does not feel so heavy while putting the case on. The metallic and soft power and volume buttons make it more user friendly.

The cutouts for the camera and other ports are precise and perfect. The inner of this cover is so soft that does not affect the color of the phone.


  • Military strength drops protection.
  • Sparkling effect.
  • Beautiful and slim design.


  • No built-in screen protector

7- Trianium Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Trianium Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Apple is a high-quality brand. They always launch durable and best quality products.

The best phone case for the extra protection of their two products iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is a Trianium case. This phone case has two layers of protection: the frame and the body.

 The frame protects from the impact of the drop due to the shock-absorbing feature. The solid-body protects from the scratches and bumps.

The most exciting feature of this case is its lifetime warranty given by the company. That ensures the maximum protection of your case.

It is extended 1mm from the front to ensure the 360 protection of the screen. It also provides a firm grip while holding your phone. It is available in two colors: pink and violet.


  • Shock Absorbing
  • Long-life protection
  • High durability


  • Costly

8- Caka Galaxy S8 Glitter Phone Case

Caka Galaxy S8 Glitter Phone Case If you are looking for the beautiful phone case of galaxy S8 for the girls. Then the Caka glitter case is the best choice.

It gives the fancy look to your phone and also provides protection. It is the best choice as a birthday gift to your sister, mother, or wife.

 It is adaptable, lightweight, and shielding. The perfect cutouts of this phone case make sure the full functionality of the phone.

It is the best choice for girls to give their phone a new and fancy look. Its silicon extended lip makes sure the protection of the screen and the camera also.

To show versatility this case is available in nine different colors.

The Caka Company provides you a year warranty for the case. That makes this case highly durable and trustworthy.


  • Lightweight.
  • Unique and beautiful design.
  • Anti-shock.


  • No built-in screen protector.

9- Bentoben Galaxy S6 Case

Bentoben Galaxy S6 Case If you are looking for a fancy phone case for your Galaxy S6. Then the bent open phone case for galaxy s6 is the number one choice.

The solid color and the shining elements of this case make your phone stylish and classy. Due to the shimmering effect, it is the best choice for the girls.

This phone case provides you two-layer protection. The structure is made up of adaptable TPU with a shock-absorbent feature.

And the back is composed of a hard pc.

The design of this case is slim and thick. It is easily adjusted in your pocket or the bag. The perfect cutouts do not affect the visibility of the camera.

That also makes the accessibility of the other ports easy through the case. It is a long-lasting product. The glitter and shimmers do not become dull with time.

That also not effected by touching the case. The power and the volume button are easy to push. It provides an easy and strong grip on your hand.


  • Dual-Layer protection
  • Stylish design
  • Highly durable


  • Costly

10- Wuteku Nano Suction Case

Wuteku Nano Suction Case It is one of the kind cases available in the market. The small suction cups make it a revolutionary product in the phone cases.

The suction feature also shows the uniqueness of the design. Due to this unique feature the phone sticks on a smooth and non-porous surface.

It also sticks on tile, mirrors even on the kitchen cabinets. That helps you to take the perfect selfie by sticking the phone in the mirror.

You can easily watch the tutorials while cooking in the kitchen. It is a highly durable and protective case.

The extended edges of the case help to protect the screen of the phone. This case also has brightness control capability. That makes it more user friendly.

The back of this phone case is made of durable plastic to provide extra safety. It is the best choice for your phone due to versatile features.


  • Nanosize suction cups.
  • Light control technology.
  • Ideal for making and watching videos.


  • Do not support wireless charging.

Types Of Phone Cases:

Phone Cases

Let us see what we have in the market to protect our smartphones and what kind of chic cases are there to decorate our phones.

Although there are a variety of protective cases available for phones you should pick the one which is not only best in protecting your phones but also beneficial for us.

Though your smartphone is splash-proof what will you do when someone accidentally spills water on your phone?

A single drop of water on the wrong place and boom! Discoloration your phone will happen. To avoid such a situation dry bags cases for your phone are one of the best options. 

Even though you have a phone with built-in waterproof ability, these phone cases add extra assurance that your phone is safe.

Rugged cases are one of the best protective cases because of their durability. In case of any mishap, they will surely reduce the damage.

The best feature of such types of cases is that without any cumbersome they can protect your phone completely.

Isn’t it incredible?

If you are using rugged cases then it means drops, shocks, falling, would not affect your phone.

They are armor indeed.

Why vague the beauty and appearance of your phone with opaque covers? Transparent covers not only protect your phones from scratches but also are lightweight.

They are made up of hard plastic and are highly affordable than some of the others.

Holsters make your life much easier cause they clip in your belt.

They are armband cases. The concept of phone hostelers generally came from gun hostelers. Though these cases you can approach your device easily.

They are highly durable and also seems so aesthetic. If you are looking for cases that protect your devices completely then you should go for pouches.

They are like small bags which are come with extra padding that will protect your device from shocks and falls. Pouches are better than any options in the market.

The limitation of pouches is that they do not let you touch the screen of your phone.

To protect your venerable smartphone is a top priority and for this one should deem a rubber case. These are another remarkable option.

The drawback of plastic cases is that they might break while fall but rubber cases absorb such situations. So my advice to you is to buy a rubber case. 

Folio aka flip case is my very own favorite choice. These types of protective cases cover your phone from all sides and give your phone a stylish look. it provides extra screen protection. 

If you keep your phone with items or accessories like pens and keys then these protect your phone’s screen from scratches.

These are generally suitable for ladies who keep their phones in big bags and purse with other stuff. 

Plastic phone cases are usually light in weight and slim in structure but highly protective. They are easy to proceed due to their afford ableness and material feature.

These phone cases would not distract signals while some cases made of metal material can. The plastic cover will protect your device from heat radiation.

Wallet phone cases are ideal for those who do not want their hulking wallets to carry with them everywhere.

You can not only protect your phones with the help of these but only keep your cards and cash accessible and safe. These come in many styles. 

Last but not the least battery cases are for those who stay away for a long time from their charging outlet or are travelers.

These phone cases are just like power back without cable. Power banks are clunky to carry out so to avoid this problem grasp your hands on battery cases.

What You Should Look Before Buying Phone Cases?

Phone Cases

Before shopping for a new phone case you should keep in mind that how frequently you drop your phone.

Some cases are hard and strong enough to protect your phone while some are generally for adorable Instagram pictures.

Before purchasing do your homework, read reviews about the different cases of your interest.

If you do not find any review regarding the case you want to buy you will find people discussing them on different platforms. 

Other than that think about the additional features you want to be in your case. Write down what kind of case you exactly want and keep it as a checklist during the shopping of case.

Consider the features of phone cases mentioned below as well when you are going to buy one.


It’s one of the most important things you consider before buying a protection case.


A boring grey, classic black phone cases are not the option of everyone. People usually want one that looks more aesthetic and helps a person to stand out.

You can buy a case for your phone according to your lifestyle.


Price also matters, after reviewing different cases people should also prepare to grab the right product according to the needs and budget.


To protect your device from getting damaged from shocks, vibrations falls, splashes, and other factors you should cover them with phone cases of your preference.

But you need to pay attention to the quality, durability, reliability, and compatibility of the cases with your phone.

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