Fix Wi-Fi Adapter not showing up Windows 10

Have you upgraded your PC to Windows 10 and Wi-Fi adapter not showing up Windows 10 issue is arising? If yes, then it is possible that the current driver was designed for the previous version. Many users have complained that Wi-Fi adapter not showing up after the Windows 10 Fall Creators update hence not allowing them to surf the Internet. When logging in to Windows 10 you may come across no Wi-Fi network that does not allows you to have access to Wi-Fi hotspot as well.

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Methods to Fix Wi-Fi Adapter not showing up Windows 10

So if this error is bothering you then here are some of the authentic methods that you can try to fix it.

Method 1- Check Wi-Fi Adapter Hardware

Make sure you have allowed the Wi-Fi on PC.

Make sure the network card installed and also right drivers installed.

Check the cables.

Method 2- Enable the Wi-Fi Adapter

Step 1-  Open Device Manager > Expand the Network adapters option.

Step 2- Right click on wireless/Wi-Fi adapter > Enable. If Enable then disable first and then re-enable.

Method 3- Perform System restore

Step 1- Go to System Restore.

Step 2- Choose the restore point that you have created.

Step 3- Confirm restore point in your list > Next.

Method 4- Use a Troubleshoot Tool

Windows 10 Creators Update has a handy tool that can troubleshoot the network problems and this will fix the Wi-Fi adapter issue automatically

Step 1- Right click on the network in the taskbar > Troubleshoot problems.

Step 2- Windows Network Diagnostics detect the problems > Follow the on-screen instructions to fix the error.

Method 5- Update Wi-Fi Adapter Drivers

Step 1- Click on the Scan.

Step 2- Click on Repair or Update.

Step 3- Restart PC.

That’s all for now folks. This another error Wi-Fi adapter not showing up Windows 10 can be solved by any of the above mentioned following methods. Give a try.

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