Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

Data is the heart of information. From an organization to an individual level everybody probably has some data. Data Recovery is something everybody of our age needs. In fact, a lot of data is being lost on a daily basis due to many reasons. Data can be lost accidentally, for example, you have data on your memory card, and it damages suddenly and stops functioning.

I have been through this pain ones, and I am well aware of its importance. This is the reason I am sharing the top 10 free data recovery software for Windows 10 with you guys. And this is the reason due to which many tech companies are working day and night to overcome this need for data recovery.

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

Sometimes something just goes wrong. An install screwed up everything, or you were tinkering, and stuff isn’t working right anymore. Of course, you performed a full backup first, but Windows 10 also includes System Restore so you can quickly revert system changes without losing your files.

1. Recuva


Recuva is on the top of the list of free data recovery software in my experience because of its user-friendly and easy to use UI. Recuva is the product of Piriform Recuva gives the simplest way to recover the data. Recuva data recovery software is mostly operated in two ways. It depends either you know the location of your lost file or not. These are file recovery mode and manual application mode. The probability of recovery is signaled by green yellow and red light indicators. Recuva is improved explicitly for Windows 10 in this way.

Recuva improved Ext4 and Ext3 support and fat32 file partitions scanning. In addition, it has been Optimized secure overwrite on windows 10 in addition to increased drive and partition detection. Its Minor Gui has been improved, and minor bugs are fixed.

2. Systools Hard drive Data Recovery

Syntools Hard drive is also one of the best performing data recovery software. It is available in its free form as well. Syntools are making the work of many people easy by recovery any lost file at any stage. It is the product of syntools Group Syntools Hard drive data recovery recovers any lost, Corruptor files that are permanently deleted. Data can be recovered in Windows 10 from a hard drive or external devices like audio, videos. Stools perform the task in a straightforward way. It does recovery for FAT and NTFS Partitions.

The most beautiful feature of this data recovery software is its support to unlimited data recovery. Even it has performed well when tested for 1.5 terabyte data. You can recover all your photos, files, and videos in all partitions of your hard drive using syntools data recovery. The recovery of data from all types of partitions like FAT 16, 32, etc. are possible using Syntools data recovery. The software from formatted drives can also be recovered using syntools data recovery; in addition, it can recover permanently deleted files.

3. Undelete360


One of the best free data recovery software is Undelete 360. It has a fast and efficient algorithm. It also enables people to recover deleted files in easy steps. It can work on a variety of devices. Normally it works on Cameras and USBs etc. By using this fantastic tool one can look at files before recovery. This feature also enables people to recover selective files. By using Undelete 360 one can recover doc, HTML, AVI, MP3, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF Etc.

4. PhotoRec


One of these top free data recovery software is PhotoRec. It is famous for being highly capable of recovery files. In addition, it can be used over a wide range of devices. It works from a long list of digital Cameras to Hard drives smoothly. Though PhotoRec is widely used for windows, it can also be used with Linux, Mac Operating System X, etc. The power of Photo Rec can be imagined from its being able to recover data from 440 different formats. One can use Custom file type in addition to unformat functions that are also available in Photorec.

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5. Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is also one of the top free data recovery software. Pandora Recovery software offers a lot of features for its users. The most fascinating feature is recovery from NTFS and FAT-format. One can get previews of deleted photos and text files before recovery. This feature enables the user to verify the exact documents. Being its user-friendly and simple to use adds edge to Panda recovery software.

6. MiniTool Partition Recovery

One of my favourite recovery software is Minitool Partition Recovery. It is because it recovers all partition. When it comes to recovering a few deleted files, you will use Recuva, Pandora, etc. But the problem comes when you lost the whole partition. At this stage, MiniTool Partition Recovery comes as a guru. And it does what you exactly need. In addition, MiniTool Partition is easy to use, specialized in the recovery of the entire partition, and good at generating recovery reports.

7. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is one of the good free data recovery software. I like it because of its speed of recovery. In addition, it comes with many other features. It has an intuitive and simple interface and it can recover files from local drives, Cameras, memory cards, and memory cards. In addition, it has a fast recovery filter. Wise Data Recovery is compatible with all major Windows versions.

These are some more data recovery softwares for Windows PC and Laptops.

  • PuranFile Recovery
  • PC Inspector File Recovery
  • Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is the last but not the least Free Data Recovery software. It recovers data normally from windows PC and Mac. It performs well in case you accidentally delete files or images from your system. This risk-free program recovers data from different types of storage devices like memory cards, smartphones, etc.

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