What is mcagent.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

Here is the deal for you! We have some useful facts for you on this mcagent.exe file. It is known and termed to be marked as an executable file.

But at times, it is masked with some viruses and illegally used by the spyware and adware writers.

Furthermore, this mcagent.exe file is not essential and important for your Windows.

If you will not take care of this file, then it may cause problems in your PC.

You need to know that this subjected file is located in a subfolder area and zone of “C:\Program Files”.

On a typical basis and terms, we can say that this file is present in the site of C:\Program Files\McAfee.com\Agent\). 

Below you can check out more of the details about this mcagent.exe file so do not waste any time:

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What is mcagent.exe?


If you are a user of Windows 10/8/7/XP, then this mcagent.exe file will tend to stay and remain there on your computer.

If you are confused that what their size range is, then we can tell you1 It is 537,992 bytes, 1,675,160 bytes.

This reviewed and respective executable file, we are talking about this mcagent.exe file, it is digitally signed.

One can say that this is a Verisign signed file. When you boot your windows, then the processing and operations of this executable file are also loaded on your computer.

Most importantly, this mcagent.exe file monitors all sorts of applications for you. Moreover, it records these keyboard inputs.

The users should have a clear idea about its technical security rating and it is proclaimed that this file is 12% dangerous for you.

From this assumption and rating, we can conclude that this file is not much risky for your computer.

If you want to keep it, you can do that as it is just 12% risky and dangerous for your computer.

To make the best use of this executable file, you should read the user reviews of it. Or you can uninstall it by using the control panel.

If you wish to contact the customer service team of this mcagent.exe file, you can do that too.

There are lots of options and solutions that you can go to solve this executable file issues.

Below we have mentioned those details and concerned information with our readers:

More on Mcagent.exe File Data:


You need to get this understanding that this is a legitimate process file. In addition, it is popularly known with the name of McAfee SecurityCenter Agent.

Talking more about the facts of this file, it is associated and linked with McAfee SecurityCenter software.

This software is made and developed by McAfee, Inc. It is located right there in the site and zone of C:\Program Files. And its presence and existence are by default. 

If your file is attacked with some virus, then how can you know that we will tell you! Like, if this mcagent.exe file is attacked by a virus, then you can keep in mind the following set of symptoms.

There is a possibility that your internet connection might starts to fluctuate. Besides, this mcagent.exe file starts to consume too much and an extreme amount of your CPU space.

If your system experiences these symptoms, hints, and signs, then this executable file is harmful to your system.

These are the serious kinds of signs that you have to consider and remember while using and keeping this file in your PC.

If this file acts weirdly, then there is a sign that the browser will redirect you to some of the irrelevant sites automatically.

You will start getting any of the unsolicited ads and also popups start to come and appear. These are also the possible signs that this mcagent.exe file is infected with a virus.

So, whenever you see these clumsy and messy situations in your computer, then find the solutions to make this executable file virus-free.

mcagent.exe File Information:

Now, we will discuss the part and section of this mcagent.exe file information. This file has been embedded in a large number of McAfee cybersecurity programs.

If you have uninstalled the whole of McAfee’s set of products, then there is not a guarantee that this mcagent.exe file will be uninstalled on its own.

You have to manually delete it. For the information, McAgent stands and terms for McAfee interface management agent.

This file has a .exe extension. That is why it is named and termed as an executable file. This file is attacked heavily by some malware agents.

To diagnose this issue of yours, you can follow the below-written guide. What you can do is to open the task manager.

If this mcagent.exe file happens to be located right outside C:\Program Files, then make sure that you need to be instantly and immediately running antivirus scan programs to get rid and remove this malware.

You can download any of the anti-virus programs for this sake. Simply scan your computer and make this mcagent.exe file virus-free for your system.

You need to go on with the option of a quick scan. After that, you will be notified with a series of numbers of threats.

You need to remove all those threats and thus make your PC and executable files virus-free.

Best Practices for Resolving mcagent Issues:


The last part of this piece of writing is about handling the issues of this mcagent.exe file. This is an easy job to do so and no technical tough steps are involved in it.

If you are experiencing this actual and specific problem, then make sure to scan your computer at least once a week.

Besides, you can use this highly recommended resmon command.

It identifies those respective processes in your computer that are bringing trouble to your computer.

So, you can use and extensively avail this command to solve any of the mcagent.exe file issues.

There is this second command that you can make use of and it is this restore health command.

This respective command manages to repair your operating system and all executable file issues. This is a suggested way that you can go for!

These are the basic two commands that one can utilize. If you can think and brainstorm some other commands to manage and handle these issues, then let us know.

There are other commands too that help you with these issues and thus keeps your executable files secure and safe.

More Ways of Solving mcagent.exe File Issues:

The first suggested method is about using a security task manager. This is a pretty much easy and simple method to be followed.

You can run this task and know about the infections and viruses that are harming your executable files.

Or you can use any of the anti-malware products. These kinds of products help you in eradicating all kinds of mcagent.exe file issues.

If this file is embedded with a sleeping spyware or sleeping Trojan and adware, then you can use these smart methods.

You can track the performance of your hard drive too. In addition, you can use this Add/Remove Program function that is present and existing in the Windows Control Panel.

You can simply go to the start menu, click on the option of the control panel, and hit to the access of programs bar.

The user has to click on the termed and titled option of Uninstall a program and this mcagent.exe file will be removed from your system.

This is the simplest method linked to the usage of windows control panel that you can utilize and implement to manage this .exe file issue.

What can be the common mcagent.exe file error messages?

You can right now be thinking that what can be the possible and most experienced mcagent file error messages. Here you can know about them:

With these messages, you can get this notification that this file is no longer secure for your computer.

If you get these messages like “mcagent.exe Application Error’’, then this file should be removed as soon as possible.

Moreover, if you get prompts like “mcagent.exe failed’’ and “mcagent.exe has encountered and witnessed a problem’’, then take it as a warning.

Other messages and prompts that are included in this area, they are “mcagent.exe is not a valid and useful Win32 application’’, “mcagent.exe is not running and functioning.”

In addition, you can get to see the notifications like “mcagent.exe not found.” If this message you see on your screen like

“Cannot find mcagent.exe’’ and “Error starting program: mcagent.exe.”, then do look for the solutions to solve these mcagent.exe file issues.


This is all we have collected information and data about this mcagent.exe file. You can share with us how you handle the issues linked to this file.

Furthermore, more of the guidance and extensive details on the usage and issues handling phase of this mcagent.exe file will be shared with you, so stay tuned with us.

You can convey to us your story if this executable file ever harms and damage your computer, share any of your experiences over here.

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