What is lvcomsx.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

You might be wondering and thinking whether this lvcomsx.exe file is spyware or whether this file is marked as an executable file, here you can have answers of these ambiguities.

Most importantly, this file process name is the LVCom server. Furthermore, this file is the product of Logitech Quick Cam.

You can know about this fact that Logitech’s QuickCam video web camera is one of the world’s most reputed and recognized webcam brands.

If this lvcomsx.exe file is bringing issues, then you can terminate it instantly and in one go!

If this file is infected with a virus, then your webcam proceedings and functions will not be carried out properly.

Here you can know about the guide that if this module is suspected with adware and spyware, then the below-mentioned guide can help you in solving these glitches and issues:

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What is lvcomsx.exe?


Firstly, we will talk about this major question and query what lvcomsx.exe file is and what important elements are present in it.

So, let us have a look at the details. This is an executable file and it is installed by the user.

Most importantly, this lvcomsx.exe file is not installed or it does not get downloaded on automatic notes and terms.

There is a verified and specific location that is made for this file. And if this file is not present in that location, it means it is attacked by an adware or by any worm infection.

You should not get fooled by this file if it is present in some other locations and sites.

If you suspect that the location of this lvcomsx.exe file is existing uncannily, then remove this file from your PC system operations.

Moreover, this file is the part of a renowned software program and it is officially linked and related to this Logitech Quick cam proceedings.

If this file is named similarly with any virus-linked file, then eradicate it from your system.

Below you can see more of the details about this lvcomsx.exe file. If you have more queries on this topic, then you can let us know.

lvcomsx.exe file information:


This lvcomsx.exe file processing starts and initiates as soon as Windows functions and processes are enabled and activated.

If you disable this file, then it will not harm your system. The manufacturer of this file is Logitech. For the information, this company is present and operates its functions in Switzerland.

It creates and makes a large number of peripheral devices for all types and ranges of personal computers.

Most importantly, lvcomsx.exe file stands and terms for Logitech video coms X. This whole processing belongs to Logitech Quick cam.

This file is not an essential part and element for your windows operating system. If it causes and brings any minor problems in your PC, then do remove this file from your personal computer.

This lvcomsx.exe file is located and officially exists right there in the C:\Windows\System32 folder zone.

Some of the users have asked this question that what the size range of this file is, here you can know about it!

For the users of Windows 10/8/7/XP, they can grab this useful information that this lvcomsx.exe file program is of the size range of 221,184 bytes or it can be of the approximate size range of 225,280 bytes.

Size of lvcomsx.exe File:

Furthermore, this file can be of the size of 237,568 bytes.

As this lvcomsx.exe file program is not included and injected to be the part of the Windows system file, that is why it does not carry much importance.

It happens during this Windows boot process that this file starts to function.

Moreover, it monitors applications and experts have come on this viewpoint that the technical security rating of this proclaim that it is 62% dangerous.

Through the extensive use of the windows control panel, you can uninstall this lvcomsx.exe file if you feel like so!

Below we have mentioned the respective guide about this area.

You can check out this list of practices and share your comments with us regarding whether this list of practices works for you.

Best Practices for Resolving Lvcomsx Issues:


The last part and section of this article will tell you the suitable and suggested practices of handling these lvcomsx.exe file program issues.

These are easy to follow solutions. If you are the newcomer regarding using these executable files, then you can follow and seamlessly follow these tips too!

So, let us all go through this information:

You need to keep your computers all tidy. If they are infected and not working properly, then viruses existing in them will harm your executable files as well!

When this lvcomsx.exe file gets attacked by any minor or small virus glitch, then your PC performance is negatively affected.

So, run anti-virus programs on your computer.

You can try out the experts’ suggested anti-adware software and prevent your executable files to get attacked by any viruses.

Some of the users follow the practice and approach of uninstallation. Like, you can uninstall this lvcomsx.exe file and keep your PC safe from any virus and adware presence.

You have to individually remove and delete this file. Avoid believing that removing a set of virus-linked of products will solve your problem, this will not happen at all.

You have to individually access the windows control panel and remove or uninstall this file from your computer.

There is this next best tip for you that you can make a backup of your computer data while you scan it.

This way, these periodic backups will keep your files and data secure.

Regular and thorough scanning identifies all those adware, spyware, and virus types for you that are masked as executable files in your system.

More Tips on Dealing with Lvcomsx.exe File Issues:

There are multiple numbers of commands that you can proceed to solve these lvcomsx.exe file programs easily. You may have heard about this resmon and restore health commands.

These commands are used in these files are attacked by any viruses and Trojans.

The running and active functioning of these commands make your computer to develop the potential to fight back with these viruses.

So, you can use the resmon or restore health command. Or the user can be reinstalling his Windows.

These are possible and workable solutions that are currently used by individuals.

Or you can use this cleanup-image command. These commands work in the same way and their main purpose is to make your executable files to remain free from virus presence.

These are three commands that you can right now and if experts and other professionals will share more of useful commands with us, then we will let you know.

But all in all, these restore health, cleanup-image, and resmon commands will give you a proper way of handling this .exe file issue.

You can report and forward to us your own suggested solutions if you can think of any!

Other Solutions:

If you fully and clearly understand the processing of this lvcomsx.exe file, then you can easily look for all possible ways to handle its issues.

Most of the users are unaware of the basic info part of this file.

But as you have read about the file information of this executable file program, now you need to make a plan regarding handling its related problems.

As helpful recommendations are given to you! Some of the users are of this view and a clear belief that the security task manager option can help you widely as well.

In this zone, all windows task processes are present and you get a clear indication regarding which programs are healthy for you and which ones are not.

You can take help from these autostart entries. Most importantly, these entries will tell you whether the lvcomsx.exe file is running and operating on safe and secured notes.

These file names are used by the virus writers and adware program makers and trust is, this is not a legal and correct thing to do.

If this file size looks strange and if its location looks weird, then remove it from your computer zone.

The existence of such infected executable files will slow down your CPU performance.

Or you might see and witness that your internet connection speed starts to fluctuate. To avoid these messy and much clumsy scenarios, you can follow these practices.

If you have long been using these executable files and you know of some other methods of dealing and managing them, then pen down to us those solutions over here.


Hence, here we have this deal for you! If you follow these solutions while tackling these lvcomsx.exe file issues, then share your feedback with us.

We will share a more updated guide with you regarding the handling process of these lvcomsx.exe file issues. We hope that you will find these solutions easy to follow.

You can always keep tuned with us so that such guides can constantly be read out by you every single day.

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