What is kbd.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

Many spyware applications also have similar names, so always verify that the address of the hard drive for this file is right.

Its software is a visual application that originates from Logitech. It’s a free system and not a spyware application.

This is also based on a significant number of HP computers (Hewlett Packard). You can also customize more keyboard keys.

The program known as KBD EXE is owned by Hewlett-Packard Corporation, or by the Hewlett-Packard Company (www.hp.com) for Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard System.

For the Windows OS, Kbd.exe is not important and produces relatively few issues. It’s not a system disk for Windows. You can’t see the file.

Here in this article, we will discuss the important aspects of this exe.file

In this guide we have:

  • What is kbd.exe?
  • Kbd.exe file information
  • Best practices for resolving kbd issues
  • What are the important programs for kbd.exe?
  • Can you remove kbd.exe?
  • Conclusion

What is kbd.exe?


It is a part of an enhanced multimedia keyboard solution by Hewlett Packard HP. It is a software component of HP but not an essential part of windows OS.

It runs the drivers of the system that are necessary for the mapping of hotkeys and several other functions.

This file is already installed in the HP laptops mostly and not an essential process for windows and can be uninstalled easily if creating any issue.

The best part about the enhanced multimedia keyboard is that it gives several different options for keyboard configuration for on-screen displays that are very useful to function with such as display of the brightness and sound level with the help of certain hotkeys.

This also modifies the registry of the system to launch at the startup of the system but this might affect the performance of the system.

This amazing software supports the Windows platform. The well known HP was found earlier back in 1939 where bill Hewlett and 

Dave Packard two amazing electrical engineers from California started their journey of HP from the garage of Packard in Palo Alto.

The corporation concentrated primarily on a wide variety of consumer products during the 20th century, but gradually expanded up into computer hardware in the 1970s.

This also sells customers and various categories of businesses and large organizations hardware, software, and services.

Hewlett-Packard is based in Palo Alto, California, United States. EXE is an extension file that can be executed in file format.

A binary program is a script type that can be interpreted or interpreted, a computer program.

You can operate a working file by ordering or double-clicking a Microsoft DOS and Windows system. The size of this software is 6.08 MB.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Kbd.exe File Information:

Kbd.exe File Information

KBD stands for keyboard drivers. It is known as kbd.exe as it belongs to the Hewlett Packard company and is an enhanced multimedia keyboard solution by the Hewlett Packard company.

The URL to run this is www.hp.com. Moreover, it is not an essential part of the Windows operating system and can cause very few problems to the system of windows.

It is mainly located in the subfolder named C:\ most probably and if not there then it will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett packard\KBD\).

The file sizes on Windows 7/XP/8/10 for about 61440 bytes to 94208 bytes.

It is necessary to check the location of this exe.file which has to be located in C:\\Windows, if not or located in any of the subfolders like C:\Program Files.

Then the security rate can expand easily such as 44% which is very dangerous. It is neither visible nor a windows system file.

This software starts only when it receives the registry key which is MACHINE\run. Another thing about kbd is that it can h9ide itself easily by itself.

Some malware is hidden as kbd.exe, especially when it is located in the folder C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32.

You will then search your Computer for the process kbd.exe to see if it is a threat. To check the protection of your device, we suggest the Security Task Manager.

Best Practices for Resolving kbd.exe Issues:

After reading what this process is about and how it works for windows here arises a question: What are the best ways to resolve kbd.exe issues?

Below we have mentioned the best and the most effective way to remove them easily with no fuss,

  • The first and foremost way to remove such errors is to keep your device clean and stable enough to work effectively as keeping your device clean can help you in preventing such problems.
  • You need to clean the malware and keep on scanning the hard drive to maintain the condition of your device and preventing such problems
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by cleanmgr
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by SFC/scannow
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by uninstalling unnecessary programs
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by MSConfig and by enabling windows
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by resmon command in order to identify the processes your problem is causing. You are much better off fixing your machine or running Windows 8 and later for severe problems than reinstalling Windows.
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by the automatic update. Just make sure to keep on backing up your important files and data and keeping them safe at any restoring point.
  • You can resolve kbd.exe issues by DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth. This will help you in repairing the operating system without losing any of your important data. 

What are the Important Programs for kbd.exe?

Here you must be wondering what programs are essential when you have such a windows process in your system?

Well, there are two very important and helpful programs for any exe.file that will help them in running smoothly and keeping the viruses away by giving you the analysis for any exe.program on your computer.

Below we have mentioned the two important programs that will help you in such cases,

  • The first program is called Malwarebytes Anti-malware. This program is used to detect and remove unnecessary trojans, malware, keyloggers, trackers from hard drives, and sleeping spyware that takes place on your computer without letting you know.
  • Second, we have a security task manager which is designed to Show all Windows-related functions, including secret automated processes such as the control of the keyboard and browser or Autostart entries. A unique risk rating for the safety indicates the probability of a spyware, malware, or trojan process.

Can You Remove KBD.EXE?


You should not without a legitimate purpose remove a protected executable file, which can affect the output of any programs which use it.

Ensure sure the codes and systems are held up to date to avoid possible file manipulation issues.

With technical bugs and software upgrades, control drivers and changes are also the most likely to occur.

Nonetheless, uninstall the Improved Multimedia Keyboard Software from your device using the erase uninstaller found at C:\HP\KBD\Install.exe / u if it is not a virus so you need to disable kbd.exe.

When you don’t consider the Improved Multimedia Keyboard Tool uninstaller, you can need to totally disable kbd.exe.

In the Windows Control Panel, you can use the Add / Remove Program feature.

According to numerous online outlets, 24 percent of people delete this file so it can be harmless, so you can test if it’s secure or virus by yourself.

A full device review with Reimage is the best treatment for such suspect data.

If the file is deemed malicious, kbd.exe will be removed from these applications and the associated malware will be deleted.

Below we have mentioned the procedure to remove and delete the kbd.exe if you want to,

  • For Windows 8 go to the start menu and right-click the bottom of the screen left corner and select control panel under the option of programs
  • And for Windows, vista/7/8.1/10 go to uninstall a program
  • For Windows XP go to under the option of add or remove programs
  • Moreover when you see the option of enhanced multimedia keyboard solution access it and then for windows7/8.1/10 select uninstall
  • For Windows XP select remove or change option for this purpose.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen prompts to remove enhanced multimedia keyboard solution 

A safety system and a full software inspection should be carried out when necessary. 

You can also take help from detecting such processes by Microsoft windows explorer very easily.

See if its install or else install it as it is a very good alternative for this. Just start the program if it’s already on your device and activate check legends from the given options.


Having said that, the guide to Kbd.exe came to an end. We hope that we were able to educate you on all the important aspects of it.

Just make sure to keep your computer in good condition so that you don’t have to face such problems.

For more guides like this do contact us as we truly value your feedback!

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