What is khalmnpr.exe? Is it a Virus? -(GUIDE)

It is an executable file containing a program that is a particular form of a file that can be run on your machine as a program.

An executable file can be executed with a command or a double-clicking in Microsoft DOS or Windows.

Windows is a secret agent to protect your computer from viruses, bugs, errors, and other harmful effects on your system.

You do not learn and deal with many different systems and functions.

In this process, its implications and activities result in a stable state and system management. All are designed to operate on their own efficiently.

There is a special program to open exe. files which are called Inno Setup Extractor for android.

You can easily download it from google play to execute such a file in your android phone then use the file browser to locate that exe file and open it easily.

Here in this article, we will discuss one of the exe.file named khalmnpr.exe in detail to know whether it’s a virus or not.

In this guide we have,

  • What is khalmnpr.exe
  • Khalmnpr.exe file information
  • Best practices for resolving khalmnpr.exe issues
  • How to check if your device is affected by malware or khalmnpr.exe error messages?

What is khalmnpr.exe?


The.exe file name extension indicates an executable program. For certain instances, the machine can be harmed by executable files.

Please read as follows to determine if a worm, a Trojan horse, or a legitimate Windows operating system file or a trustworthy program is the KHALMNPR.exe file on your computer.

It was developed by Logitech inc which is a software component of Logitech Setpoint.

It functions with both wired and wireless claves with its SetPoint control software. At least two Windows Startup programs are always loaded by Logitech drivers.

The size of the software is approximately 4.02MB.

Logitech gaming mice users also need specific mouse sensitivities for different games and this allows these settings to retain the sensitivity setting separate from Windows using the SetPoint Profile Manager, however, combined with both settings.

Founded in 1981 with offices in Apples, Switzerland, and distributed in over one hundred countries through retail outlets and world-class PC manufacturers, Logitech is headquartered in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

KHALMNPR.exe File Information:

KHALMNPR.exe File Information

You can also remove this exe file with the help of the control panel if you want to.

In addition to this, to start the Logitech setpoint uninstaller program or Logitech KHAL/CDDRV_ installer go to the control panel.

It stands for Kernel and Hardware Abstraction Layer Main Process. You will find this exe file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\KhalShared\.

And how will you confirm the location of this windows process? Well go to the task manager and check the location easily.

Below are the direction steps for this procedure

  • Open task manager and open View
  • Over there choose columns and select image path names in order to add the location.
  • It can also be a smart idea to further investigate this method if you find a suspect directory here.

Even khalmnpr.exe removal will be affected by the virus itself.

In this scenario, a secure environment will permit networking-protected mode, which disables most processes and only loads key drivers.

If required, a safety device and a complete software inspection should be performed.

You can also take help from detecting such processes by Microsoft windows explorer very easily. See if its install or else install it as it is a very good alternative for this.

Just start the program if it’s already on your device and activate check legends from the given options.

Then go to view and select the column to add a verified signerIf the process shows unable to verify then wait for a few moments.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all good processes of windows have a verified signature label but that doesn’t mean any of the bad ones possess it.

In addition to this, if you start facing any problems with this then make sure to check up on this before deleting it.

And as mentioned earlier, the best way to do that is to find its location in the task manager that makes sure it is located in C:\Program Files\Logishrd\CDDRV2

Which is a subfolder for this exe.file but as for its full path C:\Program Files\Logishrd\CDDRV2 \KHALMNPR.exe.

Moreover, just don’t forget to compare the size of the file as mentioned above to help you in recognizing whether it’s appropriate or not.

The URL for its publisher is www.logitech.com You have to try to fix the issue immediately if you think you might be infected with a virus.

You can download and install a full security program such as Malwarebytes to uninstall the KHALMNPR.exe virus.

Remember that not all tools are able to detect all kinds of malware, so before you succeed you can try multiple choices.

In addition, KHALMNPR.exe can be deleted by the virus’s features.

In this scenario, you need to allow safe mode through networking – a protected environment that deactivates most processes and only loads the services and drivers most requested.

You can run security software and a detailed system review there.

Best Practices for Resolving khalmnpr.exe Issues:

After reading what this process is about and how it works for windows here arises a question: What are the best ways to resolve khalmnpr.exe issues?

Below we have mentioned the best and the most effective way to remove them easily with no fuss,

  • The first and foremost way to remove such errors is to keep your device clean and stable enough to work effectively as keeping your device clean can help you in preventing such problems.
  • You need to clean the malware and keep on scanning the hard drive to maintain the condition of your device and preventing such problems
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by cleanmgr
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by SFC/scannow
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by uninstalling unnecessary programs
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by MSConfig and by enabling windows
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by resmon command in order to identify the processes your problem is causing. You are much better off fixing your machine or running Windows 8 and later for severe problems than reinstalling Windows.
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by the automatic update. Just make sure to keep on backing up your important files and data and keeping them safe at any restoring point.
  • You can resolve khalmnpr.exe issues by DISM.exe/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth. This will help you in repairing the operating system without losing any of your important data. 

Here you must be wondering what programs are essential when you have such a windows process in your system?

Well, there are two very important and helpful programs for any exe.file that will help them in running smoothly and keeping the viruses away by giving you the analysis for any exe.program on your computer.

Below we have mentioned the two important programs that will help you in such cases,

  • The first program is called Malwarebytes Anti-malware. This program is used to detect and remove unnecessary trojans, malware, keyloggers, trackers from hard drives, and sleeping spyware that takes place on your computer without letting you know.
  • Second, we have a security task manager which is designed to Show all Windows-related functions, including secret automated processes such as the control of the keyboard and browser or Autostart entries. A unique risk rating for the safety indicates the probability of a spyware, malware, or trojan process.

How to Check If your Device is Affected by Malware or Khalmnpr.exe Error Messages?

Well, Malware is a term for “malicious apps/software” for computer programs that hack user-friendly computers and kill them.

“Malware” means the general term for any kind of safety threats in computers like malware, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, etc.

That malware is built so that the device can quickly be compromised and destroyed if not repaired on time.

And as for error messages then you can say they are some sort of warnings to fix the issue which your device is facing from that particular exe.file that has to be fixed immediately.

An error code or a return code is a numbered or alphanumeric code used to define the type and the cause of an error.

Below we have mentioned some of the common error messages related to KHALMNPR.exe that will help you in noticing or identifying the fact that your device is affected by a malware,

  • Application error
  • Failed to run KHALMNPR.exe
  • Fault in the application path
  • A KHALMNPR.exe problem has occurred that has to be closed.
  • It is not valid for Win32 application

These.exe error messages that occur during the installation of, CDDRV_ Installer, Windows boot or shutdown, or even when you are running the corresponding program, or Windows installer.


Having said that, the guide to khalmnpr.exe came to an end. We hope that we were able to educate you on all the important aspects of it.

Just make sure to keep your computer in good condition so that you don’t have to face such problems.

For more guides like this do contact us as we truly value your feedback! 

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