What is AolBrowserTab.exe? A Complete Guide

This AolBrowserTab.exe program has got and received an extensive amount of hype these days.

From this piece of the discussion, you will get to all about this program. Furthermore, this complete guide will tell and convey to you whether this program is safe and secured for your OC or not.

The user basically and commonly installs this program. You need to know about the correct and exact folder location of this program so that you can further check the authenticity of it.

Some of the virus writers, they have called their products after this AolBrowserTab.exe, how cruel and bad it is!

So, if this program is present in your PC system, then there is a chance that it is not an executable file and instead it is a virus. You should not be fooled by such viruses and malware files and avoid opening them.

Moreover, we can give you this useful information that this respective AolBrowserTab.exe program, it is the official part of this AOL client software.

Even more, it begins and starts its working phase right with Windows 10. No matter, if you are going to close and turn off this AOL client, then this AolBrowserTab.exe file will remain to stay open right there in your task list.

This file is safe to use until and unless it is not named after any malware or virus. It is in the C drive that this program is located.

Below we have collected further authentic information and details for you, see and read them and remove all your queries:

What is AolBrowserTab.exe?


The platform of the AOL browser is the part of this AolBrowserTab.exe file. This file is developed and made by AOL incorporation.

It is right there in the description box of this file that you will get to see that it is the part of the AOL browser tab. In addition, it is digitally signed and officially verified by AOL Inc.

This file is present and resides in the ‘C: \Program Files (x86)\AOL Desktop 9.8.2b\AOLBrowser\’ folder zone.

The best and catchy thing about this film is that none of the top-most anti-virus scanners have reported anything negative about this executable file.

They have reported this fact that these respective and subjected file is safe to use. It is free from any kind of malicious virus and malware presence.

This is the valid piece of information that we have collected about this executable file. If you have heard something else about this executable file, then feel free to share it with us.

We have provided you with the vendor as well as version information. Now, more of the file information is written and mentioned below for you.

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AolBrowserTab.exe File Information


If you have got a genuine AolBrowserTab.exe file, then it will be secure to use and avail for your computer system.

These genuine executable files are an official software part and component of the AOL browser. Furthermore, this file runs and operates the AOL browser.

For the information, this AOL browser is the important section and part of the AOL desktop. Or you can say that it is the part and integration of web browsers.

Besides, this AOL browser is the part of instant messenger clients and also media players.

If you want your AIM instant messenger to keep on working and running properly, then this file named AolBrowserTab.exe has to be free from viruses.

This file ensures and guarantees that your AIM messenger will consistently be working fine. But if this executable file is infused with a virus, it means your AIM messenger will give you error messages.

It is allowed and permitted to the user to disable and deactivate this process if he or she wishes to do so.

As this AolBrowserTab.exe file is not an important windows process that is why you are officially allowed to disable this mechanism and system if you want to!

If it this executable file is bringing problems, then it is better and all suitable for your PC system to disable it. Most noteworthy, this AOL desktop, it is the set of fully functional software programs.

And these software programs are specifically and generally developed for the users who are using and availing AOL products. In this set of products, you are offered with AOL mail and also mail application.

The suite is included with AOL explorer as well as an instant messaging client. This suite is packed and fused with a browser that is encompassed by the properties of Microsoft internet explorer.

And this AOI browser is named and explained as America Online browser. We again tell you this important piece of fact that Aolbrowser.exe is not important and essential for the Windows OS.

If this file is present in your PC, then do not panic, your system performance will not get down. Its absence will not affect your computer performance.

It is located and exactly resides in a subfolder section of “C:\Program Files (x86)”/. Or you can say that it is mainly located in C:\Program Files (x86)\AOL Desktop 9.7\AOLBrowser\.

This file is present in Windows 10. You will see its existence in Windows 8/7/XP. Its size ranges are 2,442,856 bytes and too 2,368,568 bytes and 2,213,944 bytes.

So far, this AolBrowserTab.exe file is not harmful to your PC system as long as it is attacked by a virus. But if you are conscious to keep this file and worried that it often gets infected with adware and malware, then remove it.

As this file does not perform many necessary functions in your Pc system, that is why you can remove and delete it from your PC system operations. This file is too digitally signed but it is not included in the Windows core file category.

It has the potential to record keyboard inputs and also mouse inputs. It records and monitors applications. Its technical security rating falls at the scale and range of 45% riskiness.

So, to keep your Pc system working and to keep it in a functional state, remove this AolBrowserTab.exe from your computer.

If you have heard some more file data details about this executable, then convey that to us and enlighten your other readers about his category.

Best Practices for Resolving AolBrowserTab Issues:

If you are looking for the best and suggested practices of solving these AolBrowserTab.exe file issues, then here we can guide and help you with it.

The very first thing that you have to consider is to keep your PC system safe and sound. If your computer is virus-free, then these executable files will not make a dare to damage your system.

Plus, you should regularly scan your computer. By doing so, no threats or viruses will attack your PC. Moreover, hard drives often get infected with malware and adware.

That is why a regular scanning job will keep your PC system healthy.

In addition, if you think that some suspicious files and folders are present in your computer system, then it is better to remove those files and folders. You can uninstall these AolBrowserTab.exe files.

Or you can reinstall them so that all viruses and adware can get to be removed from those folders and files. You can run automatic update operations in your computer system.

This way, you can know which current viruses and malware exist in your personal computer. The only way to get rid of this AolBrowserTab.exe file issues; it is to analyze their patterns on a keen and deeper note.

If you understand the use and purpose of this executable file, then you can well manage and comprehensively handle its problems and all deeper issues.

As we have told you that this file is present in a specific size and also in a specific location. And if the size range and location details do not match, it means your executable file available in the AolBrowserTab.exe version is infected with a virus.

A lot of people, use this security task manager option. This option can help you in managing these AolBrowserTab.exe issues.

This option will display you with all in-depth details that which windows tasks and system processes are running in your PC system!

So, if you could not find a suitable solution and effective measure in managing these AolBrowserTab.exe issues, you can run this tool available in the security task manager.

We guarantee you that with these measures, you can solve these issues.


If you can think of some other solutions and recommendations while managing these AolBrowserTab.exe file issues, then do so.

You are free to give your contributions to this piece of writing. If you want to get some more details about other executable files, then share that with us. We will be happy to give you such knowledge.

Now, whenever you see such a file in your PC system, you need to verify and check its accuracy and see whether it has a virus in it or not.

You can keep tuned and in touch with us, details and updated information on the AolBrowserTab.exe file is coming sooner, so do not miss this opportunity and do not go anywhere.

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