What is Alcxmntr.exe? Is it Safe or A Virus?

If you have heard about this Alcxmntr.exe program, then you might have heard a lot of myths about it whether it is safe for your PC or not! That we are going to fully explore over here on this web page.

Keep in mind that this Alcxmntr.exe is a software component and it belongs to Realtek audio- Event monitor and this program is launched and started by Realtek semiconductor.

It is seen that when you are going to install and infuse these Realtek audio drivers right into your PC system, then this respective and subjected audio event monitor will be automatically installed into your computer.

Furthermore, we have seen and noticed that Realtek collects and gathers data for the sake of quality control tasks and purposes.

If you remove this audio event monitor present in the form of Alcxmntr.exe from your computer system, even then these audio drivers will continue to work fine and properly.

For the information, Alcxmntr stands and terms for the advanced logic monitor. And .exe file name attached it; it makes it an executable file.

Now, we are going to explore this fact that whether this Alcxmntr.exe is of threat for your computer or whether it is not harmful to your PC, so let us has a look at the details: 


What is Alcxmntr.exe?


This Alcxmntr.exe file, it is basically and generally installed all alongside with the hardware drivers of yours.

If you have installed the hardware driver that belongs and linked with Realtek AC97 audio device, then this Alcxmntr.exe will be there as well.

In addition, it is generally and commonly identified as a program that is pre-installed. This respective file works and operates in relation likewise your rest of the hardware is working and running.

If this file does not contain any virus in it, then it will remain to act as the main driver software right for your Realtek AC97 audio device.

This program runs and functions in the startup mode. As long as it is infused with spyware or with any virus, this Alcxmntr.exe file is all marked and considered as safe for your computer.

Most importantly, this program act in the form of non-essential and not so important system process.

However, there is no need to terminate and remove this file until and unless you find a virus present in it. If this file starts to give any problems to you, then remove it from your PC system all in one go.

We have seen that it is these non-system processes like we have this alcxmntr.exe that basically and largely originate from the software options that are already pre-installed on your system.

If this Alcxmntr.exe file is packed with viruses or malware, then your PC system will start to suffer and experience a lot of fragmentation.

Moreover, your system will be jam-packed and accumulated with the maximum number of invalid entries. Your PC performance will be negatively affected if this file starts to act in a weird or suspicious manner.

It is right there in the Windows Task Manager that you can clearly and easily see how much CPU memory is being utilized and how much disk space and network space is utilized.

If you see not so confident numbers, then remove this Alcxmntr.exe file.

Giving you more of the details about the alcxmntr.exe file, this is an executable file that is present and located on your PC computer’s hard drive section. This file is composed and constituted of machine code.

As soon as you will turn on the software that is termed as Realtek Multimedia right on your PC system, then the command present in the form of Alcxmntr.exe will be automatically executed.

This file is usually loaded in the zone of main memory, that is in RAM, and then it manages to run in the format of the Realtek Monitor process. Its technical security rating approximately falls at the 22% dangerous level.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

Alcxmntr.exe File Information


As you may have now fully and clearly understood that this Alcxmntr.exe file runs and functions right in the background of your PC system.

It is not required by your PC and you can remove it any time. For accessing this file, you have to reach to the system tray.

There are a few of the companies that have marked this Alcxmntr.exe file as spyware because of the fact that it logs user activity and gives that same information to the outside servers.

Some malware is named after it, so stay away from them.

Moreover, you need to know that if any of the “non-Microsoft” .exe files are present and located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder zone,

Then there comes a massive and high risk that your PC system is attacked by a virus, spyware or it can be harmed by a trojan or with any of the worm infections.

Best Practices for Resolving Alcxmntr Issues:

Now, we have come on the concluding part that how can you solve these Alcxmntr.exe issues, below we can guide you about it.

If you want to remove this file, then there are certain ways to do it. As it is a non-system process, for the reason that you can easily stop running it.

Your operating system performance will not get affected if you remove this file.

In addition, if you are no longer using this Realtek Multimedia, then you are free to permanently remove and eradicate this software from your PC system.

Uninstalling and removing this application is easy and quick to do by anyone of the users.

You might be wondering whether this Alcxmntr.exe file is CPU intensive or not, here you can have detailed information about this area. This process is not at all considered and marked as CPU intensive.

But it is speculated that it brings an overloading problem for your PC system. This file reduces your PC system performance and it will be better if you disable this process as soon as possible from your system.

To identify the suspicious activities performed and carried out by this Alcxmntr.exe file, you can use this resmon command.

You can reinstall your PC windows if these issues linked to Alcxmntr.exe are getting more and more. Besides, you can use the Restore Health command to tackle these issues.

The other way to tackle this problem is to repair your operating system. It is suggested by many experts to use the security task manager option too.

With this process, you can see whether this Alcxmntr.exe file is a virus or not. At times, these hidden processes disturb your PC system performance.

So, to identify and fight back with these hidden processes, you can use these options and keeps your computer safe.

Keenly inspect your browsers and notice whether there are any suspicious and threatening activities are hidden in or not. Hence, your system has to be secured from potential spyware and all kinds of malware.

You can search for anti-malware and anti-spyware software options. They remove spyware from your PC system and keep it to work in a healthy manner.

There are lots of spyware vendors as well as virus writers out there who have named their products after this Alcxmntr.exe file. So, remain well careful enough!

There can be so many malicious files that are present and hidden in your PC. So, do look for them and remove them from your system.

With the help of these practices, you can get rid of all adware and Trojans and also viruses. They disguise and mark themselves as system process files but they are risky and extremely threatening for your system.

If such files or Alcxmntr.exe file is present in your computer, then remove it right now. These files might be present and found in an incorrect location of your Pc or they might be present with a slightly different name title.

Moreover, if this Alcxmntr.exe does not come with a Realtek sound card and also integrated Realtek sound, it means that this respective file is infected and injected with some serious kind of malware.

If this is the case, then disturbing situations will be faced by your PC system. Like, that file will be using 100% CPU time. This will come out to be an isolated problem.

To tackle it, what you can do is to reinstall all of your Realtek audio drivers. If this file contains a virus, then there is a chance that it may prevent and stop Windows from getting down to shut down properly.

So, do follow these practices and suggested measures and see if these works for you or not.


What more details you want to know about Alcxmntr.exe file, do let us know. We will keep on sharing such informative explanation with our readers, so stay with us over here.

If this file is present in your system, then share with us how it is affecting your PC system and what measure you are taking to tackle and manage it.

You can convey to us your own practices and suggested ways of dealing with such files and programs.

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