What is OpenAL.exe? Should you remove It from Windows

Looking for how to remove OpenAL file? Or you are unable to decide should you remove it or not? Read this article to get complete knowledge about the OpenAL.exe file. Check it is a virus or not?

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  • What is the OpenAL file?
  • Should You Remove OpenAL?
  • Is openal.exe file safe or not?
  • Remove OpenAL from System

What is OpenAL?

Open Audio Library (OpenAL) is a cross-platform API. OpenAL is embedded in your laptop because it delivers a multi-channel three-dimension (3D) positional audio. The openal software is suitable for gaming as it provides an exciting gaming experience. 

It allows gamers to enjoy a robust audio effect while they play their games as several games use OpenAL. An example of an openal game is the Alien Flux. With the help of Openal, you can enjoy 3D sound effects while playing Alien Flux and other openal games like America’s Army: Operations, A tale in the Desert 2, Battlefield 2, Cold war, Legends, etc. Openal was initially developed by Loki software in 2000 but is currently owned by Creative technology. Since its transfer of ownership to Creative Technology, OpenAL has since progressed in terms of function. 

Should You remove it or not?

As earlier stated, OpenAL is primarily used to derive a perfect audio quality. Hence, you are not mandated to keep this app on your system even though you recently noticed it after the Windows 10 anniversary update. 

In other words, you can choose to remove the app from your system if you feel its presence on your system is unnecessary. Nevertheless, OpenAL poses no real threat to your system. It would also not cripple your system’s performance.

Is openal.exe safe, or is it a virus or malware?

The quick answer is yes. Openal.exe is completely safe and it is not a malware or virus.

If you are a gamer, you most likely shouldn’t consider removing the app from your system as it would improve your gaming experience, making you hear and experience every single sound in the game you play. With its 3D feature, the sound effects in every game would be similar to watching a movie with 3D glasses at a cinema or in the comfort of your home. 

However, if you are not a gamer, you could still leave the app on your system and let it go back to being unnoticed rather than remove it. This is because, as stated earlier, it poses no real threat. Nonetheless, you could still remove the app if it bothers you so much.

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How to remove OpenAL from Windows 10

If you’ve decided to proceed with removing the OpenAL app from your system to be safe or to fix some problems that might have been caused by the OpenAL virus (this refers to a situation whereby the OpenAL app might have been infected) follow this step by step guide to uninstall it. 

Step 1: For the Windows program, tap on the “Start” icon and punch in the keywords “uninstall a program” in the search and files bar.

For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, open the start menu and then search for the control panel.

Step 2: Tap on “Programs and Features” on the list that pops up.

Step three: Search for the OpenAL app. Once it pops up, tap on the app, and then click on “uninstall” to get rid of it.

How to Download OpenAL.exe

Now if you deleted OpenAL.exe file mistakenly and now you want to download it then follow these steps.

As we mentioned, it is very important for vivid gaming experience.

To download it, Go to the official website for OpenAL

Download the one specific to the system and then install it with the Windows installer app.

Download using Driver Updater

You can also download and install OpenAL file using driver updater tools. Just download the driver’s easy app and then scan your system for possible errors. It will automatically download and install the OpenAL.exe file.


What is the OpenAL Program?

As mentioned above, OpenAL.exe is a Multi-channel 3D audio program that enhances/ delivers perfect sound effects primarily while gaming.

What is openal.exe?

This is the executable file of OpenAL. Executable files are unreadable files that perform many functions on a computer. In other words, it is still a part of OpenAL.

Is OpenAL a virus?

No, the app is not considered to be a virus. But, like every other application, it can be infected by a virus.

An overview of the matter

Now that you know OpenAL is not a virus, you should take the time to consider if you should remove it or not carefully. If the app appears on the list of installed apps on your windows, it merely means it is from the windows team and is entirely harmless. 

However, if you had to install it, you might want to screen it for viruses so that it does not harm your system.