Is aiclient.exe A Virus? (2021 Guide)

Do you have this question moving and floating in your head that whether aiclient.exe is a virus or not! Do not worry, we are here to answer all of your queries and questions.

This aiclient.exe file is marked and identified as a windows process. If you think and suspect that this windows process is injected with some virus, then remove it immediately from your system.

Furthermore, for this job, you can take the help of a virus scanner and get rid of this malware.

Moreover, if you see that this file is consuming too much of your computer memory, then that is a hint that this aiclient.exe file is infected with some dangerous virus.

It is recommended to install a top-quality anti-virus for this respective job. You can go on installing this file too if you feel that it has become a virus.

You can use any of the third-party tools for this job and uninstall this virus injected .exe file from your system.

To check and verify whether this file has been uninstalled from your system, you need to go to the start button, reach to Control panel, and see the list of add/remove programs.

Below you can see more of the details associated with the area whether this aiclient.exe is a virus and risky threat for your system or not:

What is Aiclient.exe?


The very first question and important query that may pop into your mind that what is aiclient.exe file! This is basically an executable file and it runs specific windows processes.

There are some executable files that are harmful to your system and some are not! And this aiclient.exe can be one of those executable files that are risky for your computer.

It is only the user who can well decide whether this aiclient.exe file belongs to a trusted and reliable application source of not.

If that file is not acknowledged by Windows operating system, then do not make any delay and delete this file from your system.

In addition, these harmful executable files are known to slow down your PC system speed. They consume excessive memory and decrease your computer performance. 

You can run anti-virus software processing for this job. This software will help you identify which executable files are useful for your system and which one is not productive! 

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

aiclient.exe File Information

File Information

Moving to aiclient.exe file information and details, this executable file is known and termed as an asset insight file.

This is of version 5.5 and it officially belongs and connects itself to the software of Asset insight client. If aiclient.exe file is not present in your computer system, then it does not matter.

Its absence will not give you any loss. But if this file is present in your windows and it is infused with a virus, then it means your PC system has fallen into a danger zone.

Moreover, this file known as aiclient.exe is located and present in a subfolder of “C:\Program Files”.

Its known and acknowledged file sizes present on Windows 10/8/7/XP, they are specifically 241,664 bytes, 184,320 bytes, and 237,568 bytes. 

Besides, if this program is installed in your Windows, then you will see that it does display or showcase any valid and genuine information.

Its security rating and grading from the technical point of view explain to us that this aiclient.exe is 50% dangerous for your system and 50% useful for your system.

If it is valid and not risky for your system, then you will not get any error messages from its side. But if this file is infused with any virus hint, then you will keep on getting specific error messages.

Best Practices for Resolving Aiclient Issues:

Below we have collected the best practices for you and they are linked to resolving aiclient.exe issues. After following and utilizing these practices, you can easily tackle and seamlessly handle these issues.

Just to give you a rough idea, you can make use of a registry cleaner. By doing so, all viruses will be removed from your system.

In addition, you can run a speed-up software program at your end. This speed-up software will check and fix virus linked issues.

It will help you in checking, analyzing as well as fixing problems that are arising because of the presence and existence of aiclient.exe files.

Firstly and most importantly, we recommend you scan your computer regularly. This scanning job will make sure that your PC is not at any kind of risk and danger mode.

Apart from this scanning job, clean any of your hard drives. Your whole PC system has to be free from virus existence.

Even a single trace and hint of malware may damage and slow down your computer performance. So, to avoid these situations, scan your computer and get rid of aiclient.exe file issues.

Secondly, if you see that too many programs are present in your PC and you are not using them, then uninstall those programs that are unnecessary according to you.

Enable and run windows automatic update processing. Through this updated scanning job, all viruses and threats will be identified. Thirdly, one should not disregard the importance of periodic backups.

If you are experiencing this problem because of aiclient.exe files, then run periodic backups and restore the performance level of your PC system.

Fourthly, you can reinstall the windows of your computer. In this way, a regular scanning job is going to be performed in between this reinstalling process and your PC system will become all free from these aiclient.exe issues.

Removing Aiclient.exe from Your PC System

Removing Aiclient.exe

Lastly, if you want to remove and get rid of aiclient.exe, then you can follow the below-written guide:

The very first step is that you have to create and make a Restore Point for your respective and specific Windows! This option will not be available for you if you are using Windows XP.

Most importantly, with the help of this restore point, you will be able to revert all of the changes if your PC system is not working in a fine and ideal manner.

In the second step, you have to open up the standard search window and you can do that by pressing the F3 key. There you need to type ‘aiclient.exe’ right into the search box.

Wait for a few of the minutes and then you will be provided with all copies of aiclient.exe files.

You have to look for the program regarding this windows process of aiclient.exe is linked and belonged to. Once you have identified and successfully searched for the program, then you can uninstall it.

Simply opt for the standard approach and uninstall this program if it is bringing any of the issues, inconveniences, and problems for you.

As an example, if this aiclient.exe is found and located therein folder zone of C:\Program Files\Dummy Yummy game\**some kind of subfolder**, then there is a chance and massive probability that it belongs and associated to “Dummy Yummy game”.

If you fail to uninstall this aiclient.exe program, then what you can do is to manually delete this file. This is the second option that you can go for while resolving and managing aiclient.exe issues.

It is through a manual method that you can delete and eradicate all the occurrences belonging to aiclient.exe.

To carry out this whole job, you need to stop the running of this process. Like, if aiclient.exe program is running at the backend of your PC system,

Then turn off and stop its operations first of all. Only then you can manually delete it. Moreover, you can stop this process with the help of the Task Manager.

You need to right-click there on the Windows taskbar and choose “Task Manager”. Once you get successful in accessing task Manager Windows, then you have to click

“Processes” pane and choose the option of aiclient.exe and finally press and hit on the key of “Delete”.

Plus, as a bonus tip for you, there are a few kinds of malware that tend and prefer to hide under different locations and also with different names.

To identify and get rid of such sort of self-hiding program, you can make use of the specialized tools; it is named and termed as “EasyRemove”.

So, this is how you can resolve and be able to remove these aiclient.exe issues, which method and way you want to choose and work on, do share that with us.


We hope that you have got enough technical information regarding the accuracy and usefulness of this aiclient.exe executable file!

What you need to do is to search for such files in your PC system and verify whether they are posing any threat to your system or not!

Furthermore, this piece of writing has highlighted this fact that it is not necessary that all aiclient.exe files are harmful to your system.

They are only a threat to your PC if they are infused with malware or Trojan horse virus. These virus filled executable files have to be instantly removed from your PC computer.

If you want to get deeper and extensive knowledge on aiclient.exe, then stay tuned with us

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