How Cannabis Companies Are Using Tech To Help More People

With an ever-evolving cannabis industry, the way in which we access, purchase, and consume cannabis is constantly changing. Technology has played a major role in this development – from helping customers find their favorite products to streamlining supply chain management. Cannabis companies are leveraging technology …

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Laptops Vs. Tablets: The Future of Mobile Work

Man on his Surface laptop at home with Christmas decorations around

Nowadays, most people would recommend that if you are on a tight budget, you should probably go for a laptop. In case you didn’t know, most budget laptops and mid-tier tablets are similarly priced. But when it comes to performance, budget laptops perform better compared …

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5 Ways that Technology is Changing Human Life

white Apple Magic Mouse beside of Magic Keyboard and headphones

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll definitely hear it again. Technology is changing faster than ever. It is evolving quicker than most people have ever imagined. The advancements in technology are making impossible things possible. It is altering the way that we think about the …

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